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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 9166 Series
Product Type: Access Point
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Product Description

The CW9166I-B is designed for indoor use, featuring omni-directional antennas to support a wide coverage area across 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands. It operates on Cisco IOS ® XE Software Release 17.9.1 or later, with a hardware configuration that includes 2,048 MB DRAM and 1,024 MB flash memory, ensuring efficient data processing and storage. Additional technical specifications include integrated Bluetooth 5.1, support for XOR radio, and built-in environmental sensors, making it a versatile choice for diverse networking environments.

FAQs for the CW9166I-B

  • What Wi-Fi support does the device offer?
    Yes, the device supports Wi-Fi.
  • Can the device with part number 17.9.1 be used outdoors?
    No, it is designed for indoor use only.
  • Does the device come with antennas?
    Yes, antennas are included.
  • How many bands does the device support?
    The device supports 3 bands.
  • What type of antenna directionality does the product feature?
    It features an omni-directional antenna direction.
  • What software version is required for optimal performance?
    Cisco IOS ® XE Software Release 17.9.1 or later is required.
  • What are the antenna frequencies?
    The antenna frequencies include 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz.
  • What are the dimensions of the device?
    The device measures 9.5 in. in width, 9.5 in. in length, and 2.2 in. in height.
  • What is the operating temperature range?
    The operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 50 °C.
  • Does the device support XOR Radio?
    Yes, XOR Radio support is included.

Product Review

The Cisco CW9166I-B offers tri-band support across 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz frequencies, catering to versatile networking environments with its omni-directional antennas, ensuring wide coverage. However, the device requires Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.9.1 or later, potentially limiting compatibility with older systems. It also features integrated environmental sensors and Bluetooth 5.1, enhancing its utility in modern network setups but comes with a relatively high weight of 3.54 lbs, which may impact installation flexibility.


The Cisco CW9166I-B is a high-performance networking device designed to meet the demands of modern indoor environments. It supports Wi-Fi across three bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz, providing flexible and high-speed connectivity options. The device is equipped with omni-directional antennas, ensuring comprehensive coverage in various indoor settings. At the heart of the CW9166I-B is the Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.9.1 or later, a sophisticated operating system that offers advanced features and security. The device is designed for indoor use, with physical dimensions of 9.5 inches in width and length, and a height of 2.2 inches. Despite its compact size, it weighs 3.54 lbs, a testament to its solid construction and the quality of materials used. The CW9166I-B operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0 °C to 50 °C and can withstand humidity levels from 10% (non-condensing) to 90% (non-condensing). It is designed to function at altitudes up to 3000 meters, ensuring reliability in various indoor environments. For storage, it can handle temperatures from -30 °C to 70 °C and altitudes up to 4600 meters, ensuring long-term durability. - RAM: 2,048 MB DRAM - Flash Memory: 1,024 MB - Integrated Bluetooth Version: 5.1 The device boasts an average transmit power of 23 dBm (200 mW) to -4 dBm (0.39 mW), capable of supporting XOR radio technology. This feature enhances the device’s flexibility and performance in wireless networks. Additionally, it comes with built-in environmental sensors and supports integrated Bluetooth version 5.1, enabling it to interact with a wide range of devices and sensors, further extending its utility beyond traditional networking tasks. The Cisco CW9166I-B's hardware specifications are designed to provide a reliable, high-speed wireless connection that can adapt to the needs of various indoor environments. Its support for the latest Wi-Fi bands, combined with the robust processing power provided by 2,048 MB of DRAM and 1,024 MB of flash memory, ensures that it can handle high volumes of traffic and sophisticated networking tasks. It’s an ideal solution for businesses looking to deploy a secure, high-performance wireless network indoors.


Item Number Cisco CW9166I-B
Manufacturer Cisco
Supports Wi-Fi Supported
Usage Environment Interior
Antennas Provided Included
Band Count Three
Antenna Type All-Direction
Required Software Cisco IOS XE 17.9.1 or newer
Antenna Operating Frequencies 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz
Device Width 9.5 inches
Device Length 9.5 inches
Device Height 2.2 inches
Device Weight 3.54 pounds
Lowest Operating Temp 0 degrees Celsius
Highest Operating Temp 50 degrees Celsius
Lowest Operating Humidity 10% RH Non-Condensing
Highest Operating Humidity 90% RH Non-Condensing
Max Operational Altitude 3,000 meters
Lowest Storage Temperature -30 degrees Celsius
Highest Storage Temperature 70 degrees Celsius
Max Storage Altitude 4,600 meters
RAM Capacity 2048 MB
Flash Storage 1024 MB
Average Output Power 23 dBm (200 mW), -4 dBm (0.39 mW)
Support for XOR Radio Supported
Environmental Sensors Integrated
Bluetooth Version 5.1 Integrated

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