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by Hp
Product Line: HP OfficeConnect
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The JG380A HP features 16 GbE SFP ports, 8 GbE Combo ports, and 2 10GbE XFP ports, designed to accommodate a variety of network connections. With a switching capacity of 56 Gbps and bandwidth of 48 Gbps, it supports high-speed data transmission and efficient network management. It is TAA compliant, supports VLAN and QoS, and its fanless design makes it suitable for small to medium-sized networks requiring silent operation.

Key Feature for the JG380A

  • What is the total number of Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports available?
    The device features 16 GbE SFP ports.
  • Can the switch support both fiber and copper connections simultaneously?
    Yes, with 8 GbE Combo Ports, the switch supports simultaneous fiber and copper connections.
  • How many 10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP ports does this switch have?
    There are 2 10GbE XFP ports available on the switch.
  • Is this device TAA compliant?
    Yes, the device meets TAA compliance requirements.
  • What is the switching capacity of the switch?
    The switch has a switching capacity of 56 Gbps.
  • Does this switch support VLANs?
    Yes, VLAN support is available, facilitating network segmentation and security.
  • What is the available bandwidth?
    The device offers 48 Gbps of bandwidth.
  • Is Quality of Service (QoS) supported on this switch?
    Yes, the switch supports QoS, prioritizing traffic to ensure smooth network operation.
  • Does the switch operate without fans?
    Yes, it is designed to be fanless, ensuring silent operation.
  • What size networks is this switch intended for?
    It is ideal for small to medium-sized networks.

Product Review

The HP JG380A offers a solid switching capacity of 56 Gbps and a bandwidth of 48 Gbps, catering well to small to medium-sized networks. With 16 GbE SFP ports, 8 GbE Combo ports, and 2 10GbE XFP ports, it provides a flexible mix of connectivity options. However, the limited number of 10GbE ports might restrict scalability in rapidly growing network environments.


The HP JG380A is a high-performance switch designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized networks. This switch is characterized by its comprehensive set of features that facilitate efficient network management and security. With its advanced hardware specifications, the HP JG380A ensures seamless connectivity and reliable performance for a variety of networking applications. At the core of the HP JG380A's capabilities are its port configurations. The device boasts 16 GbE SFP ports, which provide flexibility in connecting to fiber optic cables for long-distance networking. Additionally, it offers 8 GbE Combo Ports, allowing for a mix of fiber and copper connections, catering to diverse network infrastructure needs. For networks requiring high-bandwidth connections, the switch includes 2 10GbE XFP ports, facilitating fast data transfer rates and supporting demanding applications.
  • TAA Compliance: The HP JG380A adheres to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), making it suitable for use in government and other regulated industries.
  • Fanless Design: Its fanless construction ensures silent operation, making it ideal for environments where noise is a concern.
  • VLAN Support: The switch supports Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs), enabling the segmentation of networks for improved security and traffic management.
The HP JG380A is engineered for optimal performance, boasting a switching capacity of 56 Gbps. This high switching capacity allows the switch to handle large volumes of data, ensuring efficient network operation without bottlenecks. The bandwidth capability of the device is 48 Gbps, further underlining its ability to manage high traffic loads efficiently. Quality of Service (QoS) support is another key feature of the HP JG380A. QoS allows for the prioritization of network traffic, ensuring that critical applications receive the necessary bandwidth and performance. This is particularly important in networks where voice, video, and other latency-sensitive applications are used. Designed with flexibility in mind, the HP JG380A can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of network setups. Its compatibility with small to medium-sized networks makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a scalable and reliable networking solution. The switch's fanless design not only contributes to a quieter working environment but also reduces the risk of mechanical failures, ensuring a longer lifespan for the device. In summary, the HP JG380A is a versatile and high-performing switch that meets the demands of modern networking environments. Its comprehensive port configuration, combined with advanced features like TAA compliance, VLAN support, and QoS, make it a valuable asset for any network. Whether for government, education, or business applications, the HP JG380A offers the performance, reliability, and flexibility required to support the connectivity needs of today's organizations.


Item Number JG380A from HP
Gigabit Ethernet SFP Ports Quantity 16
Gigabit Ethernet Combo Ports Count 8
10 Gigabit Ethernet XFP Ports Total 2
Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Certified Yes
Maximum Switching Capacity 56 Gigabits per second
Support for Virtual LANs Yes
Throughput Capacity 48 Gigabits per second
Quality of Service (QoS) Enabled Yes
Cooling Mechanism Fanless
Recommended Environment Small to Medium-sized Environments

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