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by Hp
Product Line: HP ProCurve Switch 5400zl
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The JD249A HP supports a maximum of 2 SFP transceivers, ensuring compatibility with HP 10500 series switches. It is designed for operation in non-TAA environments and incorporates IKE/IPSec functionality for secure network communications. This module enhances network performance and security, suitable for enterprise-level deployments.

Key Feature for the JD249A

  • What is the maximum number of transceivers supported?
    The maximum number of transceivers supported is 2.
  • Can the SFP transceiver be used in non-TAA compliant environments?
    Yes, operation in non-TAA environments is supported.
  • Does this device support IKE/IPSec functionality?
    Yes, IKE/IPSec functionality is supported.
  • Which switches are compatible with this hardware?
    This hardware is for use with HP 10500 series switches.
  • What type of transceivers can be used with this device?
    The device supports SFP type transceivers.

Product Review

The HP JD249A supports a maximum of two SFP transceivers, providing flexibility for network connectivity options. Its compatibility with HP 10500 series switches ensures seamless integration into existing network infrastructure. However, while it offers IKE/IPSec functionality for secure communications, potential users must assess its performance in non-TAA environments thoroughly.


The HP JD249A is a versatile networking module designed to enhance the capabilities of HP 10500 series switches. It is engineered to meet the demands of modern networks, providing a reliable solution for expanding network connectivity and ensuring secure communication channels. This product overview will delve into the hardware specifications of the HP JD249A, highlighting its key features and how it supports efficient network operations. At its core, the HP JD249A is equipped to support a maximum of two transceivers. This capacity allows for flexible network configurations and the ability to adapt to varying connectivity requirements. The module's compatibility with Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers means it can accommodate a wide range of network speeds and types, including fiber optic and copper connections. This compatibility ensures that networks can be extended over long distances without sacrificing signal integrity or bandwidth. One of the notable features of the HP JD249A is its operation in Non-Trade Agreements Act (Non-TAA) environments. This makes it a suitable option for deployment in a wide array of settings, extending its usability beyond certain geographical or political restrictions. Organizations looking for versatile networking solutions without TAA constraints will find the HP JD249A an appealing option. Security is a paramount concern in today's networked environments, and the HP JD249A addresses this need through its IKE/IPSec functionality. This feature provides robust encryption and authentication mechanisms, ensuring that data transmitted across the network remains secure from unauthorized access. By supporting Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), the HP JD249A facilitates secure VPN connections, allowing remote users to safely access network resources. Designed for use with HP 10500 series switches, the HP JD249A seamlessly integrates into existing HP networking environments. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of their HP switches, enhancing network performance and reliability. The HP JD249A's integration with HP 10500 series switches also simplifies network management, allowing for more efficient operation and maintenance. Key hardware specifications of the HP JD249A include: - <>
  • Maximum Number of Transceivers: 2
  • Transceiver Type: SFP
  • Operation in Non-TAA Environments: Yes
In conclusion, the HP JD249A is a critical component for businesses looking to expand or secure their network infrastructure. Its support for two SFP transceivers offers flexibility in network design, while its Non-TAA compliant operation allows for deployment in a variety of environments. The inclusion of IKE/IPSec functionality ensures that the network remains secure, addressing the concerns of modern organizations. When used in conjunction with HP 10500 series switches, the HP JD249A enhances network performance and management, making it an essential addition to any network looking to leverage the advanced capabilities of HP's networking solutions.


Item Code HP JD249A
Transceiver Slots Available 2
Compatible Transceiver Model SFP
Non-TAA Compliant Operation Permitted
Support for IKE/IPSec Protocols Supported
Compatibility Designed for HP 10500 series switches

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