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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 4900 Series
Product Type: Switch Module
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Product Description

The WS-X4992= is designed for seamless integration with Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches, featuring field replaceable and hot-swap support capabilities. It supports up to 5 fans to ensure optimal cooling for applications within cabinets and enclosed spaces with limited airflow. This component is specifically engineered to maintain system reliability and performance in challenging environments.

Key Feature for the WS-X4992=

  • What is the field replaceable feature of this networking hardware?
    Yes, the hardware supports field replacement, allowing for easy maintenance and upgrades.
  • Can the product be hot-swapped in a live network environment?
    Yes, it has hot-swap support, enabling component replacement or addition without shutting down the system.
  • How many fans can be supported by the hardware?
    The hardware can support up to 5 fans, ensuring efficient cooling for optimal performance.
  • Which Cisco switches is this hardware compatible with?
    It is designed for use with Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.
  • What are the ideal applications for this networking hardware?
    It is best suited for cabinets and other enclosed spaces with reduced airflow, providing effective cooling in constrained environments.

Product Review

The Cisco WS-X4992= fan tray, compatible with Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches, supports hot-swapping and can accommodate up to five fans, ensuring uninterrupted operation and cooling. Designed for environments with limited airflow such as cabinets, it enhances system reliability. However, its specificity for use with only Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches may limit its applicability across diverse network setups.


The Cisco WS-X4992= is a critical component designed to enhance the performance and reliability of Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches. This unit is specifically engineered to address and mitigate thermal challenges in environments where airflow might be compromised, such as cabinets and enclosed spaces. Its primary function is to ensure that the switch operates within optimal temperature ranges, thus preserving the integrity and longevity of the hardware. Equipped with support for up to five fans, the Cisco WS-X4992= provides a comprehensive cooling solution that can adapt to varying operational demands. This flexibility is essential in maintaining system efficiency and preventing thermal-related issues that could lead to system downtime or, in extreme cases, hardware failure. The fans are designed to work in harmony, producing a cooling effect that is both effective and efficient. One of the key features of the Cisco WS-X4992= is its hot-swap capability. This feature allows for the fans to be replaced or maintained without the need to power down the entire system. This is particularly beneficial in environments where system uptime is critical. By enabling on-the-go maintenance, the hot-swap feature significantly reduces the risk of downtime, ensuring that network operations can continue uninterrupted. Another notable aspect of this unit is its field-replaceable attribute. This design choice underscores the emphasis on ease of maintenance and flexibility. Users can quickly replace fans in the field without the need for specialized tools or prolonged system outages. This not only enhances the operational efficiency of the network but also contributes to lower maintenance costs over the hardware's lifespan. The compatibility of the Cisco WS-X4992= with Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches ensures seamless integration into existing network infrastructures. This compatibility is crucial for network administrators looking to upgrade or maintain their systems without the hassle of dealing with compatibility issues. The unit's design and specifications are tailored to meet the specific cooling requirements of these switches, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability.
  • Field Replaceable: Yes, ensuring easy maintenance and minimal downtime.
  • Hot-Swap Support: Yes, allowing for uninterrupted system operation during maintenance.
  • Number of Fans Supported: 5, offering a comprehensive cooling solution for enhanced reliability.
In summary, the Cisco WS-X4992= is an indispensable accessory for network administrators seeking to enhance the operational reliability and efficiency of Cisco Catalyst 4900M Switches. Its ability to support multiple fans, coupled with hot-swap and field-replaceable features, makes it an ideal solution for managing the thermal dynamics in challenging environments. By ensuring that the switch operates within safe temperature ranges, the Cisco WS-X4992= plays a pivotal role in maintaining system integrity, reducing maintenance costs, and minimizing the risk of downtime in critical network operations.


Model Number Cisco WS-X4992=
Replaceable Components Yes
Hot-Swap Capability Yes
Supported Fan Quantity 5
Compatibility Cisco Catalyst 4900M Series
Intended Environments Enclosures and spaces with limited airflow

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