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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA is a Cisco network switch featuring 8 XG Copper and 8 XG SFP+ ports, along with a 1 GE management port, supporting a forwarding rate of 238.1 Mpps and a switching capacity of 320 Gbps. It is designed with a 16K MAC address table, supports up to 4,096 VLANs, and handles jumbo frames up to 9K bytes. This device operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C, includes 32 MB of flash memory and 256 MB of CPU memory, and has a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 131,290 hours at 50 °C.

Key Feature for the SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA

  • What is the total number of system ports on this device?
    The device has 17 system ports in total, comprising 8 XG Copper, 8 XG SFP+ Plus, and 1 GE Management port.
  • How many RJ-45 ports are available?
    There are 9 RJ-45 ports, including 8 XG and 1 GE Management Port.
  • What is the forwarding rate of the switch?
    The forwarding rate is 238.1 Mpps.
  • Can you specify the switch's switching capacity?
    The switching capacity is 320 Gbps.
  • How large is the MAC address table?
    The MAC table can accommodate 16K Addresses.
  • What is the maximum size for jumbo frames on this device?
    Jumbo frames can be up to 9K Bytes in size.
  • How many VLANs does the switch support?
    The switch supports up to 4,096 VLANs.
  • What type of memory is used for flash storage?
    The device uses 32 MB of flash memory.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the switch?
    The dimensions are 440 mm in width, 44 mm in height, and 350 mm in depth.
  • What accessories are included with the switch?
    It comes with a power cord, mounting kit, quick start guide, serial cable, and a CD-ROM containing user documentation.

Product Review

The Cisco SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA offers a high switching capacity of 320 Gbps and a forwarding rate of 238.1 Mpps, enabling efficient handling of large volumes of data with minimal latency, making it suitable for environments requiring high bandwidth. However, the device is limited by its relatively small packet buffer of 16 Mb and flash memory of 32 MB, which may impact performance in scenarios demanding extensive data buffering and storage. Additionally, the switch supports a wide range of features including 4,096 VLANs, jumbo frames up to 9K bytes, and a variety of ports (8 XG copper, 8 XG SFP+, and 1 GE management port), offering flexibility in network design and connectivity options.


The Cisco SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA is a high-capacity switch designed to support demanding network environments. It features a combination of 8 10-Gigabit Ethernet copper ports and 8 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports, providing flexibility for uplink or direct connections. Additionally, it includes a single Gigabit Ethernet management port for simplified network management. This switch is engineered to accommodate a wide range of high-bandwidth devices, making it suitable for businesses requiring high-speed connectivity and seamless data transfer. With a forwarding rate of 238.1 million packets per second (Mpps) and a switching capacity of 320 gigabits per second (Gbps), the SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA ensures efficient handling of data traffic, minimizing bottlenecks and improving overall network performance. It supports a MAC table of 16K addresses, allowing for extensive device connectivity, and supports up to 4,096 VLANs, enabling segmenting of the network into separate, secure groups to enhance security and reduce traffic congestion. The switch is capable of handling jumbo frames up to 9K bytes, which is beneficial for optimizing network performance by allowing larger packets to be sent without the need to split them. This feature is particularly useful in environments where large data packets are common, such as in video streaming or large-scale file transfers. Key hardware specifications include: - Total system ports: 16 XG ports plus 1 Gigabit Ethernet management port - RJ-45 ports: 8 10-Gigabit Ethernet plus 1 Gigabit Ethernet management port - Combo ports: 8 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ - Flash memory: 32 MB - CPU memory: 256 MB - Packet buffer: 16 Mb The physical dimensions of the switch are 440 mm in width, 44 mm in height, and 350 mm in depth, with a weight of 5.25 kg. It operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 70 °C. The operating and storage relative humidity ranges from 10% to 90% (non-condensing), ensuring reliable performance in varying environmental conditions. The acoustic noise level varies with temperature, measuring 40.9 dB at 41.7 °C and increasing to 54.2 dB at 55.3 °C. With a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 131,290 hours at 50 °C, the SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA is built for longevity and dependable operation in continuous-duty applications. Included with the switch are a power cord, mounting kit, quick start guide, serial cable, and a CD-ROM containing user documentation, providing all necessary resources for setup and management. This model is intended for use in the United States. Designed for businesses requiring a high-performance, scalable networking solution, the Cisco SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA offers a blend of speed, flexibility, and reliability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of high-bandwidth applications.


Part Number and ManufacturerCisco SG500XG-8F8T-K9-NA
Total Ports16 XG (8 Copper + 8 SFP+) + 1 Gigabit Ethernet Management
RJ-45 Ethernet Ports8 10 Gigabit + 1 Gigabit Ethernet Management
SFP+ Ports8 10 Gigabit
Data Throughput238.1 Million Packets per Second
Maximum Switching Capacity320 Gigabits per Second
MAC Address Database16,000 Entries
Available VLANs4096
Maximum Frame Size9000 Bytes
Hardware Reset ButtonYes
Indicator LEDsPower, System, Link/Activity, PoE, Speed
Internal Storage32 Megabytes
System Memory256 Megabytes
Packet Memory16 Megabits
Dimensions440mm x 44mm x 350mm
Unit Weight5.25 Kilograms
Operational Temperature Range0 to 50 Degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature Range-20 to 70 Degrees Celsius
Humidity During Operation10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Humidity During Storage10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Noise Level40.9 dB at 41.7°C, 54.2 dB at 55.3°C
Mean Time Between Failures131,290 Hours at 50°C
Included AccessoriesPower Cord, Mounting Kit, Quick Start Guide, Serial Cable, CD-ROM with Documentation
Usage LocaleUnited States

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