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by Dell
Product Line: Dell 14NV5
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

It is designed for high-speed data transmission in network environments. It supports a data rate of 100 Gigabit Ethernet and utilizes a short-range transmission standard. This transceiver is compatible with QSFP28 ports and offers four parallel optical channels for efficient communication. With its compact form factor and reliable performance, the Dell 14NV5 is an excellent solution for high-bandwidth networking applications.

Key Feature for the 14NV5

Part Number: 14NV5 
Product Line: Dell 
Product Type: 100GbE SR4 QSFP28 Transceiver 
Data Rate: 100 Gigabit Ethernet 
Transmission Standard: SR4 (Short Range) 
Connector Type: QSFP28 
Optical Channels: 4 
Compatibility: Multi-mode fiber 
Hot-Pluggable: Yes

Product Review

It offers high-speed and efficient data transmission in network environments. With its compatibility with QSFP28 ports and support for a data rate of 100 Gigabit Ethernet, it provides excellent performance for demanding applications. However, it is important to note that this transceiver is designed for use with multi-mode fiber, which may limit its applicability in setups that require single-mode fiber. Overall, the Dell 14NV5 provides a reliable and compact solution for high-bandwidth networking requirements.


This is a high-performance transceiver designed for 100 Gigabit Ethernet data transmission in network environments. It is part of Dell's product line and features a compact QSFP28 form factor. The transceiver supports a data rate of 100 Gigabit Ethernet, making it suitable for high-bandwidth applications that demand fast and reliable connectivity. With its SR4 transmission standard, it enables short-range communication using four parallel optical channels. The Dell 14NV5 transceiver is compatible with QSFP28 ports and is hot-pluggable, allowing for easy installation and replacement without interrupting network operations. It operates using multi-mode fiber, which is cost-effective for short-range connections but may limit its usage in setups that require single-mode fiber. However, the transceiver's advantages, such as its high data rate and compact form factor, make it an attractive choice for organizations seeking to optimize their network performance. The Dell 14NV5's hardware specifications, including its data rate, transmission standard, connector type, and optical channels, ensure efficient and reliable data transmission. Its compatibility with QSFP28 ports further enhances its versatility. The transceiver's hot-pluggable design simplifies installation and maintenance procedures. While its reliance on multi-mode fiber may restrict its usage in certain setups, the Dell 14NV5 remains a valuable solution for high-bandwidth networking requirements, delivering fast and dependable connectivity.

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