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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Networking Products
Product Type: Optical Cable
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Product Description

The SFP-25G-AOC3M is a 25GBASE active optical cable with a 3 m length, designed for high-speed data transmission. It features an SFP28 connector type and is compatible with both BASE-R FEC and RS-FEC host ports. This cable has a low power consumption of 1 W and is identified by an orange pull tab.

Key Feature for the SFP-25G-AOC3M

  • What is the maximum data transfer speed of the SFP28 cable?
    The cable supports up to 25GBASE data transfer speed.
  • How long is part number Cable Style Active Optical?
    It measures 3 meters in length.
  • What type of connector does the cable use?
    It utilizes an SFP28 connector type.
  • What is the power consumption of part number Cable Style Active Optical?
    The power consumption is 1 W.
  • Can the cable be used for long-distance networking applications?
    No, it is designed for very short distances.
  • What is the color of the pull tab on part number Cable Style Active Optical?
    The pull tab color is orange.
  • Is the cable compatible with both BASE-R FEC and RS-FEC host ports?
    Yes, it supports both BASE-R FEC and RS-FEC host ports.
  • What is the recommended application environment for part number Cable Style Active Optical?
    It is best suited for environments requiring high-speed data transfer over short distances.
  • How does the cable's power efficiency impact its performance?
    With a low power consumption of 1 W, it ensures efficient operation without sacrificing performance.
  • What is the importance of the orange pull tab on part number Cable Style Active Optical?
    The orange pull tab facilitates easy identification and handling during installation or maintenance.

Product Review

The Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M offers a 25GBASE speed over a 3m active optical cable, suitable for high-speed data transmissions within short distances. Its low power consumption of 1W makes it energy-efficient for continuous operation. However, its very short coverage distance limits its application to within close-range network setups, potentially requiring additional units for broader network configurations.


The Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M is an active optical cable designed to facilitate high-speed data transmission over short distances, making it an integral part of modern data centers and high-performance computing environments. This product is engineered with a specific focus on meeting the demanding conditions of 25GBASE network protocols, ensuring efficient and reliable connectivity for various networking applications. One of the primary attributes of this cable is its SFP28 connector type, which is compatible with a wide range of networking equipment. This compatibility extends the product's utility across multiple devices without the need for additional adapters or converters, streamlining the deployment process and reducing potential points of failure in the network infrastructure. At a length of 3 meters, the Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M strikes a balance between flexibility and performance. This length is sufficient to connect devices within racks or across adjacent racks without introducing excessive cable clutter or significantly impacting signal integrity. The cable's active optical design is key to maintaining high-speed data transmission over this distance, negating signal loss and electromagnetic interference that can affect copper-based solutions.
  • Cable Style: Active Optical, providing a high-quality, interference-free connection ideal for high-speed data networks.
  • Connector Type: SFP28, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of networking hardware that supports this modern interface.
  • Length: 3 meters, offering ample reach for intra-rack or adjacent-rack connectivity without the drawbacks of excessive length.
With a power consumption of just 1 watt, the Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M exemplifies efficiency. This low power draw contributes to reduced operational costs and a lower overall environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for organizations conscious of their energy usage and carbon footprint. The cable's design also includes an orange pull tab, which not only aids in the easy identification and handling of the cable but also assists in maintaining proper cable management practices, thus facilitating a tidy and well-organized network environment. Support for both BASE-R FEC (Forward Error Correction) and RS-FEC (Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction) is another significant feature of this product. These error correction mechanisms are crucial for enhancing data integrity over high-speed links, ensuring that data is transmitted and received accurately, even across potentially noisy or suboptimal physical layers. This capability is particularly important in environments where data integrity and uptime are critical, such as in financial institutions, data centers, and healthcare facilities. Despite its designation for "very short" distances, the Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M is adept at sustaining 25Gbps connections, a testament to its design and the technologies it employs. This speed is essential for modern applications that demand high bandwidth, including streaming high-definition video content, executing large-scale data migrations, or supporting cloud computing environments. In summary, the Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M is a specialized networking solution that combines efficiency, reliability, and performance. Its active optical design, SFP28 connectivity, modest length, and advanced error correction support make it a compelling option for enterprises looking to optimize their network infrastructure for speed and integrity without compromising on energy efficiency or operational simplicity.


Item Number Cisco SFP-25G-AOC3M
Producer Cisco
Cable Type Active Optical Cable
End Connector SFP28
Cable Length 3 meters
Transmission Speed 25 Gbps
Energy Use 1 Watt
Identification Tab Hue Orange
Compatible Ports BASE-R FEC or RS-FEC
Maximum Range Short Range

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