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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper QFX10000 Series
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 is a Juniper QSFP+ transceiver designed for 40 Gigabit Ethernet with a speed of 40 Gbps, utilizing four lanes with signaling rates of 10 Gbps each. It operates at a wavelength of 1310 nm for efficient transmission over single-mode fiber (SMF) up to 2 km, featuring a duplex LC connector. The transceiver supports a maximum power consumption of 3.5 W, operates within a temperature range of 0° C to 70° C, and is suitable for use at altitudes up to 10,000 ft (3,048 m).

FAQs for the JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4

  • What is the maximum transmission distance of the QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4 on single-mode fiber (SMF)?
    The QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4 can transmit data up to 2 km on SMF.
  • How many lanes does the part utilize for signaling, and what is the rate per lane?
    It uses four lanes for signaling, with each lane capable of 10 Gbps, totaling a signaling rate of 40 Gbps.
  • What type of connector is used with this transceiver?
    The QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4 uses a duplex LC connector.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4?
    Operating temperature ranges from 0° C to 70° C, and storage temperature ranges from -40° C to 85° C.
  • Can the QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4 be used in high-altitude environments?
    Yes, it can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft (3,048 m).
  • What is the power consumption of this 40 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver?
    It has a maximum power consumption of 3.5 W.
  • What are the minimum and maximum transmitter output powers per lane for the QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4?
    The minimum is -7.0 dBm and the maximum is 2.3 dBm per lane.
  • What are the wavelength ranges for each transmitting lane?
    Lane 0 ranges from 1264.5 nm to 1277.5 nm, Lane 1 from 1284.5 nm to 1297.5 nm, Lane 2 from 1304.5 nm to 1317.5 nm, and Lane 3 from 1324.5 nm to 1337.5 nm.
  • What is the receiver input power range per lane for this QSFP+ module?
    The minimum receiver input power is -11.5 dBm, and the maximum is 2.3 dBm per lane.
  • What core size and cladding are required for the SMF used with this transceiver?
    The required core size is 9 µm with a cladding of 125 µm.

Product Review

The Juniper JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 offers a 40 Gigabit Ethernet connection through QSFP+ with a transmission distance of up to 2 km on single-mode fiber, catering to extended network deployments. The transceiver supports a diverse wavelength range across four lanes, enhancing compatibility and performance in multi-vendor environments. However, its maximum power consumption of 3.5W and the operating temperature range of 0°C to 70°C may limit its use in environments with strict energy efficiency requirements or extreme temperature conditions.


The Juniper JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 is a high-performance 40 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver designed for long-distance optical communication over single-mode fiber (SMF). This QSFP+ module is engineered to provide reliable, high-speed connections for networking hardware, supporting data transmission rates of 40 Gbps. It operates on the 1310 nm wavelength, enabling data transmission distances of up to 2 km, making it an ideal solution for extended network configurations. A key feature of the JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 is its efficient design, which includes a duplex LC connector for simple and secure connectivity. The transceiver uses four lanes for signal transmission, each operating at 10 Gbps to achieve the total data rate of 40 Gbps. This QSFP+ module is designed with dual transmitter fibers and offers a range of transmitter wavelengths for each lane, ensuring broad compatibility and flexibility in a wide range of networking environments.
  • Transmitter wavelengths range from 1264.5 nm to 1337.5 nm across four lanes, supporting varied networking requirements and enhancing signal integrity.
  • Transmitter and receiver power levels are meticulously balanced, with a minimum output power of -7.0 dBm and a maximum of 2.3 dBm for each lane, ensuring optimal performance and signal strength over the entire transmission distance.
  • The device is designed for use with 9/125 µm core/cladding single-mode fiber, maximizing the efficiency and reliability of data transmission over the supported 2 km distance.
In terms of power efficiency, the JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 maintains a low maximum power consumption of 3.5 W, minimizing operational costs and facilitating better power management within the network infrastructure. The transceiver operates within a wide temperature range, from 0° C to 70° C, and can be stored in conditions ranging from -40° C to 85° C. This wide operating and storage temperature range ensures reliability and performance stability in diverse operating environments. The JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 also boasts an impressive operating altitude of up to 10,000 ft (3,048 m), providing flexibility in deployment across various geographical locations and ensuring consistent performance even in high-altitude sites. This feature, combined with its advanced technical specifications, makes the Juniper QSFP+ module a versatile and dependable choice for expanding or upgrading network infrastructure. Overall, the Juniper JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4 QSFP+ transceiver is engineered to meet the demands of modern high-speed networking, offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and reliability for professionals seeking to optimize their network's data transmission capabilities over single-mode fiber. Its technical specifications and design features ensure it is a suitable option for a wide range of networking applications, from data centers to long-distance networking solutions.


Part Number Juniper JNP-QSFP-40GE-IR4
Manufacturer Juniper
Optics Type QSFP+ 40GBASE-IR4
Operating Wavelength 1310 nm
Maximum Reach 2 km over SMF
Interface Speed 40 Gigabit Ethernet
Form Factor QSFP+
Connector Type Duplex LC
Data Rate Per Lane 40 Gbps (10 Gbps per lane)
Number of Fiber Strands 2
Wavelength per Lane Lane 0: 1264.5 - 1277.5 nm, Lane 1: 1284.5 - 1297.5 nm, Lane 2: 1304.5 - 1317.5 nm, Lane 3: 1324.5 - 1337.5 nm
Minimum Output Power per Lane -7.0 dBm
Maximum Output Power per Lane 2.3 dBm
Minimum Input Power per Lane -11.5 dBm
Maximum Input Power per Lane 2.3 dBm
Fiber Type Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
Fiber Core/Cladding Diameter 9/125 µm
Transmission Distance Up to 2 km
Power Consumption 3.5 W Max
Minimum Operating Temperature 0° C
Maximum Operating Temperature 70° C
Minimum Storage Temperature -40° C
Maximum Storage Temperature 85° C
Maximum Operating Altitude 10,000 ft (3,048 m)

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