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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks SFPP-10GE-SR
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The SFPP-10GE-SR is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ transceiver with a duplex LC connector, designed for short reach applications. It operates at a data rate of 10Gb/s, supporting distances up to 300m on 50/125 µm fiber and 33m on 62.5/125 µm fiber, with a signaling rate of 9.95328 GBd and 10.3125 GBd. This transceiver has a transmitter wavelength range of 840 nm to 860 nm and a power consumption of 1 W, ensuring compatibility with 1x LC 10GBASE-SR ports.

Key Feature for the SFPP-10GE-SR

  • What is the maximum distance supported by the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Short Reach SFP+?
    The maximum distance supported is 300 meters for 50/125 µm fiber and 33 meters for 62.5/125 µm fiber.
  • How does the part's data rate compare to its signaling rate?
    The data rate of the SFP+ is 10Gb/s, while its signaling rates are 9.95328 GBd +/- 20 ppm and 10.3125 GBd +/- 100 ppm.
  • What connector type is used with this SFP+?
    The SFP+ uses a Duplex LC connector.
  • What are the operating temperature ranges for the SFP+ module?
    The operating temperature range is from 0° C to 70° C.
  • Can the SFP+ support 62.5/125 µm fiber, and if so, what is the effective modal bandwidth?
    Yes, it supports 62.5/125 µm fiber with an effective modal bandwidth of 160 MHz x km.
  • What is the wavelength range for the transmitter and receiver in the module?
    Both the transmitter and receiver operate in the wavelength range of 840 nm to 860 nm.
  • What are the minimum and maximum transmitter output power levels?
    The minimum transmitter output power is -7.3 dBm and the maximum is -1 dBm.
  • What is the maximum power consumption of the SFP+?
    The maximum power consumption is 1W.
  • What is the spectral width of the optical transmitter?
    The optical transmitter has a 3-dB spectral width maximum of 0.45 nm.
  • What are the storage temperature limits for the SFP+?
    The storage temperature ranges from -40° C to -85° C.

Product Review

The Juniper SFPP-10GE-SR SFP+ module offers high-speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with a duplex LC connector, suitable for data-intensive applications. Its operational distance limitations of up to 300m on 50/125 µm fiber and 33m on 62.5/125 µm fiber may restrict deployment in larger facilities or extended network setups. With a power consumption of only 1W and compatibility across a broad temperature range, it ensures efficient and reliable performance in various environmental conditions.


The Juniper SFPP-10GE-SR is a 10 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver designed for high-speed network connectivity. This SFP+ module offers a duplex LC connector, supporting a data rate of 10Gb/s, ideal for data-intensive applications. Its compact form factor and a weight of just 0.03 kg make it a convenient choice for network upgrades or expansions. Key specifications include a signaling rate per lane of 9.95328 GBd +/- 20 ppm and 10.3125 GBd +/- 100 ppm, ensuring precise and reliable data transmission. The transceiver operates within a transmitter and receiver wavelength range of 840 nm to 860 nm, providing compatibility with a wide range of optical fiber types. - Maximum distance coverage varies with the core size/cladding of the optical fiber used: 300 m for 50/125 µm and 33 m for 62.5/125 µm, facilitating flexible deployment options across different network environments. - The transmitter output power ranges from -7.3 dBm to -1 dBm, and the receiver input power spans from -9.9 dBm to -1 dBm, ensuring strong signal integrity over the supported distances. - The optical transmitter has a 3-dB spectral width of a maximum of 0.45 nm, contributing to the module's efficient performance. The SFPP-10GE-SR supports an effective modal bandwidth of 160 MHz x km for 62.5/125 µm core/cladding, suitable for short-reach applications. It is designed to operate within a temperature range of 0° C to 70° C, with storage temperatures ranging from -40° C to 85° C, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. Power consumption is capped at a maximum of 1 W, highlighting the module's efficiency in energy use. This SFP+ module is equipped with a single LC 10GBASE-SR port, simplifying connectivity and integration into existing network infrastructures. In summary, the Juniper SFPP-10GE-SR transceiver is engineered to provide reliable, high-speed network connections over short distances. Its specifications, including supported distances, power consumption, and operating temperature ranges, make it suitable for a wide range of networking tasks.


Item NumberJuniper SFPP-10GE-SR
Category10GbE SFP+ Short-Range Module
Transfer Speed10 GbE
Module TypeSFP+
Connection InterfaceLC Duplex
Link Length for 50/125 µmUp to 300 meters
Link Length for 62.5/125 µmUp to 33 meters
Bit Rate per Channel9.95328 Gbps (± 20 ppm); 10.3125 Gbps (± 100 ppm)
Emission Wavelength840 - 860 nm
Detection Wavelength840 - 860 nm
Min Output Power per Lane-7.3 dBm
Max Output Power per Lane-1 dBm
Min Input Power per Lane-9.9 dBm
Max Input Power per Lane-1 dBm
Optical Bandwidth (3-dB max width)0.45 nm
Fiber Core/Cladding Diameter62.5/125 µm
Modal Bandwidth160 MHz·km
Maximum Reach26 meters
Energy Consumption1 Watt
Operating Temp Range0°C to 70°C
Storage Temp Range-40°C to 85°C
Weight0.03 kg
Transmission Speed10 Gbps
Port ConfigurationSingle LC 10GBASE-SR Connection

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