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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S is a high-performance switch designed for enterprise networking applications. It features 48 Fast Ethernet ports and PoE+ support for powering connected devices, with advanced features for network management, security, and reliability.

Key Feature for the WS-C3650-48FWD-S

1. 48 Fast Ethernet ports with PoE+ support 
2. Up to 176 Gbps switching capacity 
3. Layer 2/3/4 support with IPv4/IPv6 routing and multicast support 
4. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritization 
5. Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support for reduced power consumption 
6. Modular design for easy scalability and maintenance

Product Review

The Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S is a powerful, multi-purpose switch built with advanced hardware features. It boasts 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, offering users plenty of connectivity options. Additionally, it offers PoE capabilities, allowing users to connect devices with minimal cabling needs. Finally, its high capacity backplane ensures maximum throughput and performance for even the most demanding applications. Users will love its flexibility and power, making it a great option for businesses seeking to maximize their network efficiency.


The Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S is a reliable, high-performing multilayer switch that provides an enhanced user experience for data intensive organizations. This feature-rich switch is equipped with powerful hardware specifications that supports large data workload and adaptability. The Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S has a Total 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports with 48 PoE+ 2 SFP+ and 24 UPOE+ ports with Power over Ethernet plus (PoE+) capability of up to 715W, allowing it to connect power hungry devices while providing reliable wired connection. It also supports 1 GbE and 10GbE interfaces, allowing for high speed, low latency data transfer. In addition, the Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S offers advanced switching features such as Multi-Layer Switching (MLS) and Quality of Service (QoS). The Multi-Layer Switching (MLS) capability allows for multiple virtual networks to be connected to each other in order to better manage segmentation and performance settings. QoS enables scalable prioritization of various types of traffic so that critical data is prioritized without impacting network latency. This switch is also equipped with robust automation features for ease of operation and management. It supports Cisco Network Plug and Play (NPnP) which promotes zero-touch provisioning, drastically reducing manual effort and configuration time. The switch also supports a rich suite of software development kits such as Python, Ansible, and Chef among others, allowing us to quickly build applications on the device with minimal complexity. The Cisco WS-C3650-48FWD-S is one of the most reliable high performance switches available in the market today. With its powerful hardware specifications, advanced switching features, and robust automation capability, organizations can achieve superior performance while lowering operational costs. This makes it an ideal solution for data intensive businesses that need a dependable and high performing solution.

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