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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks J Series Services Routers
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC Juniper features JUNOS software 9.1, 1 GB DRAM, and supports comprehensive encryption with AES256+SHA-1 and 3DES+SHA-1 VPN performance at 140 Mbps. It is equipped with a modular chassis offering 3 slots for interface modules and includes 4 fixed 10/100/1000 ports, alongside a 512 MB primary compact flash with an additional external slot. With firewall performance up to 600 Mbps for large packets and 400 Mbps for IMIX, alongside a capacity for 512 concurrent VPN tunnels with 1 GB DRAM, this device ensures efficient and secure data transmission.

Key Feature for the J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC

  • What is the firewall performance for large packets on this device?
    The firewall performance for large packets is 600 Mbps.
  • How many fixed 10/100/1000 ports does the device have?
    The device has 4 fixed 10/100/1000 ports.
  • Can you detail the VPN performance of this hardware?
    The AES256+SHA-1 and 3DES+SHA-1 VPN performance both stand at 140 Mbps.
  • What version of JUNOS software does it support?
    It supports JUNOS software version 9.1.
  • What are the maximum concurrent sessions for 1 GB DRAM configurations?
    For 1 GB DRAM, the maximum concurrent sessions are 128 K.
  • How many BGP instances can be supported?
    The device can support up to 20 BGP instances.
  • What is the firewall performance when handling IMIX traffic?
    The firewall performance for IMIX traffic is 400 Mbps.
  • What are the memory specifications for this device?
    The device comes with 1 GB DRAM and 512 MB primary compact flash, along with a secondary external compact flash slot.
  • How many OSPF routes can be supported with 1 GB DRAM?
    With 1 GB DRAM, it can support up to 10 K OSPF routes.
  • What is the maximum number of security policies available with 1 GB DRAM?
    With 1 GB DRAM, up to 2048 security policies can be configured.

Product Review

The Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC offers high memory capacity and hardware encryption, enhancing its performance for complex networking tasks. However, its modular chassis, while flexible with three slots for interface modules, is limited by having only four fixed 10/100/1000 ports, potentially restricting connectivity options in larger network environments. Additionally, while it supports a range of VPN performances and has adequate firewall throughput, the maximum concurrent sessions and security policies may not meet the needs of high-demand networks, especially in configurations with only 512 MB DRAM.


The Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC is a networking router designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized enterprise branches or standalone businesses requiring a high-performance networking solution. At its core, the device runs on the JUNOS software version 9.1, known for its reliability and extensive feature set. This router is equipped with a high memory capacity of 1 GB DRAM, double the base model, ensuring smoother operation and the ability to handle more complex tasks and processes. A defining feature of the Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC is its hardware encryption capabilities, which provide secure data transmission and protect against external threats. This is complemented by a robust firewall performance that can handle up to 600 Mbps for large packets and 400 Mbps when dealing with IMIX traffic. For environments where both firewall and routing capabilities are crucial, the device delivers up to 175,000 packets per second (PPS) for 64-byte packets. The modular chassis of the router comes with three slots for Physical Interface Modules (PIMs), allowing customization and scalability to meet specific network requirements. Additionally, the device features four fixed 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports for high-speed connectivity and versatility in connecting to different network segments. Storage is addressed with a 512 MB primary compact flash and an additional slot for a secondary external compact flash, providing ample space for software, configuration files, and system backups. The router's VPN performance is noteworthy, offering up to 140 Mbps for both AES256+SHA-1 and 3DES+SHA-1 encryption, ensuring secure and efficient remote connections.
  • AC power supply ensures reliable operation and reduces the likelihood of power-related disruptions.
  • Firewall + Routing PPS (64 Byte) at 175,000 pps enables efficient handling of small packets, critical for numerous applications and services.
  • Support for up to 512 concurrent VPN tunnels (with 1 GB DRAM) allows for extensive remote access capabilities.
Networking capabilities extend to supporting up to 2048 security policies (with 1 GB DRAM), allowing for detailed and granular access control. Routing protocols are also well supported, with the device capable of handling 20 BGP instances, 40 BGP peers, and up to 300K BGP routes with 1 GB DRAM. OSPF support is similarly robust, with up to 20 instances and 10K routes for enhanced network segmentation and routing efficiency. The Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC stands out for its capacity to manage large numbers of concurrent sessions and new sessions per second, with support for 128K maximum concurrent sessions and 5,000 new sessions per second, ensuring the network can handle high traffic volumes without degradation in performance. In summary, the Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC is a comprehensive solution designed for businesses seeking a high-performance, scalable, and secure networking platform. Its combination of hardware specifications, encryption capabilities, and extensive support for networking protocols make it a versatile and powerful choice for today's dynamic networking environments.


Model Juniper J2320-JH-1G-CF-SC
Operating System JUNOS 9.1
Memory Capacity 1GB High Capacity
Encryption Capabilities Supports hardware-based encryption
Power Supply Type AC power source
Chassis Design 3-slot modular design for PIMs
Ethernet Ports 4 integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports
DRAM Configuration 1GB DRAM, with a 512MB version for J2320-JB-SC model
Compact Flash Storage 512MB internal, plus slot for secondary external flash
Firewall Throughput (Large Packets) 600 Mbps
Firewall Throughput (IMIX) 400 Mbps
Firewall and Routing Performance 175,000 packets per second (64 Byte)
VPN Performance with AES256+SHA-1 140 Mbps
VPN Performance with 3DES+SHA-1 140 Mbps
Maximum Sessions 64,000 / 128,000 with 512MB / 1GB DRAM
Session Initiation Rate 5,000 new sessions per second
Security Policy Limit 2,048 policies with 1GB DRAM
BGP Instances and Peers 20 instances; 40 peers for both 512MB and 1GB DRAM configurations
BGP Route Capacity 100,000 / 300,000 with 512MB / 1GB DRAM
OSPF Instances and Routes 20 instances; 5,000 / 10,000 routes with 512MB / 1GB DRAM
Concurrent VPN Tunnels 256 / 512 with 512MB / 1GB DRAM
VPN Tunnel Interfaces 256 / 512 with 512MB / 1GB DRAM

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