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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco FirePOWER Series Series
Product Type: Copper Network Module
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Product Description

The FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP is a Cisco network module with 4 ports supporting a data link protocol of 1 Gigabit Ethernet. It offers a connection speed of 1 Gbps and is designed as a plug-in unit. This module does not feature a bypass option.

FAQs for the FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP

  • What is the speed of the networking hardware?
    The speed of the networking hardware is 1 Gbps.
  • How many ports does the device with part number 4 have?
    The device has 4 ports.
  • Does this hardware support bypass functionality?
    No, this hardware does not support bypass functionality.
  • What form factor does the product with part number 4 use?
    The product uses a plug-in form factor.
  • What data link protocol is supported by this networking hardware?
    This networking hardware supports the 1 Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol.
  • Is the device with part number 4 suitable for high-speed internet connections?
    Yes, with a speed of 1 Gbps, it is suitable for high-speed internet connections.
  • Can the hardware be easily integrated into existing networks?
    Yes, given its plug-in form factor, it can be easily integrated into existing networks.
  • What is the maximum data transfer rate for the device with part number 4?
    The maximum data transfer rate for the device is 1 Gbps.
  • Are any special configurations needed to use this hardware?
    No special configurations are needed; it is designed for plug-and-play installation.
  • How does the product with part number 4 handle network traffic?
    It handles network traffic efficiently, utilizing the 1 Gigabit Ethernet protocol.

Product Review

The CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP offers four ports with a 1 Gbps speed, catering to environments requiring high-speed data transfer. However, the lack of a bypass feature limits its usability in scenarios where uninterrupted data flow is critical. Its plug-in form factor and support for 1 Gigabit Ethernet make it convenient for quick integration into existing network infrastructures.


The CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP is a plug-in network module designed to enhance the capabilities of Cisco networking equipment. This module is engineered to provide an efficient and reliable solution for expanding network connectivity and performance. With its compact form factor, it seamlessly integrates into the existing network infrastructure, minimizing downtime and facilitating easy installation. At the core of the CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP are four ports that support a speed of up to 1 Gbps each. This high-speed connectivity is essential for handling large volumes of data, making it suitable for businesses that require fast and efficient data transfer. Whether it's for data centers, enterprise networks, or service provider applications, this module is built to meet the demands of intensive data workloads. The data link protocol utilized by the CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP is the 1 Gigabit Ethernet, a standard that ensures compatibility with a wide range of network devices. This universal compatibility is crucial for organizations looking to maintain a flexible and adaptable network environment. By adhering to this protocol, the module ensures that data is transmitted smoothly and securely across the network. Despite its advanced capabilities, the CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP does not feature a bypass option. This means that in the event of a power failure or network disruption, the module will not automatically reroute traffic to maintain network availability. However, its reliability and performance in standard operations make it a valuable component of any network setup. Installation and maintenance of the module are streamlined thanks to its plug-in form factor. This design allows for quick and easy integration into compatible Cisco devices without the need for extensive downtime or complex setup procedures. The plug-in nature also facilitates easy upgrades or replacements, ensuring that the network can evolve and adapt to future requirements with minimal disruption. Key features of the CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP include: - <>Four ports with a speed of 1 Gbps each, providing high-speed connectivity for data-intensive applications. - <>Support for 1 Gigabit Ethernet data link protocol, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of network devices. - <>Plug-in form factor for easy installation and maintenance, enabling quick network upgrades and expansions. In summary, the CISCO FPNM-4CU-1G-NBP network module is a high-performance solution designed to enhance the connectivity and efficiency of Cisco networking equipment. With its high-speed ports, compatibility with the 1 Gigabit Ethernet protocol, and convenient plug-in design, it represents a valuable addition to any network seeking to improve its data handling capabilities. While it lacks a bypass feature, its overall reliability and ease of use make it a strong contender for organizations looking to bolster their network infrastructure.


Port Count 4
Transmission Rate 1 Gbps
Failover Capability Unavailable
Installation Type Module
Network Standard 1GbE

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