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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Fan Controller
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Product Description

The CRS-16-FAN-CT is designed for thermal management within the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis. It ensures optimal airflow, enhancing the router's performance and reliability. Specifically engineered for compatibility, it seamlessly integrates with the router's architecture to maintain system efficiency.

FAQs for the CRS-16-FAN-CT

  • What is the primary application of the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis?
    The primary application of the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis is as a router in networking environments.
  • Can the part be used with any router chassis?
    No, it is specifically compatible with the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis.
  • What type of networking environments is the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis suited for?
    It is suited for high-performance and scalable networking environments.
  • Is this hardware compatible with other devices outside the Cisco CRS series?
    The compatibility is limited to the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis and similar devices within the CRS series.
  • How does the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis enhance a network's performance?
    The chassis facilitates efficient data routing and high-speed connectivity, improving overall network performance.
  • What should be considered when integrating this part into an existing network?
    Ensure compatibility with current hardware and software, and consider the network's scalability and performance needs.
  • Are there specific environmental conditions required for the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis?
    It should be operated in a controlled environment, typically within standard data center temperature and humidity levels.
  • Can the part be installed by the user, or does it require professional installation?
    Professional installation is recommended due to the complexity and the need for proper integration into existing networks.
  • What maintenance is required for the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis?
    Regular firmware updates and physical inspections are recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Are there any known compatibility issues with the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis?
    No major issues, but compatibility with non-CRS series products should be verified before integration.

Product Review

The CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT offers reliable cooling for the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis, ensuring stable operation under various load conditions. However, it represents a significant investment, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious setups. Additionally, its specialized design limits its compatibility to specific Cisco router models, which could restrict its applicability in diverse network environments.


The CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT is a specialized fan tray designed to ensure optimal cooling and operational efficiency for the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis. This essential piece of hardware plays a critical role in maintaining the router's performance by providing dedicated cooling, which is crucial for the system's reliability and longevity. The fan tray's design is tailored specifically for compatibility with the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis, guaranteeing a seamless fit and efficient cooling. At the heart of the CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT are its advanced cooling mechanisms, which are engineered to manage the thermal output of the router effectively. This is achieved through a series of high-performance fans that work in unison to draw heat away from critical components, thereby preventing overheating and potential damage. The design of the fan tray ensures that air is evenly distributed across the router's interior, reaching all necessary components to maintain optimal operating temperatures. The hardware specifications of the CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT include: - <>Compatibility with the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient cooling for this specific model. - <>A series of high-efficiency fans, designed to provide maximum airflow and heat dissipation, safeguarding the router's components from the risks of overheating. - <>An easy installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup within the router chassis, minimizing downtime and maintenance efforts. These features contribute to the CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT's ability to maintain the router's performance and reliability, even under conditions of high demand or continuous operation. The fan tray's efficient cooling system not only prolongs the lifespan of the router but also ensures stable operating temperatures, which are crucial for optimal data processing and network traffic management. In addition to its cooling capabilities, the CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT is designed for durability and long-term use. The construction of the fan tray incorporates high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of continuous operation in various environmental conditions. This durability is essential for maintaining the integrity of the network infrastructure and ensuring consistent performance over time. Overall, the CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT is a vital component for any network utilizing the Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis. Its specialized design and advanced cooling features ensure that the router can handle high volumes of data traffic efficiently and reliably. By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, the fan tray helps to prevent performance degradation and extends the lifespan of the router, making it an indispensable tool for network administrators and IT professionals. Its ease of installation and compatibility with the CRS-16/S-B Router Chassis make it an ideal choice for enhancing the performance and reliability of Cisco networking equipment.


Model Number CISCO CRS-16-FAN-CT
Designed For Router
Works With Cisco CRS-16/S-B Router Enclosure

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