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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco FirePOWER Series Series
Product Type: Copper Network Module
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Product Description

The FPNM-4CU-1G-BP is a plug-in module designed for Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances, featuring four RJ-45 connectors that support Gigabit Ethernet over twisted pair media. It operates on 1000Base-T network technology, ensuring high-speed data networking with a wired connectivity technology. This module also includes a bypass function, enhancing its application in data networking environments.

FAQs for the FPNM-4CU-1G-BP

  • What is the media type used by the network device?
    The device uses Twisted Pair as its media type.
  • Is the device compatible with Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances?
    Yes, it is compatible with Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances.
  • What Ethernet technology does the device support?
    It supports Gigabit Ethernet technology.
  • How many ports are available on this network device?
    There are 4 ports available.
  • What type of connector is used for this device?
    The device uses an RJ-45 connector type.
  • What applications is this device intended for?
    It is intended for Data Networking applications.
  • How does the device connect to a network?
    It utilizes a Wired connectivity technology.
  • What network technology is supported by the device?
    The device supports 1000Base-T network technology.
  • What is the form factor of the device?
    It has a Plug-In form factor.
  • Does the device feature a bypass mechanism?
    Yes, it features a Bypass mechanism.

Product Review

The CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-BP offers a wired connectivity solution with a focus on data networking, featuring four RJ-45 connectors that support Gigabit Ethernet over twisted pair cables. Its compatibility with Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances ensures seamless integration for enhanced network security. However, the plug-in form factor and specific bypass feature may limit its use in diverse networking environments or in setups requiring more flexible deployment options.


The Cisco FPNM-4CU-1G-BP module is designed for integration with Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances, offering enhanced connectivity and network reliability. This plug-in module is specifically engineered to support high-speed data networking, making it an ideal solution for environments requiring fast and secure data transmission. At the core of its specifications, the FPNM-4CU-1G-BP features four ports, which are crucial for expanding network connectivity and facilitating the management of multiple devices. Each port supports Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring high-speed data transfer rates that are essential for efficient network performance. The module utilizes the 1000Base-T network technology, providing compatibility with a wide range of network infrastructures and ensuring seamless integration into existing setups. Connectivity with the FPNM-4CU-1G-BP is achieved through wired connections, with RJ-45 connectors ensuring a reliable and stable link between the module and network devices. This wired connection is vital for environments where data integrity and security are paramount, offering a dependable solution that minimizes the risk of data loss or interception. One of the standout features of this module is its bypass capability. This function is critical for maintaining network availability and ensuring uninterrupted data flow, even in the event of a module failure or during maintenance periods. By allowing data to bypass the module when necessary, network downtime is significantly reduced, which is essential for maintaining business operations and minimizing potential losses. The module's compatibility with Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances highlights its role in enhancing network security. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with these appliances, providing a streamlined solution for managing network security and performance. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of their Cisco networking equipment, making the FPNM-4CU-1G-BP a valuable addition to any security-focused network infrastructure. In terms of form factor, the module's plug-in design allows for easy installation and integration into existing network setups. This design simplicity ensures that expanding your network's capabilities does not require extensive modifications, making it an efficient solution for upgrading network performance and security. The FPNM-4CU-1G-BP operates using the Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol, supporting high-speed data transfer that is essential for modern networking demands. This protocol ensures that data is transmitted efficiently across the network, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall network performance. - Media Type: Twisted Pair, ensuring compatibility with standard network cabling and facilitating easy installation. - Ethernet Technology: Gigabit Ethernet, offering high-speed data transmission for improved network efficiency. - Application: Data Networking, designed to meet the demands of high-speed data transfer and network security. In conclusion, the Cisco FPNM-4CU-1G-BP module stands out as a critical component for enhancing network connectivity and security. Its support for Gigabit Ethernet, compatibility with Cisco FirePOWER appliances, and easy integration into existing networks make it an essential upgrade for any organization looking to improve its network infrastructure.


Item Number FPNM-4CU-1G-BP
Produced by Cisco
Cable Type Twisted Pair
Ethernet Type 1G Ethernet
Supported Network Standard 1000Base-T
Port Count 4
Port Interface RJ-45
Utilization Data Networking
Device Compatibility Cisco FirePOWER Network Security Appliances
Connection Mode Wired
Network Communication Protocol 1G Ethernet
Installation Style Plug-In Module
Feature Bypass Capability

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