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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Cisco WS-C3850-24T-S is a stackable, 24-port switch that is part of the Cisco Catalyst 3850 series. It supports advanced security and network management features, making it an ideal solution for enterprise networks. The switch is equipped with 4 x 1G SFP uplink interfaces, and supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. The switch is also capable of delivering power to attached devices using Power over Ethernet (PoE) or PoE+.

Key Feature for the WSC385024TS

1. 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports
2. 4 x 1G SFP uplink interfaces
3. Stackable design for scalability
4. Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+
5. Advanced security features, including Access Control Lists (ACLs) and 802.1X authentication
6. Network management features, including Quality of Service (QoS) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Product Review

Many users have praised the Cisco WSC385024TS for its reliability and performance in enterprise network environments. The switch's advanced security features, such as ACLs and 802.1X authentication, have been noted as particularly strong points. Some users have reported that the switch can be expensive, but many feel that the investment is well worth it for the level of performance and features it provides.


Cisco WSC385024TS is an innovative, high-performance switch engineered for the current and future needs of enterprise networks. Voice, video, wireless, and security services for today's applications are all supported by the dual-core Catalyst® 3850 Series Network Module. With 24 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and 4 1 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, this switch can meet the needs of medium-sized to large businesses. The Cisco WSC385024TS supports wire-speed IP routing of up to 240 Gbps and can handle over 5 billion packets per second (Bpps). The switch also offers innovative line rate bridging and contains complete Layer 2/3 IP support so that no additional network devices are needed. It also contains integrated redundancy features such as Dual Power System, StackPower, StackWise-480, FlexLink, Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVRST+), Loop Protection Protocol (LPP) and Security Group Access Control Protocol (SGACL). In addition to superior performance and feature set, the Cisco WSC385024TS switch leverages an energy efficient chipset along with a power-saving design that enables energy optimization. With front-to-back airflow, this switch offers earned Platinum Energy certification and is compliant with IEEE 802.3az energy standards. It is powered by an internal 120VAC supply or external 220VDC supply and includes 25gigabit ports with 20W per port PoE power. The Cisco WSC385024TS offers excellent resilience features while still providing high availability through model redundancy. Hot swappable Power Supply Units allow quick changes without outages and StackWise-480 allows fast failover within 4 milliseconds. It also provides hardware-based scaling that increases system performance without hardware replacements. On top of this, CLI mirroring ensures processes are consistent across devices while Smart Agent Autorecovery allows reduced downtime in case of unrecoverable errors. The Cisco WSC385024TS proves to be a reliable solution for businesses looking for a switch that can handle today’s ever changing network needs. With superior performance, energy efficiency, robust redundancy features, and a superior feature set, the Cisco WSC385024TS is the perfect choice for businesses that require reliable connectivity in their IT infrastructure.

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