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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper PTX Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Juniper P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP is a high-performance router designed to provide high-speed connectivity and high-bandwidth services to data centers, service providers, and enterprise networks. This router offers a compact design that is easy to deploy and manage, making it an ideal solution for organizations looking to improve their network infrastructure. The P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP also features advanced routing and switching capabilities, allowing it to support a wide range of applications and services.

Key Feature for the P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP

1. 2 slots for CFP modules supporting up to 100GE per slot 
2. Up to 8x 100GE or 20x 40GE ports 
3. Redundant hot-swappable power supplies 
4. Support for MPLS, IPv4, and IPv6 
5. 2RU form factor

Product Review

The Juniper P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP features 2 CFP ports that allow it to offer 100G Ethernet connections, making it the ideal choice for high-speed data transfers. This model supports 25.78Gb/s full duplex operations, ensuring faster and more reliable network performance. Additionally, the CFP ports can be used to daisy-chain multiple devices for increased scalability. Consumers in need of maximum data throughput will benefit from the superior performance of this device.


TheJuniper P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP is an ultra-low latency, high performance Packet Transport Switch designed to deliver advanced multi-port carrier Ethernet connectivity. With its two 100GE CFP ports and port density backed by modular capacity options, the P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP is a perfect fit for networks with immense scale and performance requirements. The switch offers unmatched throughput up to 600 Gbps and latency of less than three microseconds with extremely low latency jitter. The switch has a non-blocking design, meaning that the throughput of the switch is not affected by the number of ports in operation. This allows the switch to provide optimal performance throughout its lifespan. The router is constructed of high-performance, dense IP fabrics with advanced self-healing functionality and compliant to standards like IEEE 802.3, ARP, and OpenFlow. Its features make it suitable for use in mobile backhaul, campus networks and routing applications. Additionally, the switch supports Layer 2 switching as well as IPv4/IPv6 routing for complex network designs. Moreover, the switch also offers advanced modular architectures such as intelligent path selection and end-to-end data security which make it suitable for mission critical networks such as 5G. The router packs a number of other features such as an onboard storage system with up to 16TB of storage capacity and enhanced packet processing capabilities. It is also expandable through the addition of multiple chassis and blades. Overall, the Juniper P1-PTX-2-100GE-CFP makes data center interconnects easier by offering advanced features like multitudes of I/O speeds coupled with ultra low latency values. With embedded features like secure routing, multi-fabric switching, seamless integration with other Juniper devices, this switch offers superior support for today's sophisticated networks.

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