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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco SPA Interface Processor (SIP)
Product Type: Interface Processor
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Product Description

The Cisco SPA-8XCHT1/E1 is a high-performance interface processor designed for use with Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). It provides eight channelized T1 or E1 interfaces, making it ideal for use in service provider and enterprise environments where high-density voice and data connectivity is required. This interface processor is easy to install and configure, and supports a wide range of advanced features, including Quality of Service (QoS) and voice and fax over IP (VoIP).

Key Feature for the SPA-8XCHT1/E1

1. 8-channel T1 or E1 interface 
2. Integrated dual-port Gigabit Ethernet switch 
3. Supports voice and fax over IP 
4. Supports Frame Relay and HDLC 
5. Supports PPP, MLPPP, and Multilink Frame Relay 
6. Supports up to 256 channelized T1 or E1 connections

Product Review

The Cisco SPA-8XCHT1/E1 is a high-density voice and data module designed for use with Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs). It provides eight channels of T1 or E1 connectivity, making it suitable for connecting legacy voice and data equipment to modern networks. This module supports a range of voice and data protocols, including High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), and includes advanced features such as traffic shaping and QoS for improved network performance. Its unique feature is its hot-swappable design, allowing for easy installation and replacement without disrupting network operations.


The Cisco SPA-8XCHT1/E1 is a Shared Port Adapter (SPA) module designed for use with Cisco routers and switches. It provides eight channelized T1/E1 interfaces, which support both clear-channel and channelized modes. This module supports up to 64 T1/E1 channels in clear-channel mode, or up to 256 T1/E1 channels in channelized mode, making it ideal for service providers and large enterprises that require high-density T1/E1 connectivity. The module supports a wide range of T1/E1 line codes, including AMI, B8ZS, HDB3, and AMI-Coded B8ZS (Japan), and it can be configured for either T1 or E1 operation. The module also supports various clocking modes, including internal, network-derived, and external clocking. The SPA-8XCHT1/E1 module supports both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and packet switching, allowing users to transport TDM traffic over an IP network using the Circuit Emulation Service over Packet (CESoP) and High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) encapsulation. The module supports a wide range of protocols, including HDLC, Frame Relay, PPP, Multilink PPP (MLPPP), and ATM. The module is hot-swappable, allowing users to add or remove it from a running system without disrupting service. It also supports advanced diagnostic features, such as loopback testing, line quality monitoring, and error statistics reporting, to help users troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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