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by Aruba
Product Line: Aruba 3810M Series
Product Type: Router Switch
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Product Description

The JL084A Aruba is designed with a weight of 0.48 lb and dimensions of 5.85 in (H) x 3.38 in (W) x 1.03 in (D), ensuring a compact form factor for easy integration. It is specifically tailored for compatibility with the Aruba 3810M Switch, enhancing its connectivity options. This accessory optimizes network performance and scalability within enterprise environments.

FAQs for the JL084A

  • What is the weight of the networking device?
    The device weighs 0.48 lb.
  • Can the product be used with Aruba 3810M Switch?
    Yes, it is compatible with the Aruba 3810M Switch.
  • What are the dimensions of the product?
    Height: 5.85 in, Width: 3.38 in, Depth: 1.03 in.
  • Is the device easy to install in a network rack?
    Due to its compact dimensions, installation in a network rack is straightforward.
  • How does the product's size benefit its installation?
    Its size allows for efficient use of space in dense network environments.
  • What type of networking hardware is this product designed for?
    It's designed specifically for use with switches like the Aruba 3810M.
  • Can the product be integrated into existing network setups?
    Yes, it is designed for easy integration into existing networks.
  • What are the key physical features of this networking device?
    Key features include a weight of 0.48 lb and dimensions of 5.85 x 3.38 x 1.03 inches.
  • Is the product suitable for professional networking environments?
    Yes, its compatibility with Aruba 3810M Switches makes it suitable for professional use.
  • What advantages does the device offer in terms of networking performance?
    Its design and compatibility with specific switches enhance networking performance and reliability.

Product Review

The Aruba JL084A offers a compact form factor, measuring 5.85 x 3.38 x 1.03 inches, and a light weight of 0.48 lb, facilitating easy integration into networking setups, particularly when space is at a premium. It is specifically designed for compatibility with the Aruba 3810M Switch, ensuring seamless operation for users within the Aruba ecosystem. However, its specialized nature means it lacks versatility for use with non-Aruba devices, potentially limiting its applicability in diverse networking environments.


The Aruba JL084A is a compact, high-performance networking module designed specifically for integration with the Aruba 3810M Switch. This module is engineered to enhance the capabilities of your network infrastructure by providing additional connectivity options and increasing the overall efficiency of data transmission within your network environment. Weighing just 0.48 lb, its lightweight design does not compromise on power or functionality, making it an ideal addition to any networking setup. Measuring 5.85 inches in height, 3.38 inches in width, and 1.03 inches in depth, the Aruba JL084A is crafted to fit seamlessly into the Aruba 3810M Switch without occupying excessive space. This compact footprint ensures that it can be easily integrated into existing network configurations without the need for extensive rearrangements or additional space allocations. The hardware specifications of the Aruba JL084A highlight its capability to support high-speed data transmissions and connectivity enhancements for the Aruba 3810M Switch. Its design and functionality are tailored to meet the demands of modern network environments, where efficiency and reliability are paramount. The module's compatibility with the Aruba 3810M Switch ensures that it can be easily integrated into the switch's ecosystem, providing an immediate upgrade to the network's performance. Key features of the Aruba JL084A include: -
  • Compact size, ensuring it can be easily accommodated within the Aruba 3810M Switch chassis without requiring additional space.
  • Lightweight design, making it simple to handle and install, minimizing downtime during setup or maintenance activities.
  • Designed exclusively for compatibility with the Aruba 3810M Switch, guaranteeing seamless integration and performance optimization.
The Aruba JL084A's design focuses on enhancing the operational capabilities of the Aruba 3810M Switch, providing network administrators with a reliable solution for expanding their network's functionality. Whether the goal is to increase data throughput, add connectivity options, or improve network resiliency, this module offers a straightforward path to achieving these objectives without the need for complex configurations or extensive hardware overhauls. In summary, the Aruba JL084A is an essential hardware component for organizations looking to optimize their network performance using the Aruba 3810M Switch. Its compact dimensions, lightweight design, and direct compatibility with the Aruba 3810M Switch make it an efficient and effective solution for enhancing network capabilities. By integrating this module into your network setup, you can expect improved data transmission speeds, increased connectivity options, and a more resilient network infrastructure, all of which contribute to a more efficient and reliable networking environment.


Model Number Aruba JL084A
Producing Company Aruba
Mass 0.48 pounds
Dimensions (Height) 5.85 inches
Dimensions (Width) 3.38 inches
Dimensions (Depth) 1.03 inches
Compatible Equipment Aruba 3810M Switch

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