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by Juniper
Product Line: Juniper Power Supplies
Product Type: PWR-MX960-DC Power Supply Unit
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Product Description

The Juniper PWR-MX960-DC is a high-performance power supply unit designed to power Juniper Networks MX960 routers. With a maximum output of 9600 watts, this DC power supply provides reliable and efficient power to ensure uninterrupted network performance. The PWR-MX960-DC power supply is hot-swappable, making it easy to replace a unit without disrupting network operations. It also features built-in power management and monitoring capabilities, enabling network administrators to monitor and manage power usage in real-time.

Key Feature for the PWR-MX960-DC

1. Input voltage: -40 to -72 VDC 
2. Output power: 9600 watts 
3. Efficiency: 90% 
4. Hot-swappable: Yes 
5. Power management and monitoring: Yes 
6. Compatibility: Juniper Networks MX960 routers

Product Review

The Juniper PWR-MX960-DC power supply is designed for the MX960 series routers, providing DC power to the router. It offers a maximum output power of 3000 watts and operates at an input voltage range of -40 to -72 VDC, making it suitable for use in DC-powered data centers. The PWR-MX960-DC is hot-swappable, making it easy to replace without having to shut down the router, and also includes power management features such as overvoltage and overcurrent protection.


The Juniper PWR-MX960-DC is a DC power supply module designed for use in MX960 routers. This power supply unit is designed to provide reliable and efficient power to the router, ensuring continuous operation even during power fluctuations or outages. The PWR-MX960-DC supports input voltages ranging from -40V DC to -72V DC, making it ideal for use in DC power environments such as data centers and telecommunication facilities. The PWR-MX960-DC is hot-swappable, allowing for easy replacement and maintenance without any network downtime. It also features a built-in fan that helps dissipate heat generated by the router, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. The power supply unit is also designed to be energy-efficient, with a high efficiency rating of up to 90%, which helps reduce power consumption and operating costs. Overall, the Juniper PWR-MX960-DC power supply unit is a reliable and efficient choice for powering MX960 routers in DC power environments, providing continuous and stable power supply to ensure network uptime and reliability.

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