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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Network Interfaces and Modules
Product Type: QSFP-40/100-SRBD Transceiver Module
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Product Description

The Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a high-performance transceiver module designed for use in high-speed data center and enterprise networks. It provides connectivity for 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, as well as other high-speed protocols. The QSFP-40/100-SRBD supports a range of distances, from 100 meters to 150 meters, and is compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cabling.

Key Feature for the QSFP-40/100-SRBD

1. Supports 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet
2. Compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber optic cabling
3. Supports distances of up to 100 meters over OM3 multimode fiber and up to 150 meters over OM4 multimode fiber
4. Hot-swappable for easy installation and replacement
5. Low power consumption for energy efficiency
6. Cisco quality and reliability

Product Review

The Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a high-performance pluggable transceiver module designed for use in Cisco switches and routers. It supports data transmission at speeds of up to 100 Gigabits per second over multimode fiber optic cables up to 100 meters in length for 40 Gigabit Ethernet, or up to 70 meters for 100 Gigabit Ethernet. One unique feature of this transceiver module is its support for Cisco's Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) technology, which enables administrators to monitor key parameters such as optical power, temperature, and voltage, for improved network performance and reliability. Additionally, it features a hot-swappable design for easy installation and replacement. The module is ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as data center interconnects, storage area networks (SANs), and campus networks.


The Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a high-performance transceiver module that offers excellent hardware specifications. This module is designed to provide reliable and scalable 40G and 100G connectivity over multimode fiber (MMF) cables. The QSFP-40/100-SRBD is compliant with the QSFP+ MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) and IEEE 802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-SR4 standards. One of the most notable hardware specifications of this module is its data rate capability. It can support data rates of up to 40Gbps or 100Gbps, depending on the type of cable used. It also has a reach of up to 100m on OM3 MMF and up to 150m on OM4 MMF, making it ideal for high-speed data center applications. Another impressive hardware specification is its optical interface. The QSFP-40/100-SRBD features a quad small-form-factor pluggable (QSFP) connector that supports LC duplex connectors. The module also uses vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, which provides high-speed transmission and low power consumption. The QSFP-40/100-SRBD module also offers advanced features such as digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM) support, which allows for real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as temperature, input voltage, and output power. Additionally, it supports hot-swappable capability, allowing for easy and quick replacement without the need to power down the system. Overall, the Cisco QSFP-40/100-SRBD is a high-quality transceiver module with excellent hardware specifications that make it an ideal choice for high-speed data center applications. Its data rate capability, optical interface, and advanced features make it a reliable and efficient solution for organizations looking to upgrade their networking infrastructure.

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