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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco FirePOWER 8000 Series
Product Type: Network Security Appliance
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Product Description

The FP8350-K9 CISCO delivers an IPS Throughput of 15 Gbps and a Model Throughput of 30 Gbps, supporting high-speed data processing. It features modular interfaces allowing up to 7 modules in any combination, along with monitoring interfaces that include 4 1-Gbps Copper, 4 1-Gbps Fiber, 2 10-Gbps SR, and 2 10-Gbps LR for configurable bypass, plus additional non-bypass options. Equipped with 128 GB of RAM, dual power supplies, and 6 cooling fans, this device ensures reliable performance and sustainability for demanding network environments.

FAQs for the FP8350-K9

  • What is the IPS throughput capacity of this model?
    The IPS throughput capacity is 15 Gbps.
  • How does the model throughput compare to the IPS throughput?
    Model throughput reaches 30 Gbps, double the IPS throughput.
  • Can I customize the modular interfaces on this device?
    Yes, you can install up to 7 modules in any combination to suit your needs.
  • What types of monitoring interfaces are available?
    This device offers 4 1-Gbps Copper, 4 1-Gbps Fiber, 2 10-Gbps SR, and 2 10-Gbps LR interfaces with configurable bypass. Additionally, there are 4 1-Gbps Copper, 4 1-Gbps Fiber, 2 10-Gbps SR, and 4 10-Gbps LR interfaces without bypass.
  • What is the speed of the management interface?
    The management interface supports speeds of 10/100/1000.
  • What is the latency of this network device?
    Latency is less than 150 µs, ensuring rapid data processing.
  • How much RAM does this device have?
    It is equipped with 128 GB of RAM.
  • Does this device support lights-out management (LOM)?
    Yes, lights-out management is supported, allowing remote management of the device.
  • Is the device stackable?
    Yes, up to 3 stacking kits can be added, allowing for a total stack size of 4 with 60-Gbps IPS throughput.
  • What are the power and cooling specifications?
    This device includes dual power supplies and 6 cooling fans to ensure reliable operation.

Product Review

The CISCO FP8350-K9 offers impressive throughput capabilities, with IPS throughput at 15 Gbps and model throughput at 30 Gbps, supported by a substantial 128 GB of RAM, ensuring efficient data processing and handling. Its flexibility is highlighted by the provision for up to 7 modular interfaces in any combination and a comprehensive range of monitoring interfaces, catering to diverse networking requirements. However, the device's latency, while less than 150 µs, may not meet the needs of applications requiring ultra-low latency, despite its robust hardware specifications and dual power supplies for redundancy.


The CISCO FP8350-K9 is a high-performance network security and monitoring solution designed to meet the needs of demanding enterprise environments. This device offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing network security, monitoring, and throughput capabilities. With its advanced hardware specifications, the CISCO FP8350-K9 stands out as a capable and reliable choice for organizations looking to safeguard their digital assets and ensure uninterrupted network performance. At the core of the CISCO FP8350-K9's capabilities lies its impressive IPS throughput of 15 Gbps and a model throughput of 30 Gbps. This high throughput capacity ensures that the device can handle large volumes of data with ease, making it suitable for high-traffic environments. The device's modular design allows for up to 7 modules to be installed in any combination, providing flexibility and scalability to meet evolving network requirements.
  • IPS Throughput: 15 Gbps
  • Model Throughput: 30 Gbps
  • Modular Interfaces: Up to 7 Modules in Any Combination
The CISCO FP8350-K9 is equipped with a variety of monitoring interfaces, including configurable bypass and non-bypass options. For configurable bypass, it offers 4 1-Gbps copper, 4 1-Gbps fiber, 2 10-Gbps SR, and 2 10-Gbps LR interfaces. The non-bypass configuration includes 4 1-Gbps copper, 4 1-Gbps fiber, 2 10-Gbps SR, and 4 10-Gbps LR interfaces. These interfaces provide comprehensive visibility into network traffic, allowing for effective monitoring and threat detection. Management of the device is facilitated through an RJ45 management interface, supporting speeds of 10/100/1000, ensuring efficient device configuration and management. The CISCO FP8350-K9 boasts a low latency of less than 150 µs, minimizing delay and enhancing the performance of time-sensitive applications. The hardware is powered by 128 GB of RAM, ensuring smooth operation even under heavy load. Lights-out management capability is included, allowing for remote management of the device, even in the event of system outages or failures. For environments requiring high availability and redundancy, the device supports stacking of up to 3 additional stacking kits, enabling a total stack size of 4 with 60-Gbps IPS throughput. Dual power supplies enhance the reliability of the CISCO FP8350-K9, ensuring uninterrupted operation in the event of a power supply failure. Data storage is handled by solid-state drives, offering fast access times and reliability over traditional hard drives. The device is kept cool by 6 cooling fans, ensuring optimal performance and preventing overheating. In summary, the CISCO FP8350-K9 is a feature-rich, scalable, and efficient network security and monitoring solution. Its comprehensive array of interfaces, high throughput capacities, and advanced management features make it an ideal choice for organizations looking to strengthen their network security posture and ensure the smooth operation of their network infrastructure.


Part NumberCISCO FP8350-K9
IPS Data Rate15 Gbps
Device Throughput30 Gbps
Expandable Interface SlotsMaximum of 7 Slots for Various Modules
Configurable Monitoring Ports4 Copper at 1-Gbps; 4 Fiber at 1-Gbps; 2 Short-Range at 10-Gbps; 2 Long-Range at 10-Gbps
Fixed Monitoring Ports4 Copper at 1-Gbps; 4 Fiber at 1-Gbps; 2 Short-Range at 10-Gbps; 4 Long-Range at 10-Gbps
Administration PortRJ45
Management Port Speed10/100/1000 Mbps
System Latency< 150 microseconds
Memory Capacity128 GB
Remote Management SupportEnabled
Support for StackingCompatible with up to 3 additional stacking kits, total capacity of 4 units at 60 Gbps for IPS
Redundant Power SupplySupported
Storage TypeSSD
Number of Cooling Units6

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