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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Packet Transport Module
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Product Description

The CPT-PTM-10GX4 is a Cisco networking module designed for high-capacity networking, featuring 4 10 GE SFP+ ports and supporting Layer 2 Transport including Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-Transport Profile (TP), and IP/MPLS-(TE). It is equipped with 256K MAC addresses, 16K Point to Point Ethernet Virtual Circuits, and advanced multicast features like IGMP Snooping v1, v2, & v3; it also supports a wide range of redundancy and protection mechanisms, including 2.5K PW Redundancy and 1K MPLS-TP LSP Protected paths. The module is designed for durability and reliability in demanding environments, as indicated by its NEBS GR-1089 Issue 5, GR-63 Issue 3 compliance, operating within a temperature range of 50 °C to 55 °C, and capable of functioning up to 4000 m altitude.

FAQs for the CPT-PTM-10GX4

  • What is the port type supported by this networking hardware?
    The device supports 10 GE SFP+ port types.
  • How many MAC addresses can the device handle?
    It can handle up to 256K MAC addresses.
  • Can the device support Carrier Ethernet?
    Yes, it supports Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-Transport Profile (TP), and IP/MPLS-(TE) for Layer 2 transport.
  • What is the maximum number of egress queues?
    The maximum number of egress queues is 64K.
  • Does the device offer redundancy for pseudowires?
    Yes, it offers PW redundancy with a capacity of 2.5K.
  • What multicast features are available on this device?
    The device features IGMP Snooping v1, v2, & v3; Multicast VLAN Registration.
  • How many VLANs are supported for point-to-point Ethernet Virtual Circuit?
    It supports up to 16K point-to-point Ethernet Virtual Circuits.
  • What is the nominal power consumption?
    The nominal power consumption is 89 W.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the device?
    The dimensions are 13.035 x 0.975 x 10.085 inches (H x W x D).
  • What environmental conditions can the device operate under?
    It operates in temperatures from 50 °C to 55 °C, with a humidity range of 5% to 85% (Noncondensing), and at altitudes up to 4000 m.

Product Review

The CISCO CPT-PTM-10GX4 offers a notable capacity for Layer 2 transport with support for Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-Transport Profile (TP), and IP/MPLS-(TE), making it suitable for diverse network architectures. However, its limitation to only 256K MAC addresses and a relatively high power consumption of up to 128 W could restrict its deployment in environments with extensive device connectivity needs or energy efficiency requirements. Additionally, the device's comprehensive feature set, including support for up to 2K Multicast Groups and advanced QoS with 8K policers, positions it as a competitive option for networks demanding high-quality service delivery and multicast efficiency.


The CISCO CPT-PTM-10GX4 is a high-capacity networking module designed to cater to advanced networking requirements, offering a blend of speed, efficiency, and adaptability for modern network demands. It features four ports, each capable of 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds, utilizing the 10 GE SFP+ interface for high-speed connections. This module is engineered to support a broad range of transport technologies including Layer 2 Transport Carrier Ethernet, MPLS-Transport Profile (TP), and IP/MPLS with Traffic Engineering (TE), making it versatile for various network architecture. With a substantial MAC address capacity of 256K, the CPT-PTM-10GX4 ensures efficient handling of large-scale network activities. It supports up to 16K Point to Point Ethernet Virtual Circuits, enabling significant flexibility in network design and scalability. The module also offers advanced virtual private wire service (VPWS) capabilities up to 3.5K and ensures reliable path redundancy with 2.5K PW redundancy features. For network designs requiring Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), it supports up to 1K instances. In terms of MPLS-TP, the device is proficient in managing both unprotected (2K) and protected (1K) Label Switched Paths (LSPs), providing options for network resiliency. For Ethernet ring protection, it can handle up to 32 segments under the Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP). Multicast capabilities are robust, with support for 2K multicast groups and enhanced features such as IGMP Snooping versions 1, 2, and 3, along with Multicast VLAN Registration, facilitating efficient multimedia content distribution across the network. The CPT-PTM-10GX4 is equipped with 8K policers supporting 2-Rate 3-Color (2R3C) policing, enabling effective traffic management and Quality of Service (QoS). With 64K egress queues, it ensures detailed traffic prioritization and congestion management, critical for maintaining service levels in diverse network environments. Key hardware specifications include: - Memory: 2 GB DRAM, ensuring smooth operation and handling of extensive data flows and routing tables. - Size and Weight: Measuring 13.035 x 0.975 x 10.085 inches and weighing 2.3 lbs, it presents a compact form factor suitable for dense installations without sacrificing performance. - Power Requirements: With a nominal power consumption of 89 W and a maximum of 128 W, it balances performance with energy efficiency. The module is designed to operate within a wide range of environmental conditions, supporting a minimum operating temperature of 50 °C and a maximum of 55 °C. It can function in up to 85% non-condensing humidity and at altitudes up to 4000 meters, ensuring reliability across various deployment scenarios. Compliance with NEBS GR-1089 Issue 5 and GR-63 Issue 3 standards attests to its durability and suitability for deployment in demanding environments, making the CISCO CPT-PTM-10GX4 an ideal choice for network operators seeking a resilient, high-performance networking solution.


Item NumberCISCO CPT-PTM-10GX4
Interface Count4
Interface Type10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+
Supported Network ProtocolsCarrier Ethernet, MPLS-TP, IP/MPLS-TE
MAC Address Capacity256,000
Ethernet Virtual Connections16,000
Virtual Private Wire Service3,500
Path Redundancy2,500
Virtual Private LAN Service1,000
Unprotected MPLS-TP LSP2,000
Protected MPLS-TP LSP1,000
Resilient Ethernet Protocol32 Segments
Supported Multicast Groups2,000
Number of Policers8,000 Two-Rate Three-Color
Output Queues64,000
Multicast CapabilitiesIGMP Snooping v1, v2, v3; Multicast VLAN Registration
System Memory2 GB DRAM
Dimensions13.035 x 0.975 x 10.085 inches
Unit Weight2.3 pounds
Standard Power Consumption89 Watts
Peak Power Consumption128 Watts
Compliance StandardsNEBS GR-1089 Issue 5, GR-63 Issue 3
Minimum Operational Temperature50 °C
Maximum Operational Temperature55 °C
Humidity Range5% to 85% (Non-condensing)
Max Operating Elevation4000 meters

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