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by Hp
Product Line: HP Aruba 3810M Switch Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The JG604A HP features an internal form factor, designed for seamless integration into networking environments. It utilizes a Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus for efficient connectivity and communication. With a wired connectivity technology, it supports a E1/CE1 line rate and offers a single interface with 1 x ISDN PRI E1 for reliable network connections.

Key Feature for the JG604A

  • What is the form factor of the networking hardware?
    The form factor is Internal.
  • Can the device with part number support multiple connections?
    No, it supports a single ISDN PRI E1 connection.
  • What type of bus interface does the hardware use?
    It uses a Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus.
  • Is wired connectivity available for this model?
    Yes, it features wired connectivity technology.
  • What is the line rate supported by the device?
    The supported line rate is E1/CE1.
  • How many interfaces does the product with the mentioned part number have?
    It has 1 x ISDN PRI E1 interface.
  • Is the hardware designed for external or internal use?
    It is designed for internal use.
  • What type of connectivity does the specified device offer?
    It offers wired connectivity.
  • How does the device connect to the network?
    It connects through a Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus.
  • What is the maximum line rate the hardware can handle?
    It can handle a line rate of E1/CE1.

Product Review

The HP JG604A, designed for internal use with a Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus, offers reliable wired connectivity. Its E1/CE1 line rate and single ISDN PRI E1 interface support standard telecommunications integration. However, its limitation to a singular interface may restrict scalability and versatility in expanding network infrastructures.


The HP JG604A represents a specialized internal networking component designed to enhance connectivity and streamline data transmission within an array of enterprise environments. This device, embodying a Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus, is tailored for wired connections, ensuring reliable and secure communication pathways. Its primary function revolves around the line rate of E1/CE1, making it an essential piece for organizations that require high-capacity data handling capabilities. At the core of the HP JG604A's functionality is its singular interface: 1 x ISDN PRI E1. This interface is critical for establishing robust connections across telecommunication networks, facilitating the seamless transmission of voice, data, and video over digital infrastructure. Such a feature is indispensable for businesses that depend on clear, uninterrupted communication channels for their operations, whether it be for conferencing, client communication, or inter-departmental collaboration. The device's internal form factor is designed for easy integration into existing network frameworks, allowing for a straightforward installation process. Its compatibility with the Smart Interface Card (SIC) bus further enhances this ease of integration, ensuring that it can be quickly and efficiently connected to a network's backbone without the need for extensive reconfiguration or downtime. Key hardware specifications include: - <>
  • Form Factor: Internal
  • Bus: Smart Interface Card (SIC)
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired
  • Line Rate: E1/CE1
  • Interfaces: 1 x ISDN PRI E1
These specifications position the HP JG604A as a vital component within any network infrastructure, particularly for organizations that operate within sectors where data integrity and transmission speed are of paramount importance. Its wired connectivity technology ensures a stable and secure connection, free from the common vulnerabilities associated with wireless connections. This stability is crucial for maintaining the integrity of data transmissions, especially in environments where sensitive information is regularly communicated across networks. Moreover, the device's support for E1/CE1 line rates underscores its capability to handle substantial amounts of data. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that experience high volumes of data traffic, providing a reliable solution for managing and mitigating potential bottlenecks within a network's infrastructure. The ISDN PRI E1 interface further amplifies this capability, offering a high degree of flexibility and scalability in terms of network design and expansion. In summary, the HP JG604A is a strategic addition to any network requiring high-performance connectivity solutions. Its integration capabilities, coupled with its support for high-capacity data transmission, make it an ideal choice for enterprises looking to optimize their communication networks. Whether for enhancing data flow, ensuring communication reliability, or expanding network infrastructure, this device provides a solid foundation for achieving efficient and secure network operations.


Model Number HP JG604A
Type Internal Module
Interface Slot Type Smart Interface Card (SIC)
Connection Type Cable
Maximum Speed E1/CE1 Standards
Ports 1 x ISDN PRI E1

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