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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper EX3400-48T-AFI
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The EX3400-48T-AFI features 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, along with 4 x 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ and 2 x 40GbE QSFP+ uplinks, supporting a backplane capacity of 160 Gbps with QSFP+ ports or 80 Gbps with SFP+ ports. It is equipped with redundant fans, back-to-front airflow, and a single AC power supply (JPSU-150-AC-AFI), ensuring a maximum system power consumption of 120W. Designed for high-density deployments, it has a packet-switching capacity of 168 Gbps (unidirectional)/336 Gbps (bidirectional), operates within a temperature range of 32° F to 113° F, and is housed in a chassis measuring 17.36 x 1.72 x 15.19 inches with the power supply and front module installed.

Key Feature for the EX3400-48T-AFI

  • What is the port configuration of the EX3400?
    The EX3400 has 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 x 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ ports, and 2 x 40GbE QSFP+ ports.
  • How does the airflow design work for the specified model?
    The model features back-to-front airflow to ensure efficient cooling.
  • What type of power supply does the EX3400 include, and what is its rating?
    It includes a 150W AC power supply (JPSU-150-AC-AFI).
  • Can the EX3400 be used in a Virtual Chassis configuration?
    Yes, the EX3400 supports Virtual Chassis interconnects to link multiple units.
  • What are the dimensions of the EX3400 with the power supply installed?
    With the power supply installed, the dimensions are 17.36 x 1.72 x 15.05 inches (44.1 x 4.37 x 38.24 cm).
  • What is the maximum system power consumption of this device?
    The maximum system power consumption is 120 watts.
  • What is the packet-switching capacity of the EX3400?
    The packet-switching capacity is 168 Gbps unidirectional and 336 Gbps bidirectional.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges for the EX3400?
    Operating temperature ranges from 32°F to 113°F, while storage temperature ranges from -40°F to 158°F.
  • How much noise does the EX3400 generate?
    The acoustic noise level is 39 dBA.
  • What is the system weight of the EX3400, including the fan module?
    The system weight is 1.43 lb (0.65 kg), and the fan module weighs 0.16 lb (0.07 kg).

Product Review

The Juniper EX3400-48T-AFI offers a high port density with 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, complemented by 4 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ and 2 40GbE QSFP+ uplink ports, catering well to diverse networking demands. However, its power consumption peaks at 120W, which might be a consideration for environments aiming for energy efficiency. Additionally, the switch's back-to-front airflow design and redundant fan support ensure reliable cooling but require careful placement in data center racks to optimize air circulation.


The Juniper EX3400-48T-AFI is a network switch designed to meet the demands of modern enterprise networks, offering a comprehensive set of features to support a wide range of applications. This model provides 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports along with advanced capabilities for high-speed connectivity, including 4 x 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ and 2 x 40GbE QSFP+ ports for uplink connections. This switch is engineered to accommodate the high-density, high-performance requirements of today's data centers and enterprise networks. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, the EX3400-48T-AFI includes redundant fans and supports a back-to-front airflow design, ensuring optimal cooling and uninterrupted service in various operational environments. It comes equipped with one AC power supply unit, the JPSU-150-AC-AFI, designed to deliver consistent power with a maximum system power consumption of 120W and a power supply rating of 150W. The physical dimensions of the base unit are 17.36 inches in width, 1.72 inches in height, and 13.78 inches in depth, expanding to 15.05 inches in depth with the power supply installed, and 15.19 inches with both the power supply and front module installed. Despite its comprehensive feature set, the system maintains a modest weight of 1.43 lb, with the fan module contributing an additional 0.16 lb. Key hardware specifications include:
  • Backplane capacity of 160 Gbps with QSFP+ ports or 80 Gbps with SFP+ ports, facilitating high-speed data transfer and efficient load handling.
  • Packet-switching capacities of 168 Gbps unidirectional and 336 Gbps bidirectional, ensuring smooth data flow and reduced bottlenecks across the network.
  • A Virtual Chassis interconnect feature, allowing for the linking of multiple units to create a single, logical device for simplified management and operational efficiency.
The EX3400-48T-AFI is designed to operate within a broad range of environmental conditions. It can function at temperatures from 32°F to 113°F and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 158°F. The operating altitude reaches up to 10,000 ft, with a non-operating altitude capability of up to 16,000 ft, and it operates optimally within a relative humidity range of 10% to 85% (non-condensing). The system's acoustic noise level is rated at 39 dBA, minimizing noise pollution and contributing to a quieter working environment. In summary, the Juniper EX3400-48T-AFI is engineered to support the complex demands of modern network environments, offering a blend of performance, scalability, and reliability. Its comprehensive port selection, high backplane capacity, and advanced cooling design make it a suitable choice for enterprises looking to support high-density connectivity and uninterrupted operation.


Part NumberEX3400-48T-AFI
Interface Type48 x 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, 4 x 1/10GbE SFP/SFP+ slots, 2 x 40GbE QSFP+ slots
Cooling MechanismRedundant fans with air moving from back to front
Power Supply1 AC unit, Model JPSU-150-AC-AFI included
Number of Gigabit Ethernet Ports48
High-Speed Uplink Ports4 SFP/SFP+ (10GbE/GbE), 2 QSFP+ (40GbE)
Cooling DirectionBack-to-front
Power Supply SpecificationsAC type
Maximum Power Draw120 Watts
Rated Power Supply Output150 Watts
Dimensions without Power Supply17.36 x 1.72 x 13.78 inches (44.1 x 4.37 x 35 cm)
Dimensions with Power Supply17.36 x 1.72 x 15.05 inches (44.1 x 4.37 x 38.24 cm)
Full Dimensions with Modules17.36 x 1.72 x 15.19 inches (44.1 x 4.37 x 38.58 cm)
Backplane Capacity160 Gbps (QSFP+ ports), 80 Gbps (SFP+ ports)
Virtual Chassis CompatibilitySupported
Device Weight1.43 pounds (0.65 kg)
Fan Weight0.16 pounds (0.07 kg)
Total Port Density54 ports (48 base + 6 uplink)
Switching Capacity168 Gbps uni/336 Gbps bi-directional
Minimum Operating Temperature32° F
Maximum Operating Temperature113° F
Minimum Storage Temperature-40° F
Maximum Storage Temperature158° F
Maximum Operating Altitude10,000 feet (3,049 m)
Maximum Non-operating Altitude16,000 feet (4,877 m)
Operating Humidity Range10% to 85% (non-condensing)
Sound Emission39 dB

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