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by Hp
Product Line: Hp Series
Product Type: 8/40 Base San Switch
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Product Description

The HSTNM-N017 HP is a network switch designed to facilitate high-speed data transmission with its Gigabit Ethernet capabilities. It features 24 ports for extensive connectivity options and supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing devices to receive power and data over a single cable. With Layer 3 switching functionality, it offers advanced network management and routing capabilities.

FAQs for the HSTNM-N017

  • What is the maximum data transfer speed of the XR500 Wireless Router?
    The XR500 supports data transfer speeds up to 2.6 Gbps.
  • How does the part number WG102 enhance network security?
    The WG102 offers multiple security protocols including WPA, WPA2, and MAC address filtering to enhance network security.
  • Can I connect external storage to the AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router?
    Yes, the AC1900 features USB ports for connecting external storage devices, allowing for easy file sharing across the network.
  • What are the dimensions of part number SG108?
    The SG108 measures 158 mm x 101 mm x 25 mm.
  • Is the Nighthawk X6 compatible with Alexa?
    Yes, the Nighthawk X6 is compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice control of your home network.
  • How does part number DS108 facilitate network management?
    The DS108 includes a web-based interface for easy network management, including monitoring and configuring network settings.
  • What type of warranty comes with the UniFi Dream Machine?
    The UniFi Dream Machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • What is the power consumption of part number ERX?
    The ERX consumes up to 5W of power under typical operating conditions.
  • Can I use the TP-Link Archer C7 for gaming?
    Yes, the TP-Link Archer C7 is suitable for gaming, offering fast speeds and strong Wi-Fi coverage to support online gaming.
  • What operating temperatures is the part number CRS305 designed to withstand?
    The CRS305 is designed to operate within a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C.

Product Review

The HP HSTNM-N017 delivers high-speed connectivity and reliable performance for demanding network environments. However, its power consumption is higher than some of its competitors, potentially increasing operational costs. Additionally, the device's limited upgradeability may restrict its longevity in rapidly evolving network infrastructures.


The HP HSTNM-N017 is a high-performance networking switch designed to meet the needs of modern data centers and enterprise networks. This device offers advanced features and specifications that enable efficient data flow and high-speed connectivity across networked systems. With its enhanced capabilities, the HP HSTNM-N017 is an essential component for businesses looking to optimize their network infrastructure for reliability, scalability, and security. At the core of the HP HSTNM-N017 are its hardware specifications, which provide the foundation for its superior performance. The device is equipped with 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, allowing for gigabit Ethernet connections across all ports. This ensures high-speed data transfer rates that are essential for bandwidth-intensive applications. Additionally, the switch includes four 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports, offering uplink capabilities and high-speed connections for network backbone or to other switches. The HP HSTNM-N017 is built with a powerful processor and sufficient memory to handle high levels of network traffic efficiently. It supports advanced networking features such as VLAN tagging, Quality of Service (QoS) for traffic prioritization, and Layer 3 routing capabilities. These features enable the switch to support complex network architectures and ensure smooth and efficient data transmission across different network segments. Security is a paramount concern in network design, and the HP HSTNM-N017 addresses this with comprehensive security features. It includes Access Control Lists (ACLs) for enhanced network access control, Secure Shell (SSH) for encrypted management sessions, and IEEE 802.1X for network access control. These features ensure that only authorized users and devices can access the network, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. -
  • 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports for high-speed connectivity and data transfer rates.
  • Four 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports for uplink capabilities and network expansion.
  • Advanced security features, including ACLs, SSH, and IEEE 802.1X, to protect network integrity.
The HP HSTNM-N017 also supports simple network management protocol (SNMP) for easy integration into existing network management solutions, allowing for remote monitoring and management of the network. This simplifies network administration and provides visibility into network performance and issues. Designed for reliability, the HP HSTNM-N017 features redundant power supplies and fans, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime in case of hardware failure. Its energy-efficient design also helps reduce operational costs by lowering power consumption. In conclusion, the HP HSTNM-N017 is a versatile and high-performing networking switch that addresses the needs of modern enterprises and data centers. With its comprehensive set of features and specifications, it provides a solid foundation for building reliable, scalable, and secure network infrastructures. Whether for handling high volumes of data, ensuring network security, or enabling high-speed connectivity, the HP HSTNM-N017 is equipped to meet the challenges of today's networking environments.


Item Number Manufacturer HP HSTNM-N017
Type Device Category Network Interface Card
Interface Connection Type PCI Express
Data Rate Transfer Speed 10/100/1000 Mbps
Ports Number of Connectors 4 x RJ-45
Compatibility Supported Systems Windows, Linux
Features Key Attributes Auto-negotiation, Wake-on-LAN
Dimensions Measurements 4.75 x 5.25 x 0.85 inches
Weight Mass 2 ounces

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