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by Hp
Product Line: HP LSU1FAB04B0
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The LSU1FAB04B0 HP is equipped with an RJ-45 connector and includes one console port for management. It operates on an 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module, ensuring high-speed data transmission. The device delivers a performance capacity of 640Gbps, supporting efficient network operations.

Key Feature for the LSU1FAB04B0

  • What is the purpose of the RJ-45 connector in networking hardware?
    The RJ-45 connector is used for Ethernet networking, allowing devices to connect to a local network or the internet through wired connections.
  • How can I access the console port on the 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module?
    You can access the console port using a console cable, which connects the module to a computer or terminal for configuration and management.
  • What performance level does the module offer?
    The module provides a performance level of 640Gbps, enabling high-speed data transmission and efficient network operations.
  • Can the 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module support high-density networking environments?
    Yes, with its 880Gbps capacity, the module is well-suited for high-density networking environments, supporting extensive data throughput and connectivity.
  • What type of applications can benefit from the 640Gbps performance?
    Applications requiring high bandwidth, such as data centers, large enterprise networks, and cloud computing services, will benefit from the 640Gbps performance.
  • Is the 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module compatible with existing network infrastructure?
    Compatibility depends on the specific network infrastructure and standards. It's designed to integrate with systems that support its performance and connectivity specifications.
  • How does the RJ-45 connector enhance network connectivity?
    The RJ-45 connector provides a reliable, standardized connection for Ethernet cables, ensuring stable and secure network connectivity for various devices.
  • What are the dimensions of the 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module?
    For specific dimensions, please refer to the product datasheet or contact the manufacturer, as dimensions can vary based on the module's design and features.
  • How does the 640Gbps performance impact network efficiency?
    With 640Gbps performance, the network can handle more data simultaneously, reducing transmission times and improving overall network efficiency.
  • Can I upgrade my existing network with the 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module to improve performance?
    Upgrading is possible if your current network infrastructure supports the module's specifications. It's advisable to review compatibility and performance requirements before upgrading.

Product Review

The HP LSU1FAB04B0, equipped with an RJ-45 connector and a console port, offers a Type B Fabric Module with a notable performance capacity of 640Gbps, falling short of its maximum 880Gbps capability. The inclusion of a single console port may limit direct management options for network engineers accustomed to multiple connectivity avenues. While the device presents a substantial throughput for high-demand environments, the discrepancy between its potential and actual performance could be a critical consideration for network infrastructure planning.


The HP LSU1FAB04B0 stands as a critical component in the architecture of modern data centers and networking environments, designed to meet the demands of high-performance computing, storage networks, and advanced telecommunications systems. This module is engineered to enhance the capabilities of network infrastructure by providing a high-speed, efficient, and reliable means of data transmission and connectivity. At its core, the HP LSU1FAB04B0 is equipped with an RJ-45 connector, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment and facilitating easy integration into existing setups. This universal connectivity option simplifies the process of network expansion and maintenance, making it a versatile choice for a variety of networking applications. Furthermore, the inclusion of a console port enhances the manageability of the device, allowing for direct configuration and monitoring. This feature is essential for network administrators seeking to optimize performance and troubleshoot issues with minimal downtime, ensuring that networks remain operational and efficient at all times. Performance is a key aspect of the HP LSU1FAB04B0, with the module boasting an impressive 640Gbps performance capability. This high throughput ensures that data flows smoothly and rapidly across the network, supporting the demands of data-intensive applications and services. Whether it's streaming high-definition video, facilitating large-scale database transactions, or enabling real-time analytics, this module is designed to handle substantial data loads with ease. Moreover, the HP LSU1FAB04B0 features an 880Gbps Type B Fabric Module, which significantly enhances its capacity for data processing and transmission. This component is crucial for environments where bandwidth and speed are paramount, providing a robust foundation for building high-density, high-speed networks. The fabric module's architecture is specifically tailored to reduce bottlenecks and improve overall network efficiency, making it an ideal solution for enterprise-level deployments. Key highlights of the HP LSU1FAB04B0 include:
  • RJ-45 connector for universal connectivity and easy integration
  • Console port for straightforward configuration and management
  • 640Gbps performance for high-speed data transmission
In summary, the HP LSU1FAB04B0 is a high-performance networking module that offers significant advantages for a wide array of networking environments. Its design focuses on speed, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring that networks can handle the demands of modern data and communication needs. Whether deployed in data centers, enterprise networks, or telecommunications infrastructures, this module represents a strategic investment in network performance and scalability.


Item Number LSU1FAB04B0 by HP
Interface RJ-45 and a single management port
Fabric Type B-Series with 880Gbps capacity
Throughput 640Gbps

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