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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco WS-X6848-TX-2T
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The WS-X6848-TX-2T module offers 48 1 Gb ports with 10/100/1000 Mbps speed, supporting RJ-45 transceivers and Category 5 cables for up to 100 m distance. It has a port density of 528 ports per 6513E chassis model, with a comprehensive buffer system including a 1.17 MB transceiver port buffer and a 166 KB receiver port buffer, alongside 1 GB onboard memory. The module supports jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes, features 1p3q8T (Tx) and 2q8T (Rx) queues per port, and utilizes DWRR scheduling, ensuring efficient data handling across its ports.

Key Feature for the WS-X6848-TX-2T

  • What is the maximum cable distance supported by this network switch?
    The maximum cable distance supported is 100 meters.
  • How many ports does the 6513E model feature, and what is their speed?
    The 6513E model features 48 ports with a speed of 10/100/1000 Mbps.
  • What type of cable is required for the network switch?
    A Category 5 cable is required for this network switch.
  • Can you detail the jumbo frame support for this device?
    This device supports jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes.
  • What are the power requirements for this network switch?
    The power requirement for this network switch is 405 W.
  • What type of transceiver does the switch use?
    The switch uses an RJ-45 transceiver type.
  • How does the switch handle traffic scheduling?
    Traffic scheduling on the switch is managed by DWRR (Deficit Weighted Round Robin).
  • What is the onboard memory capacity of the switch?
    The onboard memory capacity of the switch is 1 GB.
  • What are the operating temperature limits for the switch?
    The operating temperature range is from 0 °C to 55 °C.
  • What are the dimensions of the network switch?
    The dimensions are 1.2 in. (Height) x 14.4 in. (Width) x 16 in. (Depth).

Product Review

The Cisco WS-X6848-TX-2T module offers a high port density of 48 1Gb ports, suitable for large-scale network environments, supporting a total of 528 ports in a 6513E chassis. With support for jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes and advanced queue management features (1p3q8T for TX and 2q8T for RX), it can efficiently handle high volumes of data with minimal latency. However, its power requirement of 405W may necessitate careful planning in terms of power supply and cooling solutions in densely populated racks.


The Cisco WS-X6848-TX-2T is a high-performance line card designed for enterprise and data center networks, offering 48 ports of 1 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. This module is specifically engineered to meet the demands of high-density, high-speed networking environments, providing a seamless and efficient networking experience. Powered by RJ-45 transceivers, the WS-X6848-TX-2T supports the use of Category 5 cables, ensuring reliable connectivity and data transmission over distances up to 100 meters. This feature enables organizations to deploy the card in a wide range of networking environments without the need for additional infrastructure investments. One of the standout features of this line card is its support for jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes, significantly enhancing data transmission efficiency by allowing the transfer of larger packets. This capability is crucial for applications that require high throughput, such as video streaming and large-scale data transfers. The WS-X6848-TX-2T is designed with a focus on performance and efficiency. It is equipped with a sophisticated queuing mechanism, featuring 1p3q8T queues for transmission (Tx) and 2q8T queues for reception (Rx), managed by a Deficit Weighted Round Robin (DWRR) scheduler. This advanced queuing system ensures fair bandwidth allocation and optimizes the handling of network traffic, effectively reducing congestion and improving overall network performance. Additionally, the line card boasts a transceiver port buffer of 1.17 MB and a receiver port buffer of 166 KB, coupled with 1 GB of onboard memory. These specifications ensure smooth data processing and storage, further enhancing the module's performance capabilities. The WS-X6848-TX-2T is designed to be both durable and reliable, with a solid construction that measures 1.2 inches in height, 14.4 inches in width, and 16 inches in depth. It operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 55 °C and can withstand storage temperatures from -40 °C to 70 °C. Its humidity tolerance ranges from 10% to 90% (non-condensing), and it can operate at altitudes ranging from -500 to 10,000 feet, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Power efficiency is also a key consideration for this line card, with a power requirement of 405 W. This ensures that the module maintains optimal performance without excessive power consumption, contributing to lower operational costs. Key features include: -
  • 48 ports with 10/100/1000 Mbps speed, enabling high-density, high-speed networking.
  • Jumbo frame support up to 9216 bytes, optimizing data transmission for high-throughput applications.
  • Advanced queuing system with DWRR scheduler, ensuring efficient network traffic management.
The Cisco WS-X6848-TX-2T is also equipped with status and link indicators, providing real-time operational feedback and simplifying troubleshooting processes. This combination of features makes the WS-X6848-TX-2T a powerful solution for enterprises and data centers looking to upgrade their network infrastructure with a focus on performance, reliability, and efficiency.


Item Number and Producer Cisco WS-X6848-TX-2T
Total Ports 48 1-Gigabit
Port Transmission Rate 10/100/1000 Mbps
Interface Type RJ-45
Supported Cable Specification Category 5
Ports per System 528 Ports in a 6513E Chassis
Maximum Frame Size Up to 9216 Bytes
Transmission Queue Configuration 1p3q8T
Reception Queue Configuration 2q8T
Queue Management Algorithm DWRR
Buffer Size per Transceiver Port 1.17 MB
Receiver Port Memory Allocation 166 KB
System Memory 1 GB
Maximum Cabling Distance 100 m
Unit Height 1.2 inches
Unit Width 14.4 inches
Unit Depth 16 inches
Operating Temp Range Low 0 °C
Operating Temp Range High 55 °C
Storage Temp Range Low -40 °C
Storage Temp Range High 70 °C
Operational Humidity Range Low 10% Non-Condensing
Operational Humidity Range High 90% Non-Condensing
Usage Altitude Range -500 to 10000 feet
Energy Consumption 405 W
Diagnostic Indicators Status, Link

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