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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E is a layer 3 switch designed for enterprise networks. It has 24 Ethernet ports with power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, enabling it to power other PoE-enabled devices like VoIP phones and wireless access points. The switch also has 2 SFP (small form-factor pluggable) ports for fiber uplink connectivity and can deliver up to 15.4W of power to PoE devices.

Key Feature for the WS-C3560-24PD-E

1. 24 Ethernet ports with PoE capability 
2. 2 SFP uplink ports 
3. Layer 3 switching 
4. Power consumption of 400W 
5. Switching capacity of 32Gbps

Product Review

The Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E delivers outstanding performance and low latency with a 24 dual speed 10/100/1000 PoE ports for environmentally hardened Ethernet connectivity. It also includes advanced voice and wireless traffic management capabilities that enable service providers to efficiently deploy voice, video, and mission-critical applications. Additionally, the switch supports IPv6 routing and Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure the best possible network performance. These features make the Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E stand out, enabling users to benefit from reliable, fast, and secure network operations while also providing an unprecedented level of scalability.


The Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E is a fast, efficient, and reliable network switch that offers a wide range of features to support high-performance networks. This switch has dual processor cores, each running at 600MHz, two empty SFP slots, 24 x 10/100BaseT ports and two high power PoE ports (up to 90W). It also has an ideal fan speed of 3914rmp and simple network management protocol (SNMP) version three (v3) support enabling the switch to detect any changes in the network while delivering layer two switching. The Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E offers a superior level of flexibility and scalability with its extensive range of features such as built-in redundant power supply, extensive QoS settings, multicast support and layered security. Its built-in redundant power supply ensures compliance with industry standards by providing both forward and reverse power feeds for maximum reliability. Its extensive QoS settings give network administrators the capability to ensure optimal delivery of bandwidth intensive applications across the network, while its multicast support lets administrators easily provision applications such as audio/video streaming services with just the press of a button. Furthermore, this switch is equipped with advanced security features to protect the integrity of data on the network. It supports industry standard 802.1x port access control that enforces policy rules on each individual port allowing administrators to thwart possible malicious activities and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data on the network. It also supports IP address filtering, which allows administrators to filter out or block certain specified IP addresses from entering or leaving the network ensuring data security at all times. The Cisco WS-C3560-24PD-E is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable, secure and high-performance switch with plenty of features. With its dual processor cores, 24 x 10/100 BaseT ports, 2 high power PoE ports, an ideal fan speed of 3914rpm, SNMP v3 support and its layered security features, this switch is capable of providing maximum performance while delivering advanced security protection.

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