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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Line Card
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Product Description

The ESR-1COC12-SMI features a single OC-12 port with channelized capabilities, designed for efficient data networking. It supports both Distributed Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet architectures, ensuring versatile connectivity options. This module is tailored for applications requiring high-speed data transmission and scalability.

FAQs for the ESR-1COC12-SMI

  • What is the primary application of this networking hardware?
    The primary application is data networking, supporting both Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet architectures for efficient data transmission.
  • Can the port on this device be channelized?
    Yes, the port is channelized, allowing for multiple data channels within a single physical connection.
  • What type of port does this device feature?
    It features an OC-12 port, designed for high-speed data transmission.
  • How many ports are available on this device?
    There is 1 port available on this device, supporting OC-12 connectivity.
  • Is the architecture of this device suitable for high-speed networks?
    Yes, the device supports distributed Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, making it suitable for high-speed networking environments.
  • Are there any specific requirements for the network type with this hardware?
    No, the device is versatile and can be integrated into various network types, as long as they support data networking applications.
  • Can this device support data networking for enterprise-level applications?
    Yes, with its Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet support, it is well-suited for enterprise-level data networking applications.
  • Is there an option to upgrade the port to support higher data rates in the future?
    Upgrades depend on the model and manufacturer specifications; however, the existing OC-12 port provides robust data rate support for current applications.
  • What is the benefit of having a channelized port?
    A channelized port allows for the segregation of data streams, improving efficiency and data handling in complex network setups.
  • How does the architecture of this device contribute to its performance?
    The distributed architecture enhances data processing and transmission capabilities, supporting high-speed Ethernet connections effectively.

Product Review

The CISCO ESR-1COC12-SMI, featuring a single OC-12 port, is designed for data networking applications, supporting both distributed Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet architectures. Its channelized capability allows for efficient data distribution, optimizing network performance. However, the limitation to a single port may restrict scalability and flexibility in expanding network configurations.


The Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI is a specialized networking hardware module designed to meet the demanding requirements of data networking. This module is an integral component of Cisco's networking solutions, offering a single port that supports the OC-12 port type. Its design is tailored to facilitate high-speed data transmission, making it an ideal choice for environments that require efficient and reliable data networking capabilities. At the core of the Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI's functionality is its ability to support channelized data transmission. This feature allows the module to segregate the available bandwidth into multiple, independent channels. As a result, users can optimize their network's performance by allocating bandwidth in a manner that best suits their specific needs, enhancing the overall efficiency and flexibility of the network infrastructure. The architecture of the Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI is built around Distributed Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet technologies. This architectural choice underscores the module's capability to handle high-speed data transfers across both traditional Gigabit Ethernet and the faster 10-Gigabit Ethernet networks. The integration of these technologies ensures that the module can support a wide array of networking applications, ranging from simple data transfers to more bandwidth-intensive tasks, without compromising on speed or reliability. Application-wise, the Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI is squarely focused on data networking. Its design and features are optimized to cater to the needs of environments where data transmission is paramount. Whether it's for enterprise networks, service provider infrastructures, or any other scenario where efficient data networking is crucial, this module stands out as a reliable choice. Key highlights of the Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI include:
  • Single OC-12 port for high-speed data transmission.
  • Channelized support, allowing for efficient bandwidth management.
  • Supports Distributed Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network architectures.
In conclusion, the Cisco ESR-1COC12-SMI is engineered to deliver high performance in data networking environments. Its support for OC-12 port type, combined with the ability to channelize bandwidth and its compatibility with both Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet networks, makes it a versatile and efficient choice for any organization looking to enhance its network infrastructure. Whether the application involves simple data transfers or more complex networking requirements, this module provides a reliable solution that can cater to a wide range of data networking needs.


Model Number CISCO ESR-1COC12-SMI
Ports Quantity 1
Connection Interface OC-12
Segmentation Capability Enabled
Network Design Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Spread
Intended Use Data Transmission

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