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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Power Supplies
Product Type: PWR-C45-9000ACV Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-C45-9000ACV Cisco power supply supports a maximum output capacity of 9000 W for data and Power over Ethernet (PoE), adhering to various AC-input voltages with autoranging from 85 VAC to 264 VAC and providing power factor correction (PFC). It offers multiple DC output voltages, including 12 VDC, 3.3 VDC, and -50 VDC, to accommodate different operational needs, scaling its power supply output from 1100 W to 9000 W based on the number and type of AC inputs. Designed for reliability, it boasts a rated Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 186,000 hours, supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) up to 7500 W, and requires Cisco IOS Release IOS-XE 3.4.0SG/15.1(2)SG as the minimum software requirement.

Key Feature for the PWR-C45-9000ACV

  • What is the maximum power input supported by the power supply?
    • The power supply supports a maximum power input of 9000W for both data and Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • How long is the rated Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for this device?
    • The rated MTBF is 186,000 hours.
  • What types of AC-input does the power supply accept?
    • It accepts autoranging inputs with power factor correction (PFC).
  • What is the range of AC-input voltage for low-line and high-line?
    • Low-line is 85 VAC (min) to 132 VAC (max), and high-line is 170 VAC (min) to 264 VAC (max).
  • What is the maximum AC-input current for both 120 VAC and 230 VAC?
    • For 120 VAC, the maximum is 12 A and for 230 VAC, it is 16 A.
  • What frequency is the AC-input designed to operate at?
    • The AC-input is designed to operate at a nominal frequency of 50/60 Hz, with a tolerance of ±3%.
  • What are the DC output voltages provided by the power supply?
    • The DC output voltages are 12 VDC (11.8 to 12.2 VDC), 3.3 VDC (3.2 to 3.4 VDC), and -50 VDC (-48 to -52 VDC).
  • What is the power supply output at 9000 W operation?
    • At 9000 W operation, the output is 166.7 A @ 12 VDC (data only), 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC (data only), and 150 A @ -50 VDC (PoE if used).
  • What is the minimum software requirement for this hardware?
    • The minimum software requirement is Cisco IOS Release IOS-XE 3.4.0SG/15.1(2)SG.
  • Is Power over Ethernet (PoE) supported and if so, up to what wattage?
    • Yes, Power over Ethernet (PoE) is supported up to 7500 W.

Product Review

The Cisco PWR-C45-9000ACV power supply offers a maximum output of 9000W, supporting both data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionalities, which is substantial for high-demand network environments. Its autoranging AC inputs with power factor correction (PFC) and compatibility across various voltage levels enhance its flexibility in deployment across regions with differing power standards. However, its high heat dissipation rate of 3010 BTUs/hr may necessitate advanced cooling solutions in tightly packed data centers, and the requirement for Cisco IOS Release IOS-XE 3.4.0SG/15.1(2)SG could limit its compatibility with older network infrastructures.


The Cisco PWR-C45-9000ACV is a versatile power supply designed to meet the demands of high-power networks, offering up to 9000W for data and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications. This power supply unit (PSU) is built to support a wide range of AC input voltages, ensuring compatibility with global electrical standards. It operates efficiently across low-line voltages from 85 VAC to 132 VAC and high-line voltages between 170 VAC and 264 VAC. The unit's autoranging inputs with power factor correction (PFC) facilitate optimal performance across these varying conditions. The PWR-C45-9000ACV delivers multiple DC output voltages: 12 VDC, 3.3 VDC, and -50 VDC, to support different network hardware needs. The PSU provides a scalable power output, starting from 1100W with a single 120 VAC input to a full 9000W when using three 230 VAC inputs. Specifically, at 9000W operation, it offers 166.7 A at 12 VDC and 12.5 A at 3.3 VDC for data, alongside 150 A at -50 VDC for PoE applications, marking its capability to support extensive network equipment and PoE devices simultaneously.
  • Power Input: Supports up to 9000W for combined data and PoE usage.
  • AC-Input Flexibility: Features autoranging inputs with power factor correction, accommodating a broad spectrum of AC input voltages.
  • Power over Ethernet: Delivers up to 7500W for PoE, enabling support for numerous PoE devices.
The PSU's design ensures a high degree of reliability with a Rated Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 186,000 hours. This reliability is crucial for maintaining network uptime and reducing maintenance requirements. The power supply's efficiency is further demonstrated by its heat dissipation capability, which peaks at 3010 BTUs per hour, ensuring the system remains cool during operation. The PWR-C45-9000ACV requires a minimum software version of Cisco IOS Release IOS-XE 3.4.0SG/15.1(2)SG for compatibility, ensuring that the power supply unit integrates seamlessly with the latest network operating systems. With a power factor of 0.99 and a kVA rating of 9680 kVA, this PSU delivers efficient power conversion, minimizing wasted energy and reducing operational costs. This power supply unit also features an output holdup time of 20 ms minimum, providing brief power continuity during unexpected power disruptions. This feature is crucial for network resilience, allowing for a graceful shutdown of devices or enabling backup systems to take over without impacting network performance. In summary, the Cisco PWR-C45-9000ACV is a high-capacity, efficient power supply unit designed to support extensive network infrastructures and PoE devices with reliability and flexibility. Its wide range of supported AC input voltages, scalable power output, and compatibility with Cisco IOS versions make it an ideal choice for powering critical network equipment and ensuring uninterrupted network operations.


Item Number Cisco PWR-C45-9000ACV
Power Capability 9000W for both data and PoE applications
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) 186,000 hours
AC Input Specification Variable input with power factor correction (PFC) technology
AC Input Voltage (Low Range) 85 VAC minimum to 132 VAC maximum (120 VAC nominal)
AC Input Voltage (High Range) 170 VAC minimum to 264 VAC maximum (230 VAC nominal)
AC Input Current @ 120 VAC Maximum 12 A per input
AC Input Current @ 230 VAC Maximum 16 A per input
AC Input Frequency 50/60 Hz nominal (+/- 3% across the full range)
DC Output Voltage Levels 12 VDC (11.8 to 12.2 VDC), 3.3 VDC (3.2 to 3.4 VDC), -50 VDC (-48 to -52 VDC)
Power Supply Performance (120 VAC Input) 1100 W (1 input), 2200 W (2 inputs), 3300 W (3 inputs)
Power Supply Performance (230 VAC Input) 3000 W (1 input), 6000 W (2 inputs), 9000 W (3 inputs)
DC Output Current Various levels based on operation conditions: up to 166.7 A @ 12 VDC, 12.5 A @ 3.3 VDC, and 150 A @ -50 VDC for PoE
Maximum Output Capacity 9000 W
Output Holdup Time At least 20 ms
kVA Rating 9680 kVA (with a power factor of 0.99)
Heat Output Maximum of 3010 BTUs per hour
Software Compatibility Requires Cisco IOS Release IOS-XE 3.4.0SG or 15.1(2)SG
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Capability Supports up to 7500 W for PoE applications

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