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Product Line: Juniper Networks CFP2-100G-ER4-D
Product Type: Transceiver module
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Product Description

It provides 100 Gbps Ethernet connectivity over a single mode fiber (SMF) and supports a link length of up to 40 km. This module is compatible with Juniper Networks routers and switches. It complies with the CFP2 MSA and 100 Gbps Ethernet standards.

Key Feature for the CFP2-100G-ER4-D

1. Data Rate: 100 Gbps
2. Wavelength: 1550 nm
3. Interface: CFP2 MSA
4. Fiber Type: Single Mode Fiber (SMF)
5. Maximum Distance: 40 km
6. Operating Temperature: 0 to 70°C

Product Review

This transceiver provides reliable high-speed connectivity and is easy to install in Juniper Networks devices. It offers a cost-effective solution for upgrading network infrastructure to 100 Gbps. The Juniper Networks CFP2-100G-ER4-D is a reliable and efficient choice for long-distance Ethernet connections.


The Juniper Networks CFP2-100G-ER4-D is a state-of-the-art transceiver module that combines industry-leading performance and power efficiency for the best in 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Designed for use with Juniper Networks Routers and Switches, this transceiver module supports a transmission rate of up to 100Gbps with a reach of up to 40 km on single mode fiber. The module is compliant with the CFP2 Multi Source Agreement (MSA) optical interface specification, and is equipped with four enhanced rate (ER) lanes that are each capable of 25 Gb/s operation. Each ER lane supports a modulated signal of 121.19 Gbaud over a reach of up to 40 km using conventional single mode fiber (SMF). This versatile transceiver supports all power class 2 compliance levels of IEEE 802.3ba 100Gbps Ethernet in addition to 10G customer ports at 100G port speeds. This module features an advanced laser driver technology that enables improved jitter performance at even the longest link lengths. It also features an integrated digital diagnostic monitor (DDM) that can be used to measure transmitted laser parameters, including temperature, optical power, laser status, bias current, and lane alignment. The CFP2-100G-ER4-D measures 141mm x 58mm x 8.9mm, making it suitable for applications where space and power efficiency are required. The module has an operating range of 0°C to 70°C and requires 3.135W of power for transmit mode operation and 1.61W for receive mode operation. The module is also RoHS compliant and FCC classified, making it safe for use in the workplace or in other public environments. Overall, the Juniper Networks CFP2-100G-ER4-D is an ideal solution for users looking for a reliable, energy efficient digital alternative for connecting their 10 Gigabit Ethernet equipment at speeds exceeding 100Gbps over long distances of up to 40 km on single mode fiber optic cable. With its advanced features and excellent performance, the CFP2-100G-ER4-D is the perfect transceiver module for high speed data center applications.

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