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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 3560-CX Series Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco Catalyst 3560-CX Series Switches are compact switches designed for small to medium-sized businesses. They offer high-performance switching capabilities with advanced security features. These switches are easy to deploy and manage and provide a range of connectivity options, including Gigabit Ethernet and PoE+.

Key Feature for the WSC3560CG8TCS

1. 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports 
2. 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports 
3. PoE+ support with a power budget of 240W 
4. Layer 3 switching 
5. Fanless design for quiet operation 
6. Compact form factor with flexible mounting options

Product Review

The Cisco WSC3560CG8TCS is a compact and powerful switch designed for enterprise networks. It boasts eight Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities, making it an ideal choice for organizations requiring reliable and efficient network connectivity. Additionally, the switch is equipped with advanced security features such as IEEE 802.1X authentication and Access Control Lists (ACLs), ensuring that data transmission remains secure and protected. Its compact size and feature-rich capabilities make it a unique and valuable addition to any enterprise network.


The Cisco Catalyst 3560-C Series is a powerful managed switch designed to provide reliable, secure and energy-efficient voice, video, and security solutions in a single device. It integrates features such as QoS, Multicast, Security and Energy savings into one device. The Cisco Catalyst 3560-C Series offers optimal performance with its 8 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 2 combined Copper/SFP ports. The Cisco Catalyst 3560C-G8TC-S adds rich Layer-3 switching capabilities to the mix, providing a total of 8 ports available for Layer 3 routing. This enables flexible deployment options, enhanced LAN scalability and advanced features such easy configuration of intelligent services like VoIP and video. The device comes with a number of power options depending on your deployment needs. This model supports PoE and PoE+, each of which provides 30W of power per port with up to 375W total PoE power across all ports. Maximum PoE power consumption for the WSC3560CG8TCS model is 375W (802.3at). In addition to its energy efficient design, the WSC3560CG8TCS is also designed for reliability and scalability. It boasts an impressive 256 VLANs per switch and can support up to 1024 active VLANs. It also supports up to 4096 MAC addresses and up to 128 Spanning Tree Protocols (STPs). The Cisco WSC3560CG8TCS is a feature-packed Layer 3 switch that provides users with high performance and flexibility in a single device. With features such as advanced QoS, multicast, security and Power over Ethernet (PoE), the WSC3560CG8TCS is the perfect solution for commercial environments requiring fast and secure data transmission.

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