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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Networks Power Supply
Product Type: Power Supply Unit (PSU)
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Product Description

The PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S is a Juniper power supply module designed for DC environments, offering a 1600 Watt power capacity. It operates within an input voltage range of -40.5 to -72V at 40A, ensuring compatibility with various DC power sources. This module delivers an output power of 1.60 kW, efficiently powering network devices.

Key Feature for the PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S

  • What is the power capacity of the networking hardware?
    The device has a power capacity of 1600 Watts DC.
  • How does the input voltage range affect the device's performance?
    It operates within a wide input voltage range of -40.5V to -72V at 40A, ensuring reliable performance across varying power supplies.
  • Can the device support high power demands?
    Yes, with an output power of 1.60 kW, it can support high power demands efficiently.
  • What are the ideal operating conditions for this networking hardware?
    The ideal operating conditions include a voltage input between -40.5 and -72 volts with a 40A current.
  • Is the 1600 Watt DC power capacity suitable for enterprise-level networks?
    Yes, the 1600 Watt power capacity is designed to meet the demands of enterprise-level network infrastructures.
  • How does the input voltage flexibility benefit the device?
    Flexibility in input voltage allows the device to adapt to various power sources, enhancing its usability across different environments.
  • What makes this networking hardware reliable for critical operations?
    Its ability to deliver consistent 1.60 kW output power under varying input voltages ensures reliability for critical operations.
  • Can the device be used in low-temperature environments?
    Yes, with its wide input voltage range, it's designed to operate effectively even in low-temperature environments.
  • What are the key features of this power system?
    Key features include a 1600 Watt DC power capacity, wide input voltage range of -40.5 to -72V, and a high output power of 1.60 kW.
  • How does the 40A current rating impact the device's operation?
    The 40A current rating ensures the device can handle high power loads, making it suitable for demanding network applications.

Product Review

The Juniper PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S power supply offers a substantial 1600 Watt DC output, catering well to high-demand network environments. However, its input voltage range of -40.5 to -72 VDC at 40A may limit compatibility with certain DC power infrastructures. This model excels in delivering consistent power output, ensuring network stability and reliability.


The Juniper PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S is a power supply module designed specifically for the MX480 router series, delivering essential power functionality to support network infrastructure. This power supply unit (PSU) offers a DC power capacity of 1600 Watts, ensuring sufficient power delivery for the operation of high-performance networking equipment. The PSU is engineered to handle input voltages ranging from -40.5V to -72V at 40A, making it versatile for use in various data center environments with differing power requirements.
  • Power Capacity: 1600 Watt DC, providing ample power for the MX480 router series.
  • Input Voltage: Ranges from -40.5 to -72V at 40A, accommodating different data center power setups.
  • Output Power: Delivers a stable 1.60 kW to ensure uninterrupted router performance.
The design of the PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S focuses on reliability and efficiency, with an emphasis on minimizing power loss and maximizing uptime. Its compatibility with the MX480 router series allows for seamless integration, ensuring that the routers operate at optimal levels without the risk of power-related performance degradation. This PSU is an essential component for networks that require constant availability and high throughput. In terms of physical specifications, the unit is crafted to fit perfectly within the designated power supply slots of the MX480 chassis, facilitating easy installation and removal. This plug-and-play capability simplifies maintenance and upgrades, reducing potential downtime. The PSU's design also features measures for cooling and ventilation, which contribute to its overall durability by preventing overheating during prolonged operation. Safety and compliance are key considerations in the design of the PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S. It adheres to strict industry standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, ensuring that it does not interfere with the operation of other equipment within the data center. This compliance not only protects the hardware but also safeguards the integrity of the network's data transmission. The operational efficiency of the PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S is optimized to reduce energy consumption, which, in turn, lowers the total cost of ownership. By ensuring that power is used judiciously and only as needed, this PSU contributes to the ecological footprint of the networking operation, making it an environmentally responsible choice for businesses focused on sustainability. In summary, the Juniper PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S power supply module is a critical component for the MX480 router series, providing a reliable power source to support complex network infrastructures. Its design prioritizes efficiency, compatibility, and safety, making it a smart investment for organizations that depend on their network's constant availability and performance. With its specified power capacity, input voltage range, and output power, this PSU meets the rigorous demands of modern data centers, ensuring that network operations are maintained without interruption.


Item Number Juniper PWR-MX480-1600-DC-S
Power Capability 1600W DC
Voltage Input Range -40.5V to -72V, 40A
Power Output 1600 Watts

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