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Product Line: Fortinet FWB-1000D
Product Type: Firewall
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Product Description

The Fortinet FWB-1000D is a high-performance firewall designed for enterprise-level security. It offers advanced threat protection, including anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spam filtering, as well as intrusion prevention and detection capabilities.

Key Feature for the FWB-1000D

1. 80 Gbps firewall throughput 
2. 20 Gbps VPN throughput 
3. 10 GbE SFP+ interfaces 
4. 32 GB RAM 
5. Multiple security zones with granular policy control

Product Review

Fortinet FWB-1000D has a robust design. The 1U rack mountable form factor offers optimal utilization in high density data center environments. Its advanced plug-and-play feature simplifies installation and maintenance efforts, while its 10GbE ports provide improved performance for large file transfers. Furthermore, the product offers flexible high performance networking, which can benefit users by allowing for high speed streaming and data transfers at a reduced cost.


The Fortinet FWB-1000D is an advanced firewall solution for businesses seeking a reliable and powerful security system. This state-of-the-art piece of hardware offers maximum performance with reliable protection from malicious attacks. With the ability to support up to 2 million concurrent connections per second (CPS) and up to 51GB/s throughput, it is suitable for business operations of any size. Additionally, the FWB-1000D is equipped with 8 dedicated copper gigabit ports, expanding for up to 10 copper Gigabit ports. The built in 10GBase-T Ethernet switch allows the FWB-1000D to connect directly with other FortiSwitch networks, making access and data transfer more efficient without sacrificing any security. The FWB-1000D comes with hardware accelerated SSL inspection that can process up to 25,000 SSL transactions per second (TPS), ensuring all data transfers are secure. As well as being suitable for large scale businesses, this Fortinet device also has the ability to provide intelligent risk-based access control without impacting network performance. The FWB-1000D’s hardware also includes 12 next-generation (NGFW) cores giving it 24 threads of power able to inspect millions of packets per second (PPS). Other usability features include LLDP support, allowing administrators to automatically detect the details of the device linked with their system so they can assign different roles with ease; this makes troubleshooting and configuring much simpler for the user. The device also supports clustering, so businesses can use multiple FortiGate firewalls together for an even better protected system. Lastly, the FWB-1000D comes with two 1TB hard drives to ensure it has plenty of storage space. Its redundant power supply options guarantee that the device remains powered in even the harshest conditions without fail. This piece of equipment makes use of the latest technology in service control, scalability, and performance allowing businesses to have peace of mind no matter what the environment may hold. The flexibility of this platform allows it to easily fit into any size of operation meaning all will have access to maximum security protection right out of the box.

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