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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Power Supply Units (PSUs)
Product Type: Low-Input DC Power Supply
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Product Description

The Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC is a power supply unit designed for use in low-voltage environments. It is specifically engineered for use in rugged environments and can withstand extreme temperatures and high levels of dust and moisture. The unit has a compact and durable form factor that allows it to fit into tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for deployments in remote locations.

Key Feature for the PWR-RGD-LOW-DC

1. Input Voltage Range: 10.8 to 13.2 V DC
2. Output Voltage: -53V DC
3. Maximum Output Power: 800W
4. Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C
5. Efficiency: 90%

Product Review

The Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC is a low-voltage DC power supply designed for use with Cisco industrial Ethernet switches. It provides reliable and efficient power to the switch and can be used in harsh environments. It has a wide operating temperature range and is built to withstand shock and vibration. The compact size and easy installation make it a good choice for deployment in areas with limited space.


The Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC is a power supply module designed for rugged environments, including outdoor and industrial settings. It is designed to operate with low-voltage DC power input, with a wide input voltage range of 24 to 60 volts DC. The power supply module delivers up to 640 watts of power, with a maximum current of 26.7 amps at 24 volts DC. It is designed to support Cisco industrial Ethernet switches, including the IE-2000, IE-3000, and IE-4000 series switches. The PWR-RGD-LOW-DC is designed to provide high reliability and resiliency in harsh environments, with features such as surge protection, reverse polarity protection, and overvoltage protection. It also includes status LEDs to indicate power supply status and fault conditions. Overall, the Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC is a robust and reliable power supply module that is well-suited for use in rugged environments where low-voltage DC power input is required.

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