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by Cisco
Product Line: PWR-ME3KX-DC
Product Type: Cisco Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-ME3KX-DC operates effectively within a broad range of temperatures and altitudes, maintaining operational integrity from 0ºC to 50ºC at altitudes up to 300m, and capable of functioning in environments as high as 3000m with temperatures up to 40ºC. It tolerates a wide range of humidity, from 5% to 95% non-condensing, ensuring reliability in various conditions. Storage conditions are also versatile, with the unit withstanding temperatures from –25ºC to 70ºC at an altitude of 15,000 ft, accompanied by an acoustic noise level of 43 dB to 46 dB, ensuring minimal disturbance.

Key Feature for the PWR-ME3KX-DC

  • What is the minimum normal operating temperature for this device?
    The minimum normal operating temperature is 0 ºC.
  • At what altitude does the device maintain its maximum operating temperature of 50ºC?
    It maintains a maximum operating temperature of 50ºC up to 1000 feet (300m).
  • How high can the device operate normally at 0 ºC?
    The device can operate normally at 0 ºC up to 10,000 feet (3000m).
  • What is the maximum normal operating temperature at 6000 feet?
    At 6000 feet (1800m), the maximum normal operating temperature is 45ºC.
  • What is the maximum relative humidity the device can withstand in a non-condensing environment?
    The maximum relative humidity it can withstand in a non-condensing environment is 95%.
  • What are the typical and maximum acoustic noise levels of the device?
    Typically, the device produces 43 dB and can go up to 46 dB maximum. The LwA levels are 5.4 Bel typical and 5.6 Bel maximum.
  • What is the minimum storage temperature and altitude for the device?
    The minimum storage temperature is –25ºC at an altitude of 15,000 ft.
  • Can the device operate normally at temperatures as low as 0 ºC at altitudes higher than 1000 feet?
    Yes, it can operate normally at 0 ºC up to 10,000 feet (3000m).
  • What is the maximum storage temperature and altitude allowed for the device?
    The maximum storage temperature allowed is 70ºC at an altitude of 15,000 ft.
  • Does the device's operating performance change with altitude?
    Yes, the maximum operating temperature decreases from 50ºC at up to 1000 feet (300m) to 40ºC at up to 10,000 feet (3000m).

Product Review

The Cisco PWR-ME3KX-DC power supply unit demonstrates adaptability with its operational capacity across various altitudes and temperatures, maintaining functionality from 0ºC at sea level up to 40ºC at 10,000 feet. However, the unit's acoustic noise levels, peaking at 46 dB, may be a concern in environments where minimal noise is critical. Its wide storage temperature range from -25ºC to 70ºC, accommodating up to 15,000 feet in altitude, ensures durability and reliability under diverse storage conditions.


The Cisco PWR-ME3KX-DC is a specialized power supply module designed to support a wide range of network hardware, ensuring reliability and efficiency in powering critical networking equipment. This product is tailored for environments that demand high performance under varying temperature conditions and altitudes, making it an ideal choice for a diverse array of operational settings from data centers to remote field locations. One of the standout features of the PWR-ME3KX-DC is its flexibility in operating temperatures and altitudes. It is capable of functioning normally at 0 ºC up to an altitude of 1000 feet (300m), with its operational capacity extending to 50ºC at the same altitude. This range allows for reliable performance under standard conditions. As the altitude increases to 6000 feet (1800m), the unit can operate between 0 ºC and 45ºC, demonstrating its adaptability to thinner atmospheric conditions without compromising on performance. At the upper limit of its design, the PWR-ME3KX-DC can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 feet (3000m) with a temperature range from 0 ºC to 40ºC, ensuring stable operation even in high-altitude locations. Humidity resilience is another critical aspect of the PWR-ME3KX-DC, with the device capable of operating within a relative humidity range of 5% to 95%, non-condensing. This wide range signifies that the power supply can maintain its performance integrity in both dry and humid environments, safeguarding network hardware against potential humidity-induced damage. Acoustic noise levels are an important consideration in selecting power supplies, especially in environments where noise pollution needs to be minimized. The PWR-ME3KX-DC operates with an acoustic noise level of 43 dB typically and can reach up to 46 dB maximum, ensuring a relatively quiet operation. The weighted sound power (LwA) is 5.4 Bel typically, with a maximum of 5.6 Bel, indicating that the device maintains a low noise profile even under maximum load.
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ºC to 50ºC at altitudes up to 1000 feet (300m).
  • Humidity Tolerance: Capable of operating in 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.
  • Acoustic Performance: Maintains low noise levels with 43 dB typical and 46 dB maximum sound pressure (LpA).
Storage conditions for the PWR-ME3KX-DC also accommodate a wide range of temperatures and altitudes, ensuring that the device can be stored safely without risk of damage. It can withstand storage temperatures as low as -25ºC and as high as 70ºC, at altitudes up to 15,000 feet. This flexibility guarantees that the power supply can be kept in various storage environments without affecting its operational readiness or lifespan. In summary, the Cisco PWR-ME3KX-DC power supply module offers a comprehensive solution for powering networking hardware across a spectrum of environmental conditions. Its operational and storage temperature ranges, combined with high altitude and humidity resilience, make it a reliable choice for organizations that require stable and efficient power delivery to critical network components in any setting.


Part Number Cisco PWR-ME3KX-DC
Manufacturer Cisco
Operating Temperature at ≤300m 0°C to 50°C
Operating Temperature at ≤1800m 0°C to 45°C
Operating Temperature at ≤3000m 0°C to 40°C
Minimum Humidity (Non-condensing) 5%
Maximum Humidity (Non-condensing) 95%
Sound Level (Acoustic Noise) Typical: 43 dB / Max: 46 dB, Typical: 5.4 Bel / Max: 5.6 Bel
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to 70°C
Maximum Storage Altitude 15,000 feet (approx. 4572 meters)

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