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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper MX-MPC3E-3D
Product Type: network router
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Product Description

It is a high-performance, scalable solution for service providers and enterprise networks, delivering up to 6.4 Tbps of throughput. The MX-MPC3E-3D is equipped with advanced security features and support for multi-layer networking protocols, making it ideal for large-scale, secure and reliable network deployments. With its compact form factor and support for flexible deployment options, the MX-MPC3E-3D is designed to meet the demands of modern, fast-paced networks.

Key Feature for the MX-MPC3E-3D

1. Processing: Dual-core 1.8 GHz CPU, up to 6.4 Tbps throughput 
2. Interfaces: Up to 48x 1/10GbE SFP+ and 4x 40/100GbE QSFP+ 
3. Memory: 16 GB RAM, 8 GB flash 
4. Form factor: Half-width line card 
5. Advanced security features: Supports firewall, VPN, and other security services 
6. Operating system: Juniper Networks Junos OS

Product Review

The Juniper MX-MPC3E-3D is a high-performance router that is well suited for service providers and enterprise networks. Its advanced security features provide peace of mind and its support for multi-layer networking protocols makes it highly versatile. The compact form factor and flexible deployment options are also a plus, allowing the router to be easily integrated into a wide range of network environments. Overall, the MX-MPC3E-3D is a solid choice for those in need of a reliable and secure networking solution.


The Juniper MX-MPC3E-3D is an Ethernet connectivity solution built on a multi-chip architecture. It provides up to 3 times the line-rate switching performance per slot over traditional single-chip solutions. With up to 72 fixed 10GE ports, 24 40GE ports, and up to 256 1GE ports, the MX-MPC3E-3D provides unmatched scalability and flexibility. As a comprehensive Ethernet connectivity solution, the MX-MPC3E-3D utilizes the latest advances in high-performance switching architectures. It includes an extremely powerful programmable packet processor (FPP) and Trio chipset. The FPP is capable of performing Layer 2 and 3 switching, IP forwarding, and security functions such as deep packet inspection, threat protection, and rate limiting. The Trio chipset enables layer 1 switching as well as handling fault tolerance, traffic isolation, multicast replication, IPv6 tunneling, MPLS table lookup, access control, and other functions. The MX-MPC3E-3D provides non-blocking fabric throughput up to 7.8 Tbps with low latency at just under 400ns. Each port offers data rates up to 40Gbps with more than 160 million packets per second ingress/egress (VLAN per port). Non-blocking IP forwarding capacity is 12Mpps with over 1 billion packets per millisecond throughput. Maximum unsupported VLANs are 16K while maximum MAC address table size is 32K. Flow NAT sessions is over 4 million while flow classifiers are 128K. Advanced multicast functions offered include; IGMP snooping as well as PIM SM/DM/SSM with QoS trust level support. Energy efficiency is ensured via support for IEEE 802.3az EEE standard and dynamic power management features which include Green Ethernet energy savings for 1GE ports and Autonomous Power Save Delivery (APSD) for 10GE ports enabling standards based Energy Tone Management (ETM). Rugged casing ensures durability and further enhances energy efficiency by dissipating heat during operation resulting in improved reliability levels in harsh environments.

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