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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Small Business
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is a 2-port ATM/Frame Relay Router designed for small businesses. It offers high-speed connectivity to multiple WAN interfaces, enabling businesses to optimize their network performance and support both legacy and new applications. The router is compact, easy to install and manage, and supports advanced security features to ensure data protection. With its advanced features and performance capabilities, the Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is an excellent solution for small businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure.

Key Feature for the SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM

1. 2 WAN interfaces with ATM or Frame Relay connectivity
2. Supports advanced security features such as access control lists, advanced encryption, and VPN support
3. Easy to install and manage with a compact form factor
4. Supports advanced QoS features for optimized network performance
5. Offers legacy and new application support
6. Provides high-speed connectivity with advanced network management capabilities.

Product Review

The Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is a reliable and versatile router that offers excellent performance for small businesses. With its advanced security features and easy management, it is a great solution for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure. Overall, the router is highly recommended for its advanced features, high-speed connectivity, and ease of use.


Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is an advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway that enables service providers to cost-effectively deliver high quality, feature rich telephony services to users in businesses of all sizes. With its integrated Ethernet and ATM WAN ports, the SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is the perfect choice for organizations looking for reliable, high performance VoIP voice and data services. The Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM integrates two independent ATM WAN ports, each with up to 8mbps downstream and 512kbps upstream, making it ideal for multimedia applications including large file transfer and high speed internet access. The integrated Ethernet WAN port supports up to 150mbps downstream and 50mbps upstream speeds, providing robust connectivity for IP networks, such as the internet or VPNs. Additionally, the router supports four 10/100BaseT RJ45 LAN ports with power over Ethernet (PoE) to simplify cabling requirements in distributed sites. The router also features advanced security features, providing secure communication between users within the local or wide area network. It supports VPN pass-through, NAT translation and has an integrated stateful packet inspection firewall for added protection against common internet threats. In addition to its robust hardware features, the Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM also includes a comprehensive set of management tools including direct control through a web interface, DHCP server/client/relay, SNMP V1/V2c/V3 support and auto provisioning through TR69/HTTP/HTTPS servers. Furthermore, the device supports QoS prioritization for voice over IP traffic and AES encryption for both Voice over IP and data traffic. Overall, the Cisco SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM is an ideal choice for service providers seeking to cost effectively deliver voice and data services to their users. With its reliable hardware and advanced management features, the device is designed to meet the most demanding requirements while providing superior performance in any environment.

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