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Product Line: HP ProLiant
Product Type: Server
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Product Description

The R3A98A HP M-Series is a Layer 3 managed switch, featuring 32 x 100 Gigabit QSFP28 ports with a front to back airflow design, optimized for high-density, high-speed data environments. It supports a switching capacity of 4.76 billion packets per second (Bpps) and a low latency of 425 ns, ensuring efficient data processing and transport. This 1U rack-mountable device boasts an aggregate switch bandwidth of 6.4 Tbps, designed for robust network performance and scalability in demanding operational conditions.

Key Feature for the R3A98A

  • What is the port speed of the 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch?
    The port speed is 100 Gbps Ethernet, maximum per port.
  • How many ports does the M-Series switch have?
    The switch has 32 ports.
  • What type of airflow does the 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch support?
    It supports front to back airflow.
  • Can you describe the form factor of the M-Series switch?
    The form factor is 1U.
  • What is the aggregate switch bandwidth of the 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch?
    The aggregate switch bandwidth is 6.4 Tbps.
  • What media types are supported by the M-Series switch?
    The switch supports QSFP28 media types.
  • What is the switching capacity of the 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch?
    The switching capacity is 4.76 Bpps.
  • What are the dimensions of the M-Series switch?
    The dimensions are 42.8 cm in depth, 4.4 cm in height, and 55.9 cm in width.
  • What is the latency of the 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch?
    The latency is 425 ns.
  • What are the operating temperature ranges for the M-Series switch?
    The operating temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C.

Product Review

The HP R3A98A 100GbE 32QSFP28 Switch offers high-density connectivity with its 32 ports of 100 Gbps Ethernet, enabling significant throughput up to 6.4 Tbps, suitable for data-intensive applications. However, its latency of 425 ns might not meet the requirements for ultra-low latency environments. Additionally, the switch's front-to-back airflow design and 1U rack-mountable form factor facilitate efficient cooling and space utilization in data centers.


The HP R3A98A is a high-performance, Layer 3 managed switch designed for demanding data center environments. This switch is part of the M-Series and is tailored for seamless handling of intensive workloads, offering exceptional throughput and reliability. It comes with 32 QSFP28 ports that support 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections, enabling a high-density network configuration ideal for modern data centers and enterprise networks. Key hardware specifications of the HP R3A98A include: - 32 x 100 Gigabit QSFP28 ports, providing a high-speed network interface for uplink and downlink connections. - A substantial switching capacity of 4.76 billion packets per second (Bpps), ensuring smooth data transmission even under heavy load. - An impressive aggregate throughput of 6.4 terabits per second (Tbps), facilitating efficient data flow across the network. Additional details about the switch's hardware: The form factor of the HP R3A98A is a 1U rack-mountable unit, making it a space-efficient option for server racks. It measures 42.8 cm in depth, 4.4 cm in height, and 55.9 cm in width, with a weight of 11.1 kg. This compact size allows for easy integration into existing network infrastructures without requiring excessive space. For connectivity, the switch offers a variety of interfaces, including 32 x 100Gbit LAN QSFP28 ports for main data connections, 1 x USB port for local storage or firmware updates, 1 x management RJ-45 port for network management, and 1 x serial RJ-45 port for console access. These interfaces provide the flexibility needed for diverse network configurations and management requirements. The HP R3A98A switch is engineered for reliability, supporting an operating temperature range from 0 °C to 40 °C and a humidity range of 5 - 85% (non-condensing). This ensures stable operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Additionally, the switch features front to back airflow, optimizing cooling for the internal components and further enhancing its reliability for continuous operation. In terms of performance, the switch's latency is marked at 425 ns, offering low latency transmission that is crucial for applications requiring real-time data processing. With an aggregate switch bandwidth of 6.4 Tbps, this device stands out for its ability to handle massive amounts of data, making it an ideal choice for high-performance computing environments. To summarize, the HP R3A98A is a powerful networking solution designed for scalability, performance, and reliability. Its comprehensive set of features and specifications make it a suitable choice for organizations looking to upgrade their network infrastructure to support higher data rates and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.


Item Number HP R3A98A
Product Type M-Series, L3, Managed Switch
Connectivity 32x 100Gb QSFP28 Ports
Airflow Direction Front to Back
Mounting Option Compatible with Rack Mount
Port Rate 100 Gbps Ethernet, Max Per Port
Total Ports 32
System Bandwidth 6.4 Terabits per Second
Supported Media QSFP28
Chassis Size 1U
Length 42.8 cm
Height 4.4 cm
Mass 11.1 Kilograms
Width 55.9 cm
Connectors 32 x 100GbE QSFP28, 1 x USB, 1 x Management RJ-45, 1 x Serial RJ-45
Performance 4.76 Billion Packets per Second
Signal Delay 425 Nanoseconds
Total Data Transfer Rate 6.4 Tbps
Operational Humidity Range 5 to 85% RH, Non-Condensing
Maximum Temperature for Operation 40 Degrees Celsius
Minimum Temperature for Operation 0 Degrees Celsius

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