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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco SMB Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The SM-ES3G-24-P is a Cisco networking module with 24 Ethernet ports supporting 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds and capable of operating in both Layer 2 and Layer 3 modes. It features autonegotiation for speed and duplex settings across all ports, ensuring optimal connection speeds without the need for a physical console interface or SFP support. Designed for seamless integration with Cisco IP phones, wireless access points, and other network devices, it is configured via the Cisco Command-Line Interface, supporting a comprehensive range of network configurations and operations.

Key Feature for the SMES3G24P

  • What is the port speed of the Ethernet ports?
    The port speed of the Ethernet ports is 10/100/1000 Mbps.
  • Does the device with part number 508 support Layer 3 functionality?
    Yes, it supports Layer 3 functionality.
  • Can the device provide connections to Gigabit Ethernet devices?
    Yes, it can connect to Gigabit Ethernet devices using RJ-45 connectors.
  • Is there SFP support available in part number 508?
    No, SFP support is not available.
  • How are ports numbered on the device?
    Ports are numbered from right to left, top to bottom.
  • What is the form factor of part number 508?
    The form factor is Single Wide.
  • Are there LED indicators available to show port status?
    Yes, there are LED indicators for port status, including an Enable LED with 3 states and a Port LED with 6 states.
  • How can part number 508 be configured?
    It can be configured using the Cisco Command-Line Interface.
  • Does the device support autonegotiation for port speed and duplex settings?
    Yes, it supports autonegotiation for speed and duplex settings.
  • What applications are suitable for part number 508?
    It is suitable for connection to Cisco IP phones, Cisco wireless access point workstations, and other network devices.

Product Review

The Cisco SM-ES3G-24-P module offers 24 Ethernet ports with speeds up to 1000 Mbps, supporting both Layer 2 and Layer 3 functionalities, making it suitable for connecting a wide range of devices including Cisco IP phones and wireless access points. However, the lack of SFP support limits its flexibility for uplink connections, and the absence of a physical console interface could complicate initial setup and troubleshooting for some network configurations. The device allows for comprehensive configuration via the Cisco Command-Line Interface, ensuring detailed control over port settings, including speed, duplex, and autonegotiation, which enhances its operational efficiency.


The Cisco SM-ES3G-24-P is a comprehensive networking module that integrates seamlessly with Cisco's range of routers, offering a versatile solution for expanding network capabilities. This module is distinguished by its twenty-four Ethernet ports, which support a broad spectrum of speeds including 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps, making it suitable for a variety of network environments. Its single wide form factor ensures it can be easily accommodated without requiring excessive space, a critical factor in densely packed network setups. Delving into its networking capabilities, the SM-ES3G-24-P operates proficiently across both Layer 2 and Layer 3, indicating its ability to handle not only data link layer switching but also network layer routing. This dual functionality allows for efficient forwarding of packets within LANs as well as between different network segments, thereby enhancing the module's utility in complex network architectures. Connectivity options are robust, with all twenty-four ports facilitating Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connections through RJ-45 connectors. This ensures a wide range of devices, including Cisco IP phones, Cisco wireless access points, and various workstations, can be connected, addressing diverse networking requirements. Full duplex operations are supported across all port speeds (10, 100, or 1000 Mbps), ensuring optimal data transmission efficiency by allowing simultaneous sending and receiving of data packets. A significant feature is the module's port setup, which enables autonegotiation for speed and duplex settings. This functionality simplifies network configuration and optimizes performance by automatically selecting the best possible transmission mode and speed for each connected device. Additionally, the module is characterized by its straightforward configuration process, facilitated through the Cisco Command-Line Interface (CLI), a standardized interface known for its efficiency and adaptability. The physical design lacks a console interface and SFP support, focusing instead on direct cable connections. This design choice streamlines the module for straightforward Ethernet connectivity. Despite this, the module does not compromise on diagnostic and status indicators; it includes an Enable LED and port LEDs, with the former having three states and the latter six, providing clear, immediate feedback on the operational status and activity of each port. - Ethernet port speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps, accommodating a wide range of network speeds. - Support for both Layer 2 and Layer 3 operations, enabling efficient data packet handling within and between network segments. - Configuration through Cisco CLI, ensuring a streamlined setup process for network administrators. In terms of physical layout, ports are numbered from right to left and top to bottom, a detail that aids in logical organization and simplifies physical network management. The application of the Cisco SM-ES3G-24-P extends beyond mere connectivity; it is engineered to enhance network performance, reliability, and scalability. Its integration into existing network infrastructures is designed to be seamless, offering a straightforward yet powerful solution for network expansion and optimization. Whether for connecting IP phones, access points, or workstations, the Cisco SM-ES3G-24-P stands as a pivotal component in modern networking environments, driving efficient communication and data transfer across diverse network devices.


Item NumberCisco SM-ES3G-24-P
Ports Quantity24
Port CategoryEthernet
Port Velocity10/100/1000 Mbps
Module TypeSingle Wide
Support for Layer 2Yes
Support for Layer 3Yes
100 Mbps Ethernet SupportYes, Utilizes RJ-45 Connectors
1 Gbps Ethernet SupportYes, Utilizes RJ-45 Connectors
Management via Physical ConsoleNo
Compatibility with SFP ModulesNo
Operational Mode of PortsFull Duplex, Speeds of 10, 100, or 1000 Mbps
Automatic Speed and Duplex ConfigurationYes
Status Indicator LEDYes
Indicator LEDs for PortsYes
Status LED Indications3 Modes
Port LED Indications6 Modes
Primary UseConnecting Cisco IP phones, wireless access points, workstations, and other networking hardware
Support for ConfigurationYes
Configuration ApproachVia Cisco Command-Line Interface
CLI Verification ID508
Arrangement of PortsFrom Right to Left, Top to Bottom

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