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Product Line: Extreme 10335
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

It is a hardware device specifically designed for high-speed network connectivity. It supports 40GBASE-ER technology, allowing for fast data transfer rates over long distances of up to 40 kilometers. The device utilizes single-mode fiber (SMF) technology and operates at a wavelength of 1310nm, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.

Key Feature for the 10335

Technology: 40GBASE-ER 
Distance: Supports network connectivity up to 40 kilometers 
Fiber type: Utilizes single-mode fiber (SMF) 
Wavelength: Operates at a wavelength of 1310nm 
Data transfer rates: Enables high-speed data transfer 
Compatibility: Requires infrastructure supporting 40GBASE-ER technology

Product Review

This product excels in providing high-speed network connectivity over long distances, making it ideal for large-scale deployments. Its 40GBASE-ER technology enables fast data transfer rates, ensuring smooth communication between network devices. However, the device's reliance on single-mode fiber and the need for compatible infrastructure may limit its usability for certain network setups.


This is a powerful hardware device designed to provide high-speed network connectivity over long distances. With its support for 40GBASE-ER technology, this device enables fast data transfer rates, making it ideal for large-scale network deployments requiring high-performance communication. It excels in covering extensive distances, with a range of up to 40 kilometers, ensuring reliable connectivity even in remote locations. The device utilizes single-mode fiber (SMF) technology, which offers enhanced signal quality and lower signal attenuation over long distances. Operating at a wavelength of 1310nm, it delivers efficient and stable performance, ensuring smooth data transmission and reduced latency. While the Extreme 10335 offers impressive capabilities, it's important to consider certain factors before implementing it in a network setup. The device requires compatible infrastructure supporting 40GBASE-ER technology, including single-mode fiber optic cables and compatible network switches or routers. This may entail additional costs for infrastructure upgrades or replacements, making it essential to assess the compatibility of existing network components. The Extreme 10335 is best suited for organizations that require high-speed network connectivity over significant distances, such as data centers, campus networks, or telecommunications providers. Its ability to handle large volumes of data and support fast data transfer rates makes it ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications or scenarios where low latency is crucial. In conclusion, the Extreme 10335 is a top-of-the-line hardware device designed to deliver reliable and high-speed network connectivity over long distances. With its support for 40GBASE-ER technology, single-mode fiber utilization, and 1310nm wavelength operation, it offers exceptional performance for demanding networking environments. However, users should consider the infrastructure requirements and potential costs associated with implementing this device before making a purchase decision.

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