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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper EX4300 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Juniper EX4300 Series is a family of versatile, stackable Ethernet switches designed for enterprise-class data center and campus networks. The switches offer high performance, high availability, and scalability, with a range of advanced features for virtualization, security, and automation. The EX4300 Series comes in a compact, 1 U form factor, with up to 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports and four 40GbE QSFP+ ports for high-speed uplinks.

Key Feature for the EX430048T

1. Switching capacity: up to 960 Gbps 
2. Forwarding rate: up to 714 Mpps 
3. Maximum VLANs: 4,096 
4. Maximum MAC addresses: 96,000 
5. Jumbo frames: up to 9216 bytes 
6. Power consumption: maximum 165 W

Product Review

The Juniper EX430048T is packed with powerful features to meet the connectivity needs of any user. Its 48 x 10 G, SFP+ ports provide an incredible throughput of up to 480 Gbps. Plus 4 x 40 G, QSFP+ ports make sure that their network is always running smoothly and efficiently. Its advanced automation capabilities are especially useful for large-scale deployments with complex network topologies. These high-end features make the Juniper EX 430048T the ideal switch for businesses looking for seamless connectivity and scalable performance.


Juniper EX430048T is a smart and powerful switching solution that offers numerous benefits for any corporate or business networking requirements. The 48-Port Gigabit Ethernet switch comes with four 1/10 Gbps uplink ports, as well as advanced switching capabilities powered by the Juniper Networks Junos operating system. It is also available as an optional bundle with an integrated layer 3 software feature allowing fast, reliable data routing. This hardware is truly at the cutting-edge of network technology, allowing you to support multiple users and robust services with the utmost speed, reliability and efficiency. The Juniper EX430048T uses its four 1/10 Gbps ports to provide fast accessible uplink speeds for heavy-duty applications. The built-in 10GBASE-T ports offer a wide range of flexible connectivity options for high speed data transmissions. In addition, there is also a non-blocking ability which enables line-rate switching over all 48 ports simultaneously. On top of that, the device supports power over Ethernet (PoE) plus up to 30 Watts per port, so you can use existing wiring to power your devices such as IP phones or wireless access points. This product also comes with inbuilt virtual chassis technology to form an efficient network core supporting high density copper or fiber connections. This makes it easier to extend your core via connection of multiple switches that can then be managed as one single device. Moreover, for more advanced layer 3 functionalities, the optional integrated layer 3 software feature allows fast and reliable IP routing so you can maintain a seamless connection with lower latency routing capability. For superior security and detection performance, the EX430048T features extensive Layer 2/3/4 filtering which monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic, backed up by our Junos security suite which Includes features such as Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Security policy implementation through Junos Space Security director server software. An integrated Virtual Chassis Stacking capability enables scalability without disruption to the existing operations. This allows up to 10 switches to be managed as one large unit providing increased resilience and scalability across the network core. In summary, Juniper EX430048T is a powerful, secure and scalable modular Ethernet switch perfect for any corporate or business networking requirements. It offers up to 48x Gigabit Ethernet ports with optional 10Gbps uplink capability and advanced enterprise level Layer 2/3/4 switching powered by Junos OS; making it a great choice for any mission critical applications at the edge of the network.

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