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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Network Interfaces and Modules
Product Type: QSFP-40/100-SRBD Transceiver Module
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Product Description

The QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a Cisco transceiver supporting both 100G and 40GBASE SR-BiDi with a dual wavelength of 855 nm and 908 nm. It operates efficiently across multimode fiber (MMF) with a core size of 50 microns, facilitated by a duplex LC connector, and accommodates link lengths up to 100 m for 100G and 150 m for 40G. Designed for versatility, it withstands a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C (industrial), ensuring reliable performance across diverse environmental conditions.

Key Feature for the QSFP-40/100-SRBD

  • What are the maximum transmit power levels for the 100G and 40GBASE SR-BiDi QSFP transceiver?
    The maximum transmit power is +4 dBm for 100G and +5 dBm for 40G.
  • How many wavelengths does the transceiver support, and what are they?
    The transceiver supports 2 wavelengths, which are 855 nm and 908 nm.
  • What is the laser class of the transceiver?
    The laser class of the transceiver is 1M.
  • Can you detail the link lengths supported by the 40GBASE SR-BiDi QSFP?
    For 40G, the link lengths supported are 100 m and 150 m.
  • What connector type does the transceiver use?
    The transceiver uses a Duplex LC connector type.
  • What are the minimum and maximum operating temperatures for 100G and 40G?
    For 100G, the operating temperature ranges from 10 °C to 60 °C. For 40G, it ranges from 10 °C to 70 °C.
  • What type of cable is recommended for use with this transceiver?
    MMF (Multi-Mode Fiber) with a core size of 50 microns is recommended.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the transceiver?
    The dimensions are 13.5 mm in height, 18.4 mm in width, and 72.4 mm in depth, with a weight of 100 g or less.
  • What are the storage temperature limits for the transceiver?
    The storage temperature ranges from -40 °C to 85 °C.
  • What are the industrial temperature limits for this device?
    The industrial temperature limits range from -40 °C to 85 °C.

Product Review

The Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD transceiver offers flexibility with support for both 40G and 100G speeds, accommodating various network demands. However, its maximum link length of 100m for 100G and 150m for 40G might limit its use in larger data center environments. Additionally, the device operates efficiently across a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for diverse operational conditions.


The Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a versatile transceiver designed for both 40G and 100G networking applications, catering to the demands of high-speed data centers and networking environments. This transceiver module supports bidirectional communication over a single fiber, distinguishing itself with the capability to operate on two wavelengths, 855 nm and 908 nm, efficiently utilizing network infrastructure by reducing the number of fibers needed for connectivity. One of the critical features of this module is its support for duplex LC connectors, facilitating easy integration into existing fiber networks. It is compatible with multimode fiber (MMF) cables, specifically designed for core sizes of 50 microns, optimizing data transmission over short distances. The QSFP-40/100-SRBD is engineered to deliver impressive performance metrics, including: - Maximum transmit power levels of +4 dBm for 100G and +5 dBm for 40G operations. - Minimum transmit power thresholds are set at -6 dBm for 100G and -4 dBm for 40G, ensuring reliable signal strength. - The device is capable of receiving signals with power levels ranging from +4 dBm to -7.9 dBm for 100G and +5 dBm to -6 dBm for 40G, accommodating various network conditions. Notably, the transceiver supports two wavelengths and falls under the laser class 1M, ensuring safe operation within networking environments. Its physical dimensions include a height of 13.5 mm, width of 18.4 mm, and depth of 72.4 mm, with a weight of 100 g or less, making it a compact and lightweight option for high-density networking hardware. The operating temperature ranges are tailored to both commercial and industrial applications. For 100G operations, the commercial temperature range is between 10 °C and 60 °C, while the 40G operations can withstand up to 70 °C. The industrial temperature tolerance spans from -40 °C to 85 °C, ensuring reliability across a broad spectrum of environments. Similarly, the storage temperature range is designed to maintain integrity from -40 °C to 85 °C, safeguarding the module during non-operational periods. Regarding connectivity, the QSFP-40/100-SRBD supports link lengths of up to 100 m and 150 m for 40G and up to 70 m and 100 m for 100G applications, providing flexibility in network design and infrastructure. Key specifications include: -
  • Connector Type: Duplex LC
  • Cable Type: MMF with a core size of 50 Microns
  • Supported Link Lengths: Up to 150 m for 40G, up to 100 m for 100G
This transceiver module caters to the needs of high-speed, high-density networking environments, offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and reliability. Its design and specifications make it a suitable choice for data centers, enterprise networking, and telecom applications, where bandwidth and data integrity are paramount.


Item Number and Producer Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD
Transceiver Capability 100G and 40G for SR-BiDi QSFP
Highest Emission Power +4 dBm at 100G, +5 dBm at 40G
Lowest Emission Power -6 dBm at 100G, -4 dBm at 40G
Peak Reception Power +4 dBm at 100G, +5 dBm at 40G
Minimum Reception Power -7.9 dBm at 100G, -6 dBm at 40G
Wavelength Count 2
Supported Wavelengths 855 nm, 908 nm
Laser Safety Category Class 1M
Connection Interface Duplex LC
Fiber Type MMF
Fiber Core Diameter 50 Microns
Operation Temperature Range (100G) 10 °C to 60 °C
Operation Temperature Range (40G) 10 °C to 70 °C
Industrial Temperature Range -40 °C to 85 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 °C to 85 °C
40G Transmission Distance 100 m, 150 m
100G Transmission Distance 70 m, 100 m
Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.5 mm x 18.4 mm x 72.4 mm
Device Weight Under 100 g

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