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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: line card chassis
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Product Description

The CRS-16-LCC-B CISCO features a single-shelf system with a midplane design, accommodating 16 x 40 Gbps line card slots, 8 dedicated switch fabric card slots, 2 dedicated route processor slots, and 2 dedicated fan controller slots. It measures 84 in (213.36 cm) in height, 23.6 in (59.94 cm) in width, and 36 in (91.44 cm) in depth, extending to 39.71 in (100.84 cm) in depth with cable management and front cover, with a weight ranging from 939 lbs (425 kg) to 1595 lbs (723 kg) based on configuration. The chassis requires a maximum DC power of 9.63kW when fully configured and provides a maximum DC output of 13.2kW.

FAQs for the CRS-16-LCC-B

  • What are the dimensions of the Single-Shelf System with the cable management and front cover included?
    Answer: The dimensions with cable management and front cover are 84 inches (213.36 cm) in height, 23.6 inches (59.94 cm) in width, and 39.71 inches (100.84 cm) in depth.
  • How many slots does the Switch Fabric Card have?
    Answer: The Switch Fabric Card has 8 dedicated slots.
  • What is the weight of the chassis when fully configured, including all card slots, power shelves, cosmetics, and with the built-in rack?
    Answer: The chassis fully configured weighs 1595 lbs (723 kg).
  • How is the Route Processor accommodated in the system's design?
    Answer: The system accommodates the Route Processor in 2 dedicated slots.
  • What is the maximum DC power needed when the chassis is fully configured with line cards and traffic running?
    Answer: The maximum DC power needed is 9.63kW.
  • What are the key design features of the Single-Shelf System?
    Answer: Key design features include a midplane design, 16 x 40 Gbps slots for Line Cards, dedicated slots for Switch Fabric Card, Route Processor, Fan Controller, and dimensions tailored for efficient space use and cable management.
  • How much does the chassis weigh as shipped, including power shelves, without power modules, and with the built-in rack?
    Answer: The chassis weighs 1008 lbs (457 kg) as shipped under these conditions.
  • What is the Chassis power supply's maximum DC output?
    Answer: The chassis power supply's maximum DC output is 13.2kW.
  • How many Fan Controller slots are available in the system?
    Answer: There are 2 dedicated slots for the Fan Controller.
  • What is the weight of the chassis only as shipped, with built-in rack and fan trays installed?
    Answer: The chassis only, as shipped with built-in rack and fan trays installed, weighs 939 lbs (425 kg).

Product Review

The CISCO CRS-16-LCC-B offers significant capacity with its 16 x 40 Gbps line card slots, supported by a dedicated switch fabric, ensuring efficient data handling and routing capabilities. However, its large dimensions and weight (up to 1595 lbs when fully configured) may present challenges in deployment and require substantial space and structural support in data centers. Additionally, the maximum DC power requirement of 9.63kW for a fully configured chassis, while manageable, demands careful consideration for power planning and cooling solutions in high-density network environments.


The CISCO CRS-16-LCC-B is a single-shelf system designed to meet the demands of high-performance networking, featuring a midplane design that facilitates efficient data flow and scalability. The system's architecture includes 16 line card slots, each capable of 40 Gbps, ensuring high-speed connectivity and data transfer rates. Additionally, the chassis is equipped with 8 dedicated slots for switch fabric cards, enhancing its switching capacity and performance. For management and processing, the CRS-16-LCC-B provides 2 dedicated slots for route processors, crucial for network routing decisions and policy management. The system's reliability is further supported by 2 dedicated slots for fan controllers, ensuring optimal cooling and operation under varying loads. The hardware specifications highlight the system's capacity for high-density networking applications. Dimensions of the chassis stand at 84 inches in height, 23.6 inches in width, and 36 inches in depth, with the inclusion of cable management and front cover extending the depth to 39.71 inches. The system's weight varies depending on configuration, starting at 939 lbs for the chassis only with built-in rack and fan trays installed. When shipped with power shelves but without power modules, the chassis weighs 1008 lbs. A fully configured system, utilizing all card slots and including power shelves and cosmetics, reaches a weight of 1595 lbs. Power efficiency is a key consideration in the CRS-16-LCC-B design. The maximum DC power requirement for a fully configured chassis with active line cards is 9.63kW. The chassis's power supply can deliver a maximum DC output of 13.2kW, ensuring ample power for all components even under heavy load. Key features include:
  • High-capacity line card slots (16 x 40 Gbps) for robust data throughput.
  • Dedicated slots for switch fabric cards (8 slots), route processors (2 slots), and fan controllers (2 slots) for enhanced system performance and reliability.
  • Comprehensive power management with a maximum DC output of 13.2kW to support a fully loaded chassis.
The CISCO CRS-16-LCC-B stands out for its ability to support extensive network demands with its high-capacity slots, dedicated resources for critical functions, and efficient power management. Its design accommodates future growth and scalability, making it a suitable choice for networks that require reliability and high performance.


Model NumberCISCO CRS-16-LCC-B
Configuration TypeSingle-Shelf Configuration
ArchitectureMidplane Architecture
Line Card Capacity16 slots at 40 Gbps each
Switch Fabric Card Slots8 specialized slots
Route Processor Slots2 specialized slots
Fan Controller Slots2 specialized slots
Height84 inches (213.36 cm)
Width23.6 inches (59.94 cm)
Depth36 inches (91.44 cm)
Height with Accessories84 inches (213.36 cm)
Width with Accessories23.6 inches (59.94 cm)
Depth with Accessories39.71 inches (100.84 cm)
Weight (Chassis only, as shipped)939 lbs (425 kg)
Weight (Chassis with power shelves, as shipped)1008 lbs (457 kg)
Weight (Fully Configured Chassis)1595 lbs (723 kg)
Max DC Power (Fully Configured)9.63 kW
Max DC Output (Power Supply)13.2 kW

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