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Product Line: Extreme Summit 15205
Product Type: Ethernet Switch
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Product Description

This is a switch designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern networking infrastructure. It features an impressive array of 24 x 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports, designed to provide seamless connectivity and high-speed data transfer. To facilitate high-quality networking, it also includes 2 x shared SFP (mini-GBIC) ports for uplink. Encased in a sturdy, 1U rack-mountable metal housing, this switch ensures durability, making it ideal for the most demanding environments. With its advanced hardware capabilities, the Extreme Summit 15205 X150 aims to deliver robust performance, manageability, and reliability.

Key Feature for the 15205

24-port Ethernet switch: Offers ample connectivity options for network devices. 
High-speed data transfer: Supports Gigabit Ethernet speeds, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission. 
PoE+ capability: Provides power over Ethernet to compatible devices, eliminating the need for separate power cables. 
Advanced security features: Equipped with robust security protocols to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. 
Flexible deployment options: Can be rack-mounted for centralized installation or used as a standalone device for smaller networks. 
Energy-efficient design: Incorporates power-saving features to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Product Review

It stands out as a reliable, high-capacity Ethernet switch, providing excellent network performance. Its 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports offer superb data transfer speeds, making it a must-have for businesses requiring efficient network solutions. However, while the switch offers robust performance, it might be a bit complex for novices due to its extensive features and configurations, which demand a certain level of networking knowledge.


This is a top-tier Ethernet switch that promises outstanding networking capabilities. This 24-port Ethernet switch is crafted with the requirements of modern networking environments in mind, offering excellent data transfer speeds and an advanced level of manageability that many businesses today seek. Each of the switch's 24 ports offers 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet connectivity, enabling the device to handle high-speed data transfers with ease. This is complemented by two shared SFP (mini-GBIC) ports for uplink, enhancing the overall network architecture and facilitating fast, efficient data movement between various nodes in the network. The Summit X150 has a robust 1U rack-mountable metal housing. This sturdy design not only makes the device physically durable but also provides a form factor that is easily integrated into server racks and network enclosures, optimizing space in IT environments. Underneath its sturdy exterior, the Summit X150 boasts a remarkable forwarding rate of 35.7 million packets per second (Mpps). This ensures that the switch can handle substantial data traffic, rapidly processing and forwarding packets to maintain network performance even during peak times. With a substantial switching capacity of 48 Gbps, the Summit X150 is ready to handle high-bandwidth applications and extensive data loads, adding to its value for businesses that require robust network performance. One of the standout hardware features of the Summit X150 is its sizable MAC address table, which can accommodate up to 8,000 entries. This enables the switch to manage a large number of devices on the network, ensuring efficient and effective network management. This advanced hardware feature set makes the Extreme Summit 15205 X

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