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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco SCE8000 Service Control Engine
Product Type: Network Service Controller
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Product Description

The Cisco SCE8000 is a high-performance, carrier-class service control engine that is designed to help service providers and enterprises to deliver and monetize next-generation services. It provides network and application intelligence, subscriber and session awareness, and policy control to enable the creation and delivery of personalized and differentiated services. The Cisco SCE8000 is a modular platform that can scale to support up to 320 Gbps of traffic processing and can be deployed in a variety of network architectures, including traditional IP networks, mobile networks, and cloud-based networks.

Key Feature for the SCE8000

1. Network and application intelligence 
2. Subscriber and session awareness 
3. Policy control and enforcement 
4. Scalable architecture 
5. High availability and redundancy 
6. Broad network interconnectivity and compatibility1.

Product Review

The Cisco SCE8000 is a high-performance service control engine designed for carrier-grade deployments. Its hardware features include a scalable, modular design that supports up to 320 Gbps throughput, up to 128 service blades, and up to 8 million subscribers. The device also features advanced QoS capabilities and deep packet inspection to enable granular control and monitoring of network traffic. Overall, the Cisco SCE8000's powerful hardware capabilities make it a unique and valuable solution for service providers looking to manage and optimize their networks.


Cisco SCE8000 series is an advanced Ethernet switching platform designed to meet the needs of dynamic, large-scale enterprise networks. With an Ethernet switching capacity of up to 32Tbps, the SCE8000 is equipped with advanced Layer 2 and Layer3 services, up to 64GB DRAM, and a virtual line card for routing and switching. This allows for bandwidth flexibility and support for multiple applications, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless spectrum access. The SCE8000 series provides features such as optimized network resiliency, increased security, and rapid automation. The switch allows users to tune the switching capacity to the demand, with up to 24 10/25Gbps ports and up to 128 1/10/40/100Gbps ports, up to 10 ports per 10/25Gbps line card. The virtual line card provides a maximum of 32Gbps of bandwidth. The SCE8000 also offers a total of 4GB of DRAM per port, 16GB of DDRAM, and 64GB of DRAM, allowing for high performance and maximum scalability. The switch also provides advanced Layer 2 and Layer3 services and supports routing protocols such as OSPF, RIP, and BGP. The SCE8000 can also extend RSVP-TE to provide guarantees for QoS and facilitate end-to-end services. Additionally, the switch is designed for cloud data center implementations, allowing for the deployment of public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures. The SCE8000 also provides tools and services for traffic management and analysis, including monitoring and alarming systems. Additionally, the switch supports advanced security protocols, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL), VPN, RADIUS, TACACS+, and Web 2.0 technologies. For system management, the SCE8000 provides an intuitive graphical user interface and supports HTTP, SSH, and Telnet sessions. The switch also supports SNMP, high availability, and redundancy features.

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