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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S is a high-capacity DC power supply designed for Juniper networking hardware. It supports a configuration of one power supply per zone, with a total of two zones. Each unit delivers an output power of 4100 W, ensuring reliable performance for network operations.

Key Feature for the PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S

  • What is the output power of the power supply?
    The output power is 4100 W.
  • How many power supplies are required for a two-zone configuration?
    For a two-zone configuration, you will need two power supplies, one per zone.
  • Can the power supply support high-capacity DC configurations?
    Yes, the power supply is designed to support high-capacity DC configurations.
  • What is the part number for the 4100 W power supply?
    The specific part number for the 4100 W power supply is not provided in the information available.
  • Is it possible to use the power supply in a single-zone setup?
    Yes, the power supply can be used in a single-zone setup, but it's optimized for one per zone in two-zone configurations.
  • What are the benefits of using two power supplies in a two-zone configuration?
    Using two power supplies ensures redundancy and reliable power distribution across both zones.
  • How does the 4100 W power supply enhance system performance?
    The 4100 W power supply provides sufficient power to support high-capacity demands, ensuring optimal performance of networking hardware.
  • Can I integrate the power supply with existing networking hardware?
    Integration capabilities depend on the compatibility of the power supply with your existing networking hardware's power requirements and physical connections.
  • What safety features are included in the power supply design?
    The power supply includes overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and overtemperature protection.
  • How does the power supply contribute to energy efficiency in a data center?
    The power supply is designed to optimize power usage, contributing to overall energy efficiency in data center operations.

Product Review

The Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S power supply offers a high output of 4100W, ensuring sufficient power for demanding network environments. Its configuration supports dual zones, allowing for redundancy and improved reliability. However, the necessity for two units to achieve this redundancy can increase overall infrastructure costs.


The Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S power supply module is designed to deliver high-capacity direct current (DC) power for networking devices, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. This power supply is specifically engineered for use with the Juniper MX960 series routers, which are known for their performance and scalability in demanding network environments. With a configuration that supports one power supply per zone and two zones in total, this module provides a robust power solution to meet the needs of extensive networking infrastructures. With an output power of 4100 W, the Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S is capable of handling high power demands, making it an ideal choice for supporting complex network operations and services. This high output capacity ensures that the network devices can perform optimally, even under substantial load, thus maintaining network stability and reliability. The power supply module is designed with efficiency in mind, featuring a design that optimizes power usage and reduces operational costs. By ensuring efficient power consumption, this power supply not only supports environmental sustainability but also contributes to reduced operational expenses over time. Key hardware specifications of the Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S include:
  • High-capacity DC power output: Designed to deliver a powerful 4100 W, it ensures sufficient power for the Juniper MX960 series routers.
  • Dual-zone configuration: Supports one power supply per zone with a total of two zones, providing a redundant power solution to enhance system reliability.
  • Compatibility: Specifically engineered for the Juniper MX960 series routers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
This power supply module's design also incorporates features aimed at simplifying maintenance and upgrading processes. It is built to allow for hot-swapping, enabling network administrators to replace or add power supplies without interrupting network operations. This capability is crucial for maintaining network uptime and ensuring that any necessary maintenance or upgrades can be performed with minimal impact on network performance. The Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S also emphasizes safety and reliability. It includes protection features against overvoltage, undervoltage, and overcurrent, safeguarding the networking equipment and the power supply itself from potential damage caused by electrical irregularities. These protective measures ensure a longer lifespan for both the power supply and the networking devices it supports, ultimately contributing to a lower total cost of ownership. In summary, the Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S power supply module offers a high-capacity, efficient, and reliable power solution for the Juniper MX960 series routers. Its design and features cater to the demands of large-scale networking environments, providing the necessary power output and redundancy to support continuous, uninterrupted network operations. With its emphasis on compatibility, maintenance ease, and protection, this power supply module represents a strategic investment for organizations looking to optimize their network infrastructure's performance and reliability.


Item Number Juniper PWR-MX960-4100-DC-S
Power Configuration Dual-zone, high-capacity DC power setup with one unit per zone, totaling two units
Power Output 4100 Watts

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