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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine
Product Type: Network Switch Supervisor Engine
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Product Description

The WS-SUP720-3BXL provides IPv4 routing capabilities at up to 400 Mpps and supports IPv6 routing with up to 500,000 routes, ensuring efficient data handling. It features 2 Gigabit uplinks and can manage up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes, 64,000 MAC entries, and 256,000 Netflow entries, making it ideal for complex networks. This module also supports up to 1024 VRFs, hardware-assisted GRE and NAT, and offers comprehensive security with 32K security ACL entries and 128K reflexive ACLs, ensuring versatile and secure network operations.

Key Feature for the WS-SUP720-3BXL

  • What is the maximum number of IPv4 routes supported?
    The device supports up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes.
  • How many VRFs can be configured, and what is the total routes capacity per system?
    Up to 1024 VRFs can be configured with a total capacity of up to 1,000,000 routes per system.
  • Does this device support Layer 2 bridging, and if so, what is the maximum performance rate?
    Yes, L2 bridging is supported in hardware up to 400 Mpps.
  • What are the supported rate-limiting level types?
    The device supports Committed Information Rate (CIR) and Peak Information Rate (PIR) rate-limiting level types.
  • Can the device perform hardware-assisted Network Address Translation (NAT)?
    Yes, NAT is hardware assisted on this device.
  • What is the maximum number of MAC entries supported?
    The device supports up to 64,000 MAC entries.
  • Is GRE tunneling supported in hardware?
    Yes, GRE tunneling is supported in hardware.
  • How many NetFlow entries does the device support?
    The device supports up to 256,000 NetFlow entries.
  • What are the capabilities of rate-limiting on this device?
    Rate-limiting can be applied at the ingress port or VLAN and egress VLAN or Layer-3 port, with support for 1023 aggregate traffic rate-limiting policers and 64 rates for flow-based rate-limiting.
  • How does the device support uRPF checks, and what is the maximum path support?
    uRPF checks are supported in hardware with a capability to check up to 6 paths.

Product Review

The Cisco WS-SUP720-3BXL offers high performance with IPv4 routing capabilities up to 400 Mpps and supports up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes, making it suitable for large-scale networks. However, its limitation to 2 Gigabit uplinks may restrict throughput in environments requiring higher bandwidth connections. Additionally, the product supports a wide range of features such as hardware-assisted NAT, GRE, and up to 1024 VRFs, enabling versatile network configurations and efficient traffic management.


The Cisco WS-SUP720-3BXL is a high-capacity network processing engine designed to meet the demands of high-performance, enterprise, and service provider networks. This product delivers advanced features and scalability for a wide range of applications, including high-speed WAN uplink interfaces and IPv4/IPv6 routing. At the core of the WS-SUP720-3BXL are its powerful hardware specifications, designed to enhance network efficiency and security. It supports up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, providing a solid foundation for high-speed connectivity and data transfer. The device is capable of IPv4 routing in hardware up to 400 Mpps (million packets per second) and IPv6 routing up to 200 Mpps, ensuring rapid data processing and transmission across the network. For Layer 2 bridging in hardware, it also reaches speeds up to 400 Mpps, facilitating quick data exchange and connectivity within local area networks. Key specifications include: - VRFs: Support for up to 1024 VRFs, allowing for a total of up to 1,000,000 routes per system. This feature is crucial for network segmentation and improving security and traffic management. - NAT: Hardware-assisted Network Address Translation enhances network security and address management without compromising performance. - GRE: Generic Routing Encapsulation in hardware, enabling the encapsulation of a wide variety of network layer protocols inside point-to-point links. The WS-SUP720-3BXL boasts a MAC address table capacity of 64,000 entries, supporting large-scale network operations without performance degradation. The routing capacity is extensive, with support for up to 1,000,000 IPv4 routes and 500,000 IPv6 routes, making it well-suited for large and complex network environments. Netflow entries are supported up to 256,000, providing comprehensive network monitoring and analysis capabilities. The device also supports 32K dedicated Access Control Entries (ACEs) for Layer-3 classification and marking for Quality of Service (QoS), ensuring prioritization of critical network traffic. For traffic management and security, the WS-SUP720-3BXL includes features such as: - Aggregate and flow-based rate-limiting: Offering 1023 aggregate traffic rate-limiting policers and a flow-based rate-limiting method per source address, destination address, or full flow, allowing for precise control over network traffic. - Security ACL entries: Up to 32K, along with 128K reflexive ACLs, enhancing network security and access control. It further supports uRPF (Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding) check in hardware for up to 6 paths, aiding in the mitigation of network spoofing attacks. The CPU rate limiters include 10 special case rate limiters plus control plane policing, providing additional layers of security and traffic management. The device allows for the application of unique ACLs to a maximum of 4000 interfaces, ensuring detailed access control and security across the network. This capability is complemented by MAC ACLs featuring per-port/per VLAN granularity and ACE counters for comprehensive monitoring and control of network access. In summary, the Cisco WS-SUP720-3BXL is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, scalability, and security for demanding network environments. Its advanced hardware capabilities make it an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers seeking to optimize their network operations and ensure robust data protection and traffic management.


Item Number and ManufacturerCisco WS-SUP720-3BXL
VSS CompatibilityNo
High-Speed Uplink Interfaces2 x 1Gbps
Hardware-Based IPv4 Packet ForwardingUp to 400 Mpps for Routing, 200 Mpps for Bridging
Hardware-Based Layer 2 SwitchingCapable of 400 Mpps
Virtual Routing and Forwarding InstancesMaximum of 1024, supporting up to 1 million routes per chassis
Hardware Support for GRE TunnelsYes
NAT Support via HardwareAssisted
Maximum MAC Address Entries64,000
IPv4 Routing Capacity1 million routes
IPv6 Routing Capacity500,000 routes
NetFlow Entries Supported256,000
QoS Layer-3 Classification and Marking Entries32,000 dedicated
Configurable Rate Limiting LocationsIngress Port or VLAN; Egress VLAN or L3 Port
Rate Limiting TypesCommitted and Peak Information Rate
Total Traffic Policers1023 for aggregate traffic shaping
Flow-Based Traffic Shaping StrategiesBy Source, Destination, or Complete Flow
Distinct Rate Limits64
MAC-Based Access Control ListsSupports Per-Port/Per-VLAN Specification
Availability of ACE CountersYes
Entries for Security ACLs32,000
Entries for Reflexive ACLs128,000
Hardware uRPF VerificationSupports up to 6 paths
CPU Protection Rate Limiters10 Specific Limiters Plus Control Plane Policing
Interfaces Supporting Unique ACLs4,000

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