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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst Switches
Product Type: Ethernet Switch
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Product Description

The WS-C4928-10GE Cisco switch offers a switch capacity of 96 Gbps and a throughput of 71 Mpps, designed for high-speed data processing and traffic management. It supports up to 2 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 28 Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber) ports, alongside IPv6 in software, accommodating a mix of high-speed and legacy devices within a network. This 1 RU device features a 16 MB shared buffer, 256 MB SDRAM, and supports 2,048 active VLANs, ensuring efficient data flow and advanced network segmentation capabilities.

Key Feature for the WSC492810GE

  • What is the switch capacity of this device?
    The switch capacity is 96 Gbps.
  • How many Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber) Ports does it support?
    It supports a maximum of 28 Gigabit Ethernet (Fiber) Ports.
  • Does the switch support IPv6?
    Yes, IPv6 support is available in software.
  • What is the height of the switch in rack units?
    The switch height is 1 RU.
  • Are there any modular half-card slots available?
    No, there are 0 modular half-card slots available.
  • What is the maximum number of 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports on this device?
    The maximum number of 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports is 2.
  • What types of uplink optics are supported?
    It supports 4x 2 (10 Gigabit Ethernet) optics for uplinks.
  • What are the options for multilayer switching?
    Multilayer switching options include IP Base and Enterprise Service Options.
  • How much shared buffer memory is available?
    There is 16 MB of shared buffer memory.
  • What is the CPU speed?
    The CPU operates at 666 MHz.

Product Review

The Cisco WS-C4928-10GE switch offers a switch capacity of 96 Gbps and throughput of 71 Mpps, facilitating efficient data processing and network traffic management for medium to large-scale operations. However, its IPv6 support is implemented in software rather than hardware, potentially impacting performance for IPv6-heavy environments. Additionally, the switch's limitation to two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and absence of features such as USB port support and compact flash memory may restrict expansion capabilities and ease of configuration for some network setups.


The Cisco WS-C4928-10GE is a high-performance, 1 rack unit (RU) switch designed to meet the needs of demanding network environments. With a switch capacity of 96 Gbps and a throughput of 71 million packets per second (Mpps), this device offers efficient data handling capabilities. It supports up to 2 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 28 Gigabit Ethernet (fiber) ports, providing versatile connectivity options for a variety of network configurations. This switch is equipped with a 666 MHz CPU and 256 MB of SDRAM, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy loads. The WS-C4928-10GE can handle up to 55,000 MAC addresses, making it suitable for networks with a large number of connected devices. For network segmentation and management, it supports 2,048 active VLANs, with the capacity for 4,096 PVST and VLAN IDs. This flexibility allows for efficient traffic separation and enhanced security. Multicast routing is robust, with support for 28,000 Layer 3 and 16,000 Layer 2 multicast entries. This feature is crucial for applications that require simultaneous data delivery to multiple endpoints, such as video conferencing and streaming services. The switch also provides comprehensive security and quality of service (QoS) capabilities, with hardware entries for 32,000 security and QoS policies. This ensures that sensitive data remains secure while maintaining high-quality network service. The WS-C4928-10GE is IPv6 ready, with support included in the software, ensuring compatibility with the latest network protocols. However, it does not include a USB port or support for compact flash memory, and there is no system reset button. For software, the minimum requirement is Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(46)SG or later, which provides access to advanced features and functionalities. Key hardware features include: - Shared buffer of 16 MB: This allows for efficient management of data traffic, preventing bottlenecks and ensuring smooth data flow across the network. - Multilayer switching options: With IP Base and Enterprise Service options, the switch offers flexibility in managing and routing traffic through various layers of the network architecture. - Environmental tolerance: Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 40 °C, the WS-C4928-10GE is built to withstand typical data center conditions. In terms of network management and efficiency, the switch supports both Spanning Tree Protocol (with up to 10,000 instances) and Switched Virtual Interfaces (up to 2,000), enabling high levels of redundancy and network segmentation. Additionally, the Switched Port Analyzer feature, with 2 ingress and 4 egress ports, facilitates comprehensive network monitoring and analysis. In summary, the Cisco WS-C4928-10GE offers a powerful solution for enterprises and data centers requiring high-capacity, high-performance network switching. With extensive support for multicast entries, VLANs, and security/QoS policies, along with advanced features for network management and monitoring, this switch is tailored for complex, high-demand network environments.


Part Number and Manufacturer Cisco WS-C4928-10GE
Switching Capacity 96 Gbps
Data Throughput Rate 71 Million Packets per Second
IPv6 Compatibility Via Software Update
Unit Height 1 Rack Unit
Expansion Slots for Modules None
Max 10GbE Ports 2
Max Fiber GbE Ports 28
Type of Uplink Optics 4x2 for 10GbE Connections
Layered Switching Capabilities Supports IP Base and Enterprise Services
Buffer Memory Shared 16 Megabytes
Processor Speed 666 Megahertz
System RAM 256 Megabytes
Active Virtual LANs Support Up to 2,048 VLANs
Entries for Multicast Routing 28,000 at L3, 16,000 at L2
Per-VLAN Spanning Trees and VLAN IDs Up to 4,096
Spanning Tree Instances 10,000
Virtual Interfaces for Switching 2,000
Security and Quality of Service Entries 32,000
Address Table Size 55,000 MAC Addresses
SPAN Sessions Supported 2 Ingress, 4 Egress
USB Port Availability No
Support for Compact Flash No
Presence of System Reset Feature No
Software Version Necessity Minimum of Cisco IOS 12.2(46)SG or Newer
Operational Temperature Range 0 to 40 Degrees Celsius

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