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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Switches
Product Type: WS-X6848-SFP2T-XL Switch
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Product Description

The WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL is a Cisco module featuring 48 1 Gb SFP ports with support for 1000BASE-SX optics at a 850 nm wavelength, designed for multimode fiber with a core size of 62.5 Micron and a model bandwidth of 200 MHz/km, enabling cable distances up to 275 m. It requires 339.44 W power, supports jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes, and is compatible with Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and 2TXL within any Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series chassis. The module offers advanced features such as DWRR scheduling, 1p3q8T (Tx), 2q8T (Rx) queues per port, and port buffers of Tx (1.17 MB), Rx (166 KB), enhancing network efficiency and performance.

Key Feature for the WSX6848SFP2TXL

  • What is the maximum data transmission distance for the 1 Gb SFP with a wavelength of 850 nm?
    The maximum cable distance for the 1 Gb SFP with an 850 nm wavelength is 275 meters.
  • How does the Model support high-density port configurations?
    The Model supports a maximum port density per Virtual Switching System (VSS) of 352 ports.
  • What types of fiber/cable are compatible with this SFP module?
    The SFP module is compatible with Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF) with a core size of 62.5 Microns.
  • What is the power requirement for this device?
    The power requirement for this device is 339.44 Watts.
  • Can this device support jumbo frames, and if so, up to what size?
    Yes, this device supports jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes.
  • Which supervisor engines are supported by this model?
    This model supports the Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and 2TXL.
  • What chassis are compatible with this networking hardware?
    The hardware is compatible with any Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series chassis.
  • What is the onboard memory capacity?
    The onboard memory capacity is 1 GB.
  • What are the environmental operating conditions for this device?
    The minimum operating temperature is 0 °C, the maximum operating temperature is 55 °C, and it operates in relative humidity from 10% to 90% (non-condensing).
  • How does the hardware manage traffic prioritization?
    Traffic prioritization is managed through a scheduler that utilizes DWRR, with queues per port configured as 1p3q8T (Tx), 2q8T (Rx).

Product Review

The Cisco WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL module offers 48 ports of 1 Gb SFP, supporting a variety of fiber types and distances, making it versatile for network expansion. Power consumption is significant at 339.44 W, which could impact operational costs and cooling requirements in dense deployments. Compatibility with Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engines 2T and 2TXL and support for up to 352 ports per VSS ensure scalability and integration in existing infrastructures, although the high power requirement and specific chassis compatibility may limit its use in certain environments.


The Cisco WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL is a high-performance networking module designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and large enterprise networks. This module features 48 ports of 1 Gb SFP, providing flexible connection options and high-speed network services. It supports the 1000BASE-SX standard with a wavelength of 850 nm, using multimode fiber (MMF) with a core size of 62.5 Micron. The model's bandwidth capability reaches 200 MHz/km, allowing for cable distances up to 275 meters, which is optimal for intra-building connectivity and extending the reach within data centers. Power consumption is a critical consideration for networking equipment, and the WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL requires 339.44 W, ensuring efficient operation while managing power effectively. It features indicators for status and link activity, allowing for easy monitoring and troubleshooting. One of the key advantages of this module is its support for jumbo frames up to 9216 bytes, enhancing data transmission efficiency for large packets. The WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL can achieve a maximum port density of 352 ports per Virtual Switching System (VSS), significantly increasing network capacity and flexibility. It is compatible with the Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and 2TXL, and it fits any Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series chassis, showcasing its versatility and ease of integration into existing network infrastructures. With 1 GB of onboard memory, it ensures smooth operation and handling of network traffic. The physical dimensions of the module are compact, with a height of 1.2 inches, a width of 14.4 inches, and a depth of 16 inches, making it suitable for standard rack mounting and optimizing space within network cabinets. Operating conditions are also a vital aspect of networking hardware. The WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 55 °C and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 75 °C. Its design accommodates a relative humidity range from 10% to 90% (non-condensing) and can function at altitudes from –500 to 10,000 feet, ensuring reliability across various environmental conditions. Traffic management is handled efficiently with the use of DWRR (Deficit Weighted Round Robin) scheduling, and the module supports 1p3q8T (Tx) and 2q8T (Rx) queues per port, with port buffers of Tx (1.17 MB) and Rx (166 KB) to optimize data flow and reduce congestion. Key specifications include:
  • 48 1 Gb SFP ports supporting 1000BASE-SX standards.
  • Jumbo frame support up to 9216 bytes for enhanced data transmission.
  • Compatibility with Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T and 2TXL and any Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series chassis.
The Cisco WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL is designed to provide a scalable, high-density, and feature-rich platform for enterprise and data center networks, ensuring high performance, reliability, and flexibility for complex network architectures.


Item Number WS-X6848-SFP-2TXL
Producer Cisco
Port Count 48 1-Gigabit SFP Slots
SFP Module Type 1000BASE-SX Compatible
Operational Wavelength 850 nanometers
Optical Fiber Type Multi-Mode Fiber
Fiber Optic Core Diameter 62.5 μm
Bandwidth per Model 200 MHzkm
Maximum Transmission Distance 275 meters
Energy Consumption 339.44 Watts
Diagnostic LEDs Status and Link Activity
Support for Jumbo Frames Up to 9216 Bytes
Maximum Ports in Virtual Switching System 352 Ports
Compatible Supervisor Engines Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 2T & 2TXL
Compatible Chassis Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series Chassis
Internal Memory 1 GB
Unit Height 1.2 inches
Unit Width 14.4 inches
Unit Depth 16 inches
Operational Temperature Range (Min) 0 Degrees Celsius
Operational Temperature Range (Max) 55 Degrees Celsius
Temperature Range for Storage -40 to 75 Degrees Celsius
Humidity Tolerance 10% to 90% Non-Condensing
Altitude for Operation -500 to 10,000 feet
Packet Scheduling Method DWRR
Queue Configuration per Port 1p3q8T (Tx), 2q8T (Rx)
Buffer Size per Port Transmission: 1.17 MB, Reception: 166 KB

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