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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco SMB Switches
Product Type: SMXES324P Switch
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Product Description

The SM-X-ES3-24-P is equipped with 24 Gigabit Ports supporting speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps, designed for high-speed connectivity and optimized for Layer 2 switching with LAN Base, and capable of Layer 2/3 switching with IP Base. It is compatible with Cisco 4451-X and Cisco 3900 and 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers, featuring POE+ capabilities, MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB), and Multidomain Authentication for secure network access. The module requires a minimum Cisco EtherSwitch Release of 15.0(2)EJ, Cisco IOS M&T Software Release of 15.3(3)M, and Cisco IOS XE Software Release of 3.10, with operational temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C and dimensions of 20.6 cm in width, 20.7 cm in height, and 4 cm in depth, weighing 0.9 kg.

Key Feature for the SMXES324P

  • What is the number of Gigabit ports available?
    Answer: There are 24 Gigabit ports.
  • Can the switch perform Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching?
    Answer: Yes, it supports both Layer 2 switching LAN Base and Layer 2/3 switching IP Base.
  • What is the width of the switch?
    Answer: The width is 20.6 cm.
  • What software version comes pre-installed on this device?
    Answer: The default software is LAN Base.
  • What is the minimum required Cisco EtherSwitch Release?
    Answer: The minimum Cisco EtherSwitch Release is 15.0(2)EJ.
  • What are the minimum operating temperature limits?
    Answer: The operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C.
  • Is the switch POE+ capable?
    Answer: Yes, it is POE+ capable.
  • What Cisco Integrated Services Routers is this switch compatible with?
    Answer: It is compatible with Cisco 4451-X and Cisco 3900 and 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers.
  • Does the switch support MAC Authentication Bypass?
    Answer: Yes, MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) support is available.
  • What is the operational humidity range for the switch?
    Answer: The operational humidity range is from 5% to 85%.

Product Review

The Cisco SM-X-ES3-24-P, with its 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, provides a high-speed networking solution, especially suitable for businesses requiring efficient Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching capabilities. However, it is specifically designed for compatibility with Cisco 4451-X and select 3900 and 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers, which may limit its application in diverse network environments. Additionally, the switch supports advanced features like Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB), and Multidomain Authentication, enhancing its utility in secure, multi-service networks.


The Cisco SM-X-ES3-24-P is a specialized networking module designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco Integrated Services Routers, specifically the 4451-X and the 3900 and 2900 series. This module adds significant value to networks requiring high-speed connectivity and advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching functionalities. With its 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, each capable of supporting speeds up to 10/100/1000 Mbps, it offers ample bandwidth for demanding applications and data-intensive tasks. One of the key features of the SM-X-ES3-24-P is its POE+ capability, allowing for the direct power supply to connected devices such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and surveillance cameras, eliminating the need for additional power sources. This feature not only simplifies the deployment of network devices but also significantly reduces the complexity and cost associated with powering these devices. The hardware specifications of the Cisco SM-X-ES3-24-P include a width of 20.6 cm, a height of 20.7 cm, and a depth of 4 cm, with a weight of just 0.9 kg. This compact size ensures that it can be easily integrated into existing network setups without requiring extensive space. The module operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and supports operational humidity levels of 5% to 85%, ensuring reliable performance under various environmental conditions. Additionally, it has been designed to withstand non-operational temperature extremes from -20 °C to 65 °C and humidity levels from 5% to 95%, highlighting its durability and resilience. For network administrators, the Cisco SM-X-ES3-24-P offers advanced security features such as MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB) and Multidomain Authentication, ensuring secure access control and user authentication across the network. These features are crucial for maintaining secure network environments, especially in scenarios where sensitive information is transmitted. The module ships with the LAN Base default software, but it is also compatible with the more advanced IP Base version of Layer 2/3 switching software, providing flexibility in configuring the network to meet specific needs. To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, the module requires a minimum Cisco EtherSwitch release of 15.0(2)EJ, a Cisco IOS M&T Software Release of 15.3(3)M, and a Cisco IOS XE Software Release of 3.10.
  • POE+ support for simplified device connectivity
  • 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed network access
  • Advanced security features including MAC Authentication Bypass and Multidomain Authentication
In conclusion, the Cisco SM-X-ES3-24-P is a versatile and efficient solution for expanding the connectivity and enhancing the security of Cisco Integrated Services Routers. Its combination of high-speed Ethernet ports, POE+ capability, and support for advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching functionalities make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.


Item CodeCisco SM-X-ES3-24-P
Gigabit Ethernet Ports Quantity24
Base Level of Layer 2 SwitchingLAN Base
Layer 2 and 3 Switching CapabilityIP Base
Form FactorSingle
Initial Software VersionLAN Base
Lowest Supported EtherSwitch Release15.0(2)EJ
Earliest Cisco IOS M&T Software Version15.3(3)M
Earliest Compatible Router IOS XE Software Version3.10
Unit Width20.6 cm
Unit Height20.7 cm
Unit Depth4 cm
Unit Weight0.9 kg
Operating Temperature Range Low0 °C
Operating Temperature Range High40 °C
Storage Temperature Range Low-20 °C
Storage Temperature Range High65 °C
Operational Humidity Range Low5%
Operational Humidity Range High85%
Non-Operational Humidity Range Low5%
Non-Operational Humidity Range High95%
Support for Power Over Ethernet Plus (POE+)Yes
Compatible RoutersCisco 4451-X, 3900 and 2900 Series
Support for MAC Authentication BypassYes
Support for Multiple Domain AuthenticationYes
Ethernet Port Speed10/100/1000 Mbps

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